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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    Played around with hybriding 18 ga Ash Kevlar with 18 ga WeissCannon Red Ghost. I fully prestretched both strings. The snapback is so much better than when using ZX crosses but the power is way down! Also, the stringbed is super light. I lost about 10 swingweight units as the racquet is...
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    Roleo arm massager

    This is the one you want to get. Fantastic tool !!!
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    Nike Spring 2019

    I guess you all are right. It's been a few years since nike changed up the lineup for the sunshine double.
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    Nike Spring 2019

    Is nike dropping new apparel for the Indian Wells / Miami sunshine double? I'm not feeling the retro 1989 agassi look. The original 1989 denim/ hot pink nike agassi line was better than this 2019 attempt at a reboot.
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    Pure Control 95 (58 RA) opinions?

    The plus version was truly a special stick
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    Food poisoned Kyrgios defeated Rafa

    I had food poisoning once. I really thought i was dieing. Hard to imagine that what kyrgios really had.
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    Why cant you buy pro stocks

    If you want the pro stock experience, buy a Tecnifibre 315 Ltd. They are light and come with a low swingweight. I bought 3 matched sticks from TW using their matching service. From there, i completely disassembled them, weighed them and spec'd them. Then, i lengthened handles ½", changed the...
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    It's kevlar. I didn't think I'd get so little time out of it.
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    So.... I sprayed the strings with silicone spray. I went it to play a 9.0 mixed dubs match. That unraveled main in the upper hoop snapped on the third shot of the warm-up. I was really hoping to see if the silicone spray could extend the life of the stringbed. Oh well.... I'll have to...
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    ATP250 Delray Beach’19, February 18-24 General Discussion

    The delray draw always seems to get blown out. This year looked to be different as delpo and isner looked to have easy rides to the final. Oops. Delray loses yet again. This tournament is brutal for favorites. Last year's draw looked amazing and it totally blew up. Nice to Tiafoe to win the...
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    Anyone Else Noticed in Delpotro Match Tonight

    They always have an on court police officer at that tournament. Could be because of the "best seat in the house" tickets you can buy. You can sit right on the court, in lounge chairs. You are right with the players. The cop is there for the player security. They are great seats, btw. I highly...
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    There's definitely scuffing from the ball action, but if you look closely, you can the underside of the kevlar is cupped already from the zx. Not bad but noticable after not a lot of playing time. No idea about the the unraveling. I think it was a mishit but still don't know why it tore. The...
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    I played 3 sets of doubles last night.... All 4.5 players. So far, I've spent a 1/2 hour hitting on a ball machine. 1/2 hitting serves... And now 3 sets. The stringbed is completely locked up. I think i need to keep a bottle of silicone spray handy to keep the strings sliding. When the strings...
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    The kevlar still feels super tight. Doesn't feel like it's loosened up much. The ZX has already notched the Kevlar mains, though. Last time, I I went 86/40 on the kev/zx hybrid.... and I permanently warped my Babolat Aero Storm head. It's lopsided! That's why I dropped down to 70/45 this time.
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    Just came back to experimenting with kev/zx. Strung up 18 ga ashaway kevlar with 17ga ZX. I went with 70/45. And fully prestretched them both. Yesterday, i went to the ball machine. The first 50 balls or so were amazing.... And then i noticed that the stringbed starts to lock up. Not as bad...
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    Jolly's Kick Serve Challenge

    J, good stuff. I went out and got some serves today with your challenge in mind. It's tougher than i expected. I don't normally try to hit a kicker from right at the baseline tee. I hit 4 out of 20 that met your challenge. It was tough though. It's good practice though. Now, when i move about...
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    Prince 93P 14x18 on TW

    I'm intrigued! I miss the crazy spin from my 28" long, 95sqin 14x18 Michael Chang Princes.
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    Jolly's Kick Serve Challenge

    Just came across this thread... Is the challenge still on? I'm always up for a service called challenge.
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    Weiss Cannon Ultra Cable - need some feedback

    Lol.... I understand your skepticism. I figured...wth..... I had a half set of each.... So i tried it out. It was pretty great and the gut wasn't chewed up. I made sure to carefully string the uc so that there were no twists in the crosses... Layed it out flat across the gut mains. I only...
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    Weiss Cannon Ultra Cable - need some feedback

    I used it as a cross with gut and it was fantastic. You just have to really take your time weaving your crosses so that the string stays flat and doesn't twist.
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    New Solinco Confidental video

    @Smittithekitty , string it up and make a review video.... Please
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    New Solinco Confidental video

    That was a whole lot of nothing. Nice to see something about this string but that review is very premature.
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    Adidas Solecourt Boost Official Thread

    I play tennis (4.5 level) in adidas crazylight boost shoes. They are a low top basketball shoe. I've played the last 2 year's in them and won't be going back to regular tennis shoes. I'm not a slider but i can tell you that the stability is there and the cushioning never goes away. The...
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    2 vs 1 handed BH superiority issue resolved

    The 2 hander is s much better shot for younger players. The 1hbh requires greater strength and timing.... Something most children aren't ready for. As such, you never see a coach teaching youth the 1hbh. As an adult who has used both over the years, i can conclude the 1hbh is far more...
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    USTA does another survey

    We had that happen in our 18+ 4.5 league this year. District matches were 1 singles / 2 doubles. At sectionals (states), it was normal 2 singles / 3 doubles.
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    Solinco Hyper G Prefered Gauge

    I like the 16L. Didn't like the 17. Liked the 18. Never tried 19. 20 broke on the stringer while pulling a main at 55# (+10% prestetch)
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    Laver Cup feels even more artificial and manufactured this year

    It really does feel like WWE of tennis as someone else pointed out. Most of the points are real. But there are several well timed tank shots.... Like Novak DFing away the first set to Anderson..... Really??? Almost every match has split sets and gone to the match tiebreaker. It feels like...
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    The Ugliest Trophy

    Are those kidney stones?
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    Racquet matching service

    It's a great service. I had them find the 2 lightest, most headlight, and lowest sw Tecnifibre 315 DC Ltds. They sent me back the specs on about 6 or 7 racquets so i could pick the ones i wanted.
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    The real issue with the Serena/Ramos situation.....

    But you still know you could get ticketed for going 58. Doesn't make it legal but you are used to it not being enforced. The rules need to be enforced to the letter in which they were written. There's too much poor sportsmanship in tennis.