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    Very smart long-term investment by Fred

    Fed allowed the Nole Slam to happen for the same reasons. Higher you fly, further you fall. Genius!
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    Thiem Favourite for French Open

    Joker will win. And the VB will claim to have never heard of this so-called "double career grand slam".
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    Federer vs Nadal semi-final Indian Wells 2019!

    What's the rationale for not entering a walkover in the w-l stats?
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    FEDAL No. 39 Preview

    Fed spent the night practicing under-hand serves.
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    Federer. Nadal. The Sandy Reckoning.

    I see our favorite VBer is back from therapy after the BeatDown Under. Would love to see their posts/day chart for the past 6 months...
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    Federer vs Djokovic. 68-68.

    Tied if you count the spellbinding WTF '14 final.
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    If Nadal played in the smaller outer courts

    Put a cricket fence on the show courts to make the dimensions equal. Problem solved. (ankles not insured)
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    Nadal rips into Kyrgios “he lacks respect for the crowd, himself and his rival”.

    "I try 1 underhand serve, and everyone loses their minds!?!?!"
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    Federer: The reason I passed Sampras was surface homogenization

    Look how many escapes Nadal has had during the first week of Wimbledon. If it was a consistent surface for the entire tournament like the other 3 slams he would never have won it (imagine Fed v Nadal on fresh grass...). Throw in the old fast grass, he'd be lucky to make a final.
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    i didn't realize Djokovic won a Nole Slam (equiv. Tiger slam)

    Wait till you find out that two slams are on hard courts. It will change your entire worldview.
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    The best Djokovic on Grass may not have arrived yet

    I'm not seeing overhead's on the checklist?
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    Greatest Slam 1990-present??

    WTF '14 really lived up to its name.
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    Your opinions that majority of people do not share?

    Wimbledon should be played on artificial turf to allow the conditions to always play like Round 1.
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    Records made by Federer that Djokovic and Nadal haven't reached?

    His carpet resume is simply too great for them to even try and surpass it.
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    Djokovic vs Nishikori US Open 2014 SF

    By now Joker should realize that the universe does not want him to cover up his perfect hair. What's his record with a hat? 2-100?
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    Psychological effects of losing a slam final

    Even though he was just as crazy as some of our other favorite posters. I wish Chico was alive to see the past 12 months...
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    Why there will never be a tennis GOAT

    I didn't know "take your ball and go home" was one of the stages of grief?
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    Is there a 'Hail Mary' option in Roger's career now?

    TUE's? The tour has shown they will be discreet.
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    2019 Roland Garros is Nadal's last chance...

    If Joker stays hot, I don't think anyone can take up Fed's role and stop him before the final.
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    Where do you point the blame for the mess tennis is in?

    5th slam will be added and the majority of tennis fans will not care. Even the majority of ttw users don't acknowledge the 3 slam era during yet another goat debate.
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    A novel way to determine who is GOAT: Pick 2 out of 3

    Nadal's slam resume is too northern hemisphere skewed to even be considered...
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    Will Novak/Rafa Match Fed's 20-30-40-50 Mark?

    20 wins, 30 finals, 40 semis, 50 quarters. (slams only) Fed is currently the sole member of the unnamed club. Current totals 20-30-43-53 - Fed 15-24-34-43 - Novak 17-25-30-37 - Nadal Same-Age 17-24-33-39 - Fed after 2013 AO 15-24-34-43 - Novak 17-24-34-41 - Fed after 2014 AO 17-25-30-37 -...
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    Can Nadal complete double Career Slam?

    This is far more impressive, and everyone knows it.
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    This is why Borg is unfairly becoming underrated.

    Under the current motivations, I would not bet against Borg getting to 10 at RG.