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  1. AggieJason

    Smaller grip size

    Does anyone play with a smaller grip size than they should? If so, why? Thanks!
  2. AggieJason

    Head Graphene Touch Speed Pro X2 FS/FT

    For sale: 2X Head Graphene Touch Speed Pros L4 Grips size #1: Strung with Volkl V-Torque Tour Weight: 334g Condition: 8/10 Playtime: around 8 hours #2: Strung with Technifibre X-One Biphase Weight: 327g Condition: 8/10 Playtime: around 8 hours Both sticks...
  3. AggieJason

    Already Sasha??!!

    Only 3 games into the Cilic match and Sasha is chucking rackets.
  4. AggieJason

    Best extended-length racquet?

    Opinions on the best extended-length racquet on the market? Thanks!
  5. AggieJason


    Sitting here watching Shapovalov v. Gasquet. I have the sudden urge to grab that stupid strap that's dangling in front of Shapovalov's face and yank that damn hat off his head!! Looks moronic. You're indoors!! No hat really needed jerk. Whew. Rant over. ;)
  6. AggieJason

    shaped-polys with natural gut set-up

    Is it wise to use shaped-polys (Cyclone, Hyper-G, etc) with natural gut in a hybrid set-up? Do the polys cut into the gut?
  7. AggieJason

    Calling all Pure Aero Plus users

    What strings and tensions are you using? Thanks!
  8. AggieJason

    Volkl V-Torque tour

    Anyone have any experience with this string? If so how was it and what gauge did you use? Thanks!
  9. AggieJason

    Pure Aero Plus (new version)?

    Any idea if and/or when the extended length version is coming out?
  10. AggieJason

    Adding weight in the handle without a trap-door

    I have a racquet I'd like to add some weight in the handle, but there's no trap door door on the buttcap. What's the best way to add weight? Thanks!
  11. AggieJason

    Fed racket in Shanghai

    Doesn't look like Fed is using the tuxedo racket in Shanghai. Wassup??
  12. AggieJason

    how does string gauge affect power?

    If the same racket is strung at the same tension with 16g Cyclone and 18g Cyclone, what are the differences between power and control? Thanks!!
  13. AggieJason

    Didn't wanna like it......

    Buddy of mine has a couple of Pure Aero Plus's he's trying to unload. He had weighted them up to a point that they were to dang heavy from me. So today we took all the tape off hoop, left the weight in the handle. Weighed in at 12.5 oz. Strung with Volkl V-Torque Tour @50. I had heard so many...
  14. AggieJason

    Speed line v. Radical line

    ALL specs being equal, what’s the major differences?
  15. AggieJason

    Smooth sailing with DanS

    Just completed a great transaction with @DanS. Great communication and fast shipping. Racket in A+ condition!!
  16. AggieJason

    Head Graphene Touch Speed Pro vs. Speed MP

    Hello everyone. I’m currently playing a Head Graphene Touch Speed Pro. Really like it. I’m contemplating picking up a Speed MP to see if I can feel a difference between them. 18x20 vs 16x19, etc etc. Has anyone played both, if so what are your thoughts on the differences between the two? Thanks!!
  17. AggieJason

    O.S racket suggestions

    currently playing with a 100 sq. inch racket. Looking to go bigger. Any suggestions on bigger sticks? Thanks!!
  18. AggieJason

    Isner/Raonic aces

    what would you guys set the number at for combined aces between Raonic and Isner tomorrow??
  19. AggieJason

    Gasquet’s racket?

    is he using an old Bumblebee Radical??
  20. AggieJason

    Modern replacement for a POG

    I have a single-stripe POG that has the grommet strips and bumper guard. I still play quite a bit with it and enjoy it very much. Not sure how old it is but I’m gonna guess at least 25-30 years old. Anyways, is there a racquet that’s been released in the last 2-3 years that has the same or...
  21. AggieJason

    Good Ol’ single-stripe POG

    My main racket is a Head Graphene Touch Speed Pro. Just for kicks today I pulled out the POG and played a set with it. I have it strung with Head FXP Tour. Dang this ol’ racket still feels great. Sounds great. A guy I was playing with remarked about how good the shots sounded. Still nice to...
  22. AggieJason

    Should I excuse myself from the team?

    ok here goes. I’m a 3.0 male playing with a 4.0 female in a 7.0 MxD League. Most of the teams consist of a 4.0M/3.0F or 2 3.5’s. So I’m the weak link. I’m also the oldest link! :p (51). I can hang with some 3.5’s depending on their skill level. Anyways week 1 I didn’t play and we swept. Week...
  23. AggieJason

    1st mixed-doubles League match tonight

    playing in a 7.0 mixed league. I’m the weak link being a 3.0 playing with a 4.0 female. I’m as nervous as a cat in a room full of rockin’ chairs!! God I hope I don’t suck too bad. :(
  24. AggieJason

    Puma Boris Becker Super!!

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year):Puma Boris Becker Super Grip Size / Size: 4 5/8 Quantity:1 Head Size (if a racquet): not sure Condition (x out of 10): 8.5/10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): by me approx. 30 mins *General Description (including any...
  25. AggieJason

    Fastest Wimbledon final ever?

    wonder what the record is?
  26. AggieJason

    It finally showed up!!

    I know I’m a sucker for buying this but I couldn’t resist.
  27. AggieJason


    I think I enjoy watching great doubles play more than great singles play. They’re both great but seemingly no boring long rallies in doubles.
  28. AggieJason

    Keep on goin’ boys

    Anderson is hoping this one goes 26-24! :p:p
  29. AggieJason

    Favorite replacement grip?

    What’s your favorite replacement grip? Or does it matter if you use an overgrip?
  30. AggieJason

    Well crap

    I hope I gave my DVR’s enough extra time!! :D