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  1. Herb

    gamma progression II drop weight, starting clamp crushed thin string. suggestions?

    do not sit the string in the bottom of the clamps jaws. Only hold the string half way down or less.
  2. Herb

    Have you strung for a big box store?

    I have always looked at it as more of an hourly wage. If I do everything myself I can comfortably do 20 minutes per racquet. If my wife removes strings, prints labels and invoices, and bags racquets I can average around 15 minutes per. So for the university I make $15 to $20 an hour. Local rate...
  3. Herb

    How far over the recommended tension range can you go?

    I have one regular that strings at 75. I have had one WTA player that strung at 80.
  4. Herb

    Work up the ladder to become professional stringer.

    I have never been asked to bring a certain machine. I have been asked what type of machine I use (i.e. crank, electric) so they could list it in the information release to teams, or players.
  5. Herb

    Gamma X-ELS Review With Pictures and Details

    Not sure why people keep moving the post on these machines. You can move the post out about an inch from the ends. The standards at 6 and 12 adjust just like on Babolat, Wilson, and other high end machines. I have not had to move my post in years. I talk about it in this video at around the 3...
  6. Herb

    Any Pro Hurricane users?

    bought a reel of it several years ago, still have it. No one request it, and the few I put it on always asked for something different if they came back. I just quit using it. I tried it once and cut it out same day. cant remember anything about it, just remember I didn't like it at the time.
  7. Herb

    Work up the ladder to become professional stringer.

    I operate different than most everyone else. I donate most of what I make every year to a local charity and disable veterans. I have a real job and string as a side gig. I am just fortunate that I have tons of time that I can take off, and can use it whenever I want. I do give up quite a bit of...
  8. Herb

    Starting mains with starting clamp

    Hold the fixed clamp up level with the racquet with your hand
  9. Herb

    Home Stringers: Go Hard or Go Home

    I would say most of my customers prefer name brands. A few just want something cheap, but vast majority want name brand and not worried about cost. It is up to you to find a source to maximize profits.
  10. Herb

    A car you have sold that you wish you had back

    1970 RS Camero
  11. Herb

    Work up the ladder to become professional stringer.

    Don't forget tape on the fingers. multiple days with multiple racquets you learn real quick where to put tape to keep string from cutting into your fingers. I have calluses built up from normal stringing, but they cant hold up in a tournament setting.
  12. Herb

    Work up the ladder to become professional stringer.

    I am curious what our Tournament will look like this year under the new rules. We are dropping from a 25k to a 15k. I assume my racquet count drops significantly. I did a total of 204 racquets this past year at the tournament. My first day I didn't get out until 230 in the morning. I was lucky...
  13. Herb

    Strung My 1st Prince Today

    I was thinking about that this weekend. I got 2 ported racquets this weekend, first ones I have seen in months. I used to get a few every months, seemed liked every college team would have at least one player using one. Just don't see them like I used too.
  14. Herb

    Star 5 - stiff

    See answer in other post
  15. Herb

    Cleaning Star 5

    Canned air and a Vacuum. Spray canned air in one end and as you move down have the Vacuum hose in front to suck out the nasty.
  16. Herb

    Babolat pure strike lite cross knot!

    As @jim e says above, your knot should be at 6H not 7. 7 is the first cross, 6 is the tie off.
  17. Herb

    Strings A Stringer Must Have In Stock?

    I keep Babolat Synth gut Wilson Sensation Babolat rpm Blast Solinco Tour Bite Solinco Hyper-G 16 and 17 Luxilon ALU Power 125 Babolat Pro Hurricane (phasing it out and will not re-order) Technifibre Black Code (phasing it out and will not re-order) Recently added Black Bear Bear Claw 16 and 17...
  18. Herb

    Do you play tennis or are you a non-playing fan?

    I play very poorly. I struggle with arthritis, and injuries to my feet, ankles, and knees. I get out and play most Saturdays for a couple of hours (doubles only) and then it takes most of the week to recover. When I was in the Marines I played a fairly high level of racquetball.
  19. Herb

    The most beautiful tennis movement

    Camila Giorgi. Not sure she is the best mover, but she looks good moving
  20. Herb

    What is the name of this overgrip?

    The red grip is the ATP world tour leather replacement grip. The white grips are the pro player hydrocell over grips.
  21. Herb

    Babolat Star 5 or Prince 5000

    A player that I taught to string is using an old Babolat Starring from the early 80s. She moves it between her club in Barcelona and courts in Vilanova I la Geltru stringing about 600 racquets a year. Babolat machines are made to last. Not saying they will all last almost 40 years, but take care...
  22. Herb

    New Solinco Confidental video

    For how I like my racquet to feel I prefer Bear Claw over Tour Bite. My wife prefers Tour Bite to Bear Claw. As for Sloan maybe she had a choice, maybe sponsor said use the new string. Just because i dont like it does not mean everyone should dislike it. I dont like ALU power, or RPM Blast...
  23. Herb

    New Solinco Confidental video

    The new Black Bear Bear Claw. I am assuming that she is a much better player than 99% of us on these boards, and can play well with any string.
  24. Herb

    Gamma Progression II ELS or Gamma X-Stringer XLT

    Not worth the extra $600. You are better off with the Progression ELS (I have had one for years and never had a problem) and adding a stand.
  25. Herb

    New Solinco Confidental video

    I have never played TB soft, but did use TB for a few years up until a few months ago when I switched. My opinion with TB was I felt I had some touch and control. If I needed some spin I had it, If I wanted some pop I had it, if I wanted control I had it. Overall I felt it was a pretty solid...
  26. Herb

    New Solinco Confidental video

    I tried it, didn't like it, cut it out after one day. A couple of the the guys on the university team like it, but most did not. None of the girls liked it. Not saying that it is good or bad, just saying it wasn't for me.
  27. Herb

    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    We have 3 empty rooms, so we put several up when they come to the pro tournament we host. We have had the rooms full plus some sleeping in the living room. As players lose and leave, others move in. Some we never hear from again, but we have stayed in touch with several over the years.
  28. Herb

    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    I am the stringer for the team. I first met Sidney when she was 16 I think doing a visit. Super sweet kid. I guess Tech can get some recognition, but I cant participate. That would be creepy. And she uses Wilson Pro overgrips by the way. You guys probably already know this, but Naomi has moved...