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    Angell V3 95 - 16x19

    I got these Angell 95's yesterday and took them out for a hit: 320g, 310, 70RA 4 3/8 - B - SW 320-325. Strung: Cyclone 18/firestorm 1.25 - 54/53 and Cyclone 18/micronite 1.30 - 55/54 Im all about 95's....the 95D, YTPP, bio 200 lite are a few i have used for a while, most of my comparison is...
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    If/when Federer is overtaken in slams, will he still be the GOAT?

    YES..!!! His playing style will be missed..!!
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    Rafael Nadal is GOAT and should easily have 22 Slams to Fed's 19 and Djoker's 12

    Hahah...coulda wanna shoulda.!! He gets injured..!! He cannot sustain his playing style on all surfaces...and when he does he pays the price.
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    Federer, Nadal, Djokovic - All different playing styles. Why is Kyrgios style so brutal for all of them?

    I think the main reason is his lack of patterns that other players like/study/recognize during points. Plus he can control his service game with his big serve, He has great hands at net, and has a good if not a great return of serve. He needs to work on point construction around his strengths...
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    Who does not string the last cross..?

    Thanks, Guys. from what I made it of it --> having 1 less cross gave the mains a little more freedom to move, thus generate more spin. hmm..??? I guess not stringing a top cross would have a bigger impact on the racquet than compared to not stringing the bottom cross. Maybe I'll try that with...
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    Who does not string the last cross..?

    I was hitting with my RF's and noticed I forgot to string the last cross. I did not feel any significant difference, but I did feel I was hitting with a little more spin?!?!? Is this just me or have others also experimented with something like this? What were your results? I want to try these...
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    What’s wrong with thiem in 2019

    he needs to shorten his swing.
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    A.Zverev is the modern version of Andy Murray

    Without that defense and slice backhand.!
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    Nadal rips into Kyrgios “he lacks respect for the crowd, himself and his rival”.

    Nadal was upset his bottles did not have
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    Federer messed up badly at the WTF!

    I dont think Fed can beat the top guys on that slow surface. His movement and lack of power got exposed.
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    Poor Rafa finishes #2 again

    Only if he could stay healthy...!!
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    Toni: When Nadal is fit, he's battling physical struggles from prior injuries

    Toni: When Nadal is fit, he's battling physical struggles from prior injuries --> Doesn't mean that he is still injured? So he is not fit.
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    Worst Crowd in Tennis, USO

    Not all the people in the stands are fans!
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    Anybody know tbe specs of djokovics new racquet?

    "but he is now playing with an extended racquet with less weight and a 18×19 string pattern" - Article Maybe for a little more spin to his game?
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    Yonex Vcore Pro 97

    I was afraid if added too much weight it would increase the SW a bit too much, but to be honest this frame needs it. I have not measured it. When i had 4g at 3&9 i was crushing groundstrokes, but it sucked on volleys and servers. So i added 1.5g at 12, which helped me find the balance and kind...
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    Djokovic impressed with the new shot clock rule : I feel I have more time now

    I think it should start right as the point gets over, the chair umpire should start the shot clock and then say the score. In the case of a challenge, the shot clock should start right as the challenge has been decided. And in the future, only give 15 seconds after a challenge. I just don't...
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    ATP Finals to move in 2020

    We can thank Rafa's complaining for this!!!
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    Thiem shorter than Shapovalov

    Big man complex..!?!?
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    If they are all pro staffs why can I not call it the, Mighty Pro Staff Wall?
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    I don't think fed used a 95sq inch frame. I believe he had a hyper pro staff 6.1 paint job over his Pro Staff 85. Then the Hyper Pro Staff 6.0 which was a 90 sq in frame.
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    FAA - Felix Auger Aliassime: potential successor to Nadal?

    But does he have the same will/heart though..!?!?!
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    Wonder why he never used it then..hmm!?!
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    Del Potro pulls out of Toronto with left wrist injury

    Daamn, feel bad for this guy. Hopefully is because he does not want to play on the slower courts.
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    Kyrgios is fascinating

    He said he does not train hard enough off the court, not surprised his body is breaking down.
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    It's not that its any less of a racquet, he never used the PJ.
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    That's a very interesting point, I did notice the all black RF plays different from the red/black model, but could never put a finger on why. So your saying the RF all black is more maneuverable than the red/black one?