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  1. davced1

    Pat the Dog, or not....

    I'd say don't think about it. Build your own style. There are many players with great forehands that doesn't do it. Del Potro for example.
  2. davced1

    Most overrated player in the Open Era

    Most of the poll options doesn't make sense. Nadal overrated, how? But I will give you an answer. David Ferrer, hard worker very consistent against those lower ranked but he simply doesn't have enough talent to beat the best, especially not at Grand Slams, h2h 0-17 vs Federer says it all.
  3. davced1

    The most beautiful tennis movement

    Rod Laver. Watch his movement in slo-mo in this video from 46:00
  4. davced1

    Nick Kyrgios Fan Club

    I am a fan of his game and that's all that matters to me. Who cares about the rest?
  5. davced1

    Federer on Kyrgios' underhand serve: no shame in trying it

    Kyrgios leads the way endorsed by Federer. It would be cool if someone actually practised it, Kyrgios attempt didn't even have backspin on it.
  6. davced1

    men games are so physically demanding than ever before

    Alright so the players will be physical monsters but worse tennis players in the future?
  7. davced1

    Opelka to win Wimbledon 2019?

    Funny how Opelka is basically an Isner clone but some people seem to think he will have a more succesful career, I don't get the hype.
  8. davced1

    Opelka to win Wimbledon 2019?

    It's not all about the serve... if it was Karlovic would have won multiple Wimbledon's already.
  9. davced1

    Will Rafa recover mentally from the defeat in Melbourne?

    Of course he will and he can and will beat Novak again. He just came back from injury and still played that good so he will probably get even better.
  10. davced1

    Age distribution of all Open Era major finalists

    Federer also had Nadal from 2005 onwards. It doesn't matter if he was supposed to be peak age or not.
  11. davced1

    Peak Stanislas Wawrinka is the only player who can beat peak Novak Djokovic today?

    It's all about match-ups. Peak Wawrinka can beat peak Djokovic and still lose to non-peak Federer.
  12. davced1

    In 2002 Pete Sampras set such a lofty, unattainable record of 14 slams, I thought it would never be equaled. 17 years later....

    It's not really fair to make comparisons since they changed from 16 seeds to 32 seeds. It was harder back in Pete's day.
  13. davced1

    Where does the 2019 Australian Open final rank among Djokovic's finest performances?

    Obviously very good but it's hard to say because I don't think Rafa was anywhere close to his best. He seemed bothered by something and it was not only Djokovic, maybe he had some physical problem because he was not moving well.
  14. davced1

    Is Novak Djokovic now greater than Nadal?

    No. Rafa is one year older than Novak and has won two more slams. Djokovic needs to win two more slams this year to be on par with Rafa at the same age. If he wins three more this year then yes. Makes sense no?
  15. davced1

    Is this Peak Rafa!?

    Of course not his peak but I think Wawrinka already proved it is possible to play peak tennis past 30 so therefore I didn't cast a vote.
  16. davced1

    Rafa Post Final Press Conference

    What we know for sure about Rafa is that he always tries his best and today this was his best, as simple as that.
  17. davced1

    2019 Australian Open Men’s Singles Final (1) Novak Djokovic V (2) Rafael Nadal

    I was surprised at first that the score was not closer but looking back Djokovic has been utterly dominant on hard courts last couple of years and 63 has actually been the most common set score, so maybe it was just business as usual? Actually last time Nadal won a set on hard court was the 2013...
  18. davced1

    Very disappointed with Nadal

    I don't think so. Rafa has the upper hand in GS h2h so why would that be?
  19. davced1

    Very disappointed with Nadal

    Something just seemed off with Rafa from the start and for me it was confirmed when he completely missed the ball at 2-4, 0-30, don't think I have ever seen Rafa miss the ball like that before.
  20. davced1

    2019 AO Semi-Final [1] Novak Djokovic vs [28] Lucas Pouille

    Well that was a comfortable 1st round match for Djokovic, no wait sorry SEMI-FINAL, wtf?
  21. davced1

    2019 AO Semi-Final [1] Novak Djokovic vs [28] Lucas Pouille

    This is not worthy of a GS semi-final. What happened to the depth of the field in the men's game?
  22. davced1

    Why I now feel Nadal is almost certain to reach 20 slams

    Do you think Nadal and Djokovic has finally become immune to losses like they had in slams recent years? It's not like they went out to the top players. To name a few it is players like Istomin, Muller, Brown and Thiem, well Thiem is a top player to be honest.
  23. davced1

    AO 2019 - R4 : (3) "Zeus" Federer vs Tsitsipas "Apollo"

    In a few years time we may look back and think of this match as a classic changing of the guards match.
  24. davced1

    How high can De Minaur climb?

    I don't know. Last year I would have said top 10 but after this Tsonga match I am not so sure anymore. I think de Minaurs lack of power really was exposed here so he will definitely need some more power ahead.
  25. davced1

    Can you change a raqcuet during a game (string not broken)?

    This is interesting. I changed racquets today mid-game at 0-30, my service game no strings broken. At the changeover my opponent said I could only change if the racquet was broken and I responded that I thought it was ok as long as I was within the time limit, I rushed to change so there was no...
  26. davced1

    Outpush the pusher by making each point a mini game of "how many times can we hit the ball over the net"

    I like your attidude. All tennis should also be played on fast grass or carpet. Hard and clay is for pushers.
  27. davced1

    Outpush the pusher by making each point a mini game of "how many times can we hit the ball over the net"

    That is a good strategy however I want to test him. He will expect me to bring pace that he can feed off and wait for me to try to finish the points. What if I don't give him any pace at all. I want to test his patience and make him go for more than he is used to. He will try drop shots but I...
  28. davced1

    Outpush the pusher by making each point a mini game of "how many times can we hit the ball over the net"

    I wish! I played this guy two times before and it didn't work out, 3rd time lucky maybe :)
  29. davced1

    Outpush the pusher by making each point a mini game of "how many times can we hit the ball over the net"

    You are absolutely right. There is this guy in my group league with a big serve and he hits hard and it looks so good BUT he loses time and time again to players that look much worse than him.
  30. davced1

    Outpush the pusher by making each point a mini game of "how many times can we hit the ball over the net"

    I will try a new mental approach to beat the pusher. If I make a mini game out of each point and count the number of times the ball passes the net it should keep me motivated to move my feet and don't lose my patience. Anyone tried this?