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  1. tennis_pro

    I have to confess something...

    fedr GOAT
  2. tennis_pro

    Zverev will beat Nadal in Acapulco

    So Mischa Zverev and Nadal are drawn together in the first round of Acapulco. A serve-and-volleyer against a retriever on a fast HC? I favor Mischa.
  3. tennis_pro

    Opelka will beat Nadal at the FO

    I thought about it and then I made this thread. Haters are welcome. Here's the biggest picture of Opelka that I found so that Nadal sees this thread and is intimidated:
  4. tennis_pro

    Why Djokovic won't break the Slam record

    1) he's too old
  5. tennis_pro

    Tommy Haas playing 2019 Dubai?

    From his wiki page: "In January 2019, Tommy Haas confirmed his comeback at the Dubai Tennis Championship, where he received wild card." I can't find any confirmation, though.
  6. tennis_pro

    Nadal will beat Tsitsipas

    I think.
  7. tennis_pro

    Nadal's draw at the 2019 AO = no top 20 opponents until the final

    if RBA beats Tsitsipas which is likely. Discuss.
  8. tennis_pro

    Last time Nadal beat Federer

    Wawrinka was Slamless. Murray was holding his first Wimbledon title. Djokovic was sitting on 6 Slams. Davydenko was still an active player.
  9. tennis_pro

    Federer in his 30s against Nadal h2h = 7-6

    Also, soon we will celebrate the 5th anniversary of Nadal's last win against Federer. Discuss.
  10. tennis_pro

    Berdych will do it

    Berdych will be the one to win more than 12 games. Believe in Berdych.
  11. tennis_pro

    Marin Cilic loves snooker and is a Ronnie O'Sullivan fan

    You can hear Cilic at 9:42 and 12:01
  12. tennis_pro

    Zverev will win the Australian Open

    He's a very good doubles player and I think he has a shot there with the right draw.
  13. tennis_pro

    Number of Slams for the big 3

    Nadal 17 Djokovic 14 Thank you for your attention.
  14. tennis_pro

    Can this Djokovic play peak Federer now?

    Let's do a reverse of 2011-2018, please.
  15. tennis_pro

    Djokovic to win CYGS in 2019

    Now I'm sure it will happen.
  16. tennis_pro

    Radwanska retires

    Just a moment ago from her fb: My Dear Friends, I’d like to share with you one of the most important decisions of my life. Today, after 13 years of playing tennis competitively, I have decided to end my career. This was not an easy decision. I am grateful to have so many special memories...
  17. tennis_pro

    Paire has grown on me

    says my pear tree simon says put on a sock because it's cold and let's join the winning thiem
  18. tennis_pro

    Analyzing Zverev Slam wins

  19. tennis_pro

    Is this what TTW is going to look like in the post-big 3 era?

    OMG people if you don't have anything interesting to say then zip it.
  20. tennis_pro

    Mannarino goes full Agassi

    Bad decision.
  21. tennis_pro

    Just stumbled upon a good forgotten match from 2007

    Look at the kind of points these 2 were playing. Gonzalez at his peak and Volandri playing the tournament of his life (took out Federer earlier). The score really doesn't give the quality justice. Also check this out. If only the quality was a bit better. Could Safin play or what
  22. tennis_pro

    2019 Grand Slam winners predictions

    Captain obvious: AO: Djokovic FO: Nadal Wimbledon: Federer US Open: Djokovic I went 1/4 last time so hopefully this continues and Fed wins the CYGS.
  23. tennis_pro

    2018 US Open F - JM Del Potro (3) vs Novak Djokovic (6)

    What an interesting final! Both had fairly easy draws and easy SF matches so fatigue shouldn't be a factor. H2h stands at 11-4 for Djokovic. Del Potro has been Djokovic's boogeyman at the Olympics beating him in 2012 and 2016 while also beating him in DC in 2011 (Djokovic retired) and in...
  24. tennis_pro

    The rest of the tournament is going to be so enjoyable

    I can finally watch a Slam SF/F and don't care who wins, just sit back and enjoy good tennis. GO JUAN, KEI, NOVAK! Let the best man win.
  25. tennis_pro

    Nadal will still win 20+ Slams

    Or not.
  26. tennis_pro

    2018 US Open SF - Rafael Nadal (1) vs JM Del Potro (3)

    A repeat of last years SF match. This time different circumstances - a better and fresher Del Potro and Nadal who had a very tough road to this round playing a 5 hour match against Thiem in the round before. H2h: 10-5 Nadal Current odds: 1,42 Nadal, 2,76 Del Potro