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    Men's Open Tourney: USTA 4.5 vs Top 300 Junior

    Great videos as always one of my fav amateur channels the other being iracer
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    Sampras Thread

    What racket was pete playing with? Can't tell
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    Build the worst player out of former n°1 'parts'

    usually these list are highly arguable but I think you've hit nearly all of them
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    Most durable and serviceable ball machine

    This is 100% spot on. I have a tennis tutor that a relative gave to me it's like 20 years old and runs like new and I've changed the battery and everything is built simple and efficient. I've also talked to James and Ron and their customer service is the best I've ever experienced.
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    2019 Indian Wells - ATP Masters 1000 - General Discussion

    What's the attendance been like, super crowded? Thinking of gong but if it's more crowded than the last few years I may pass
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    Ball machine etiquette?

    This is a joke right? No way they last that long or they are the best balls ever
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    2019 Indian Wells - ATP Masters 1000 - General Discussion

    does anyone have the link to the mens qualifying draw?
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    Wilson Blade SW104 lead tape and string setup

    any comparison to the 27.5 blade 104?
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    Ashaway Kevlar vs Kevlar Plus

    Are there any long time users of these and can compare them? Thanks
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    The Parnell Loop - Does anyone do this?

    I tried the parnell ad a double knot does the same for me
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    Pro's Pro Eruption

    what are the thinnest strings they make
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    Recent College Players That Turned Pro

    He recently began doing this, I've seen matches last year and before that he didn't grunt anything like that.
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    Tennis Tutor non spin machine at 85mph how does it stay in the court

    I have a friend that is looking for a machine, it can't be the bigger plus as that doesn't fit in their trunk so we were thinking of the tennis tutor machine with remote and oscil. but I'm left wondering if you crank it to 85mph how does the ball stay in with no spin?
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    USTA Lifetime Membership

    No way that price is worth it especially as UTR is starting to gain traction, Ultimate tennis or Grand Prix are all option
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    Lithium Battery in your tennis ball machine to lighten it

    Has anyone rigged up a few 18650 lithium batteries and run them to 12v. If you own a ball machine the main thing I or my wife hates is putting it in and out of the car then to the courts then in and out of the car when home. Trying to find ways to lighten the ball machine and lithium batteries...
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    Slinger tennis ball machine

    This is true you need a strong enough frame, big enough motors and big enough wheels to make it work properly.
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    Extended rackets - how to do it

    Great stuff, does anyone know if a pallet on the haripin to extend will work on wilsons? That would be easier for me
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    Slinger tennis ball machine

    I hope he comes through but this is pretty generic, oh the cpu/ x part is not working like we thought. I mean with good editing you can make a totally non functioning product look like it's got all the bells and whistles. Let's just say I've seen way too many of these not pan out and I'm tired...
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    Wilson Blade SW104 lead tape and string setup

    it is only 5 pts headlight, are hammers head heavy or even, granted a lot of players rackets are much more headlight? I don't know if the the extreme length messed with that number.
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    Wilson Blade SW104 lead tape and string setup

    what string and tension do you like on it
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    Wilson Blade SW104 lead tape and string setup

    For the people playing this racket what is your lead tape setup and string setup? thx
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    Slinger tennis ball machine

    Why make it look like it's a functioning product on their video when it clearly isnt'.
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    USTA players decreasing in number.

    You don't even need a lot of data points, just look at 2014 -2018 draw of the same tournaments, some "major" tournaments are basically empty with 1 or 2 rounds of byes now, I'm in socal, a haven for tennis and the tournaments barely have enough to run and some don't even have enough that they...
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    USTA players decreasing in number.

    usta Tournament participation is way down, the biggest ones use to draw a lot of people now it it's a bunch of byes and barely any play. It's only going to get worse as there are other altermatives that are growing like UTR
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    Ball Machine Advice

    If you you are 3.0 I'd probably get a less advanced and less expensive machine. Something with horiz ocsicallation or 2 line should suffice.
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    18+ Mixed Nationals

    4.5 nationals was awful with the short format, I hope you get to play more than 4 games. They need to put this in Southern California or Arizona to avoid this mess
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    Prince ports

    It's clearly labels on mine the starting knot whole so I start it up top.
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    Ball Machine Advice

    I've used a few of them and I've found the Lobster to be best for my needs and my car. Very reliabe, the shape of it fit in my car, I had the elite version with remote and spin then got the highest version the Grand 5 LE that let's you program in any drill and shot. Just make sure to clean...