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  1. jackcrawford

    Khachanov with Head This will be business for lawyers, like the failed Safin switch to Dunlop. No stencil on the not-blacked-out Blade paintjob, so this three sided drama (Karen, Head, Wilson) hasn't...
  2. jackcrawford

    Yonex Powercushion Sonicage Wide

    Could you please tell me if the uppers around the toe area are soft like the Asics Gel Resolution 6 were? None of the New Balance wides are soft in that region. Thank you!
  3. jackcrawford

    Official Wilson Clash thread

    My 2 pennies - as tested, weighs 11.2 oz strung @ 50# with Hyper-G 17, also with Wilson Pro Overgrip, Smiley Dampener. My Volkl V-Sense V1 MP weighs 10.8 oz set up the same way. The Clash feels like an IG Prestige with much more power to me. It is a great serving frame as it is so headlight it...
  4. jackcrawford

    Dunlop becomes new official balls partner at AO

    I wondered why the local shop's new order of ATP balls just said Tour now it's clear. Interested in your take on the Dunlop. The Tour plays just like the ATP ball, so only the label/name changed.
  5. jackcrawford

    Tennis Warehouse: Volkl V-Feel V1 Playtest

    Starting with the Quantum, Volkl has put a slightly more powerful version of the Classic with a different layup but with the same mold in the line and updated it every few years. The V-Sense is a new mold, I find it the best V1 ever so I will be interested to see if the Feel is even better.
  6. jackcrawford

    Tecnifibre TFlash 300 ps

    I liked it initially, but after a month went back to my Volkl V-Sense V-1 MP. Both strung at 50# with Hyper-G 17 @ 50 pounds. To me the Volkl is better at everything, including more stable, with a half ounce less weight. Just my 2 pennies.
  7. jackcrawford

    The Prince Phantom 93P is a gift to us from TW - My Review/AMA

    On the other hand, Radwanska plays with a frame that weighs 291 grams strung, and one of her opponents, Madison Keys, averaged 81 mph on her forehand at the 2016 AO...
  8. jackcrawford

    Pure Strike Pro Stock

    What Automatix says is correct - for example, my experience is limited to just the two frames referenced in my post. The Babolat rep seems to be in error, as per this link
  9. jackcrawford

    Pure Strike Pro Stock

    I've had the Prince Pro Stock version of the 03 White as it came from Prince (TX151P-100 27 TK4B),and the Head Pro Stock version of the IG Radical MP (TGT 260.3) customized to a WTA player's specs. Can't say I saw a whole lot, if any, difference in the Prince to retail. The retail IG Radical MP...
  10. jackcrawford

    Head Speed Touch PWR: breakin' the strings

    If you want to try a poly as a full bed that is cheap and soft, try Volkl Cyclone Tour 16 at 50 pounds. I think it's best to see if you like poly at all before delving into hybrids, and that is a good entry level poly. To me, 50 in Cyclone Tour would equate to 55 with Prince topspin. BTW, I...
  11. jackcrawford

    Great Trade With A_Instead

    You won't find a more pleasant person to deal with. Buying from, trading with, or selling to, highly recommended!
  12. jackcrawford

    Strings for Prince Textreme Tour 100p

    I love that frame, and also its 18x20 version, but I lose matches 7-6, 6-4 that I win 7-6, 6-4 with a tweener. It is sure a fun, comfortable hit. Hit a little with the TT 100P and it definitely has more power than the Tour 100 16x18. I think volkl cyclone 19 at 48# would work well in the TT 100P.
  13. jackcrawford

    FT: Head Radical Touch S

    Any interest in a 9.5 EZone 100 4 1/4?
  14. jackcrawford

    Volkl V1 Classic Black/Silver Edition

    I got an email from volkl promoting this new, sharp PJ. Any idea when it will go on sale?
  15. jackcrawford

    What is the "racquet change" Novak keeps talking about?

    Pro Stringing says his specs included OG, and the Head Nole dampener is less than the Yonex. Not sure as to the weight of gut/poly hybrid he uses, so it is just a guess.
  16. jackcrawford

    Tecnifibre TFlash PS 300: GREAT racquet indeed. My review.

    It is shaped like Head traditional frames (not the Speed line, which is rounder). I use a 1/4 grip when I use Head, and I use a 1/4 grip with the TFlash PS 300 and it feels true to size to me.
  17. jackcrawford

    Tecnifibre TFlash PS 300: GREAT racquet indeed. My review.

    Agree with all the above - I have switched to it, a great frame.
  18. jackcrawford

    Well, it's only a few days before Wimbledon...

    A UK press account
  19. jackcrawford

    Bryan brothers using Babolat?

    Wilson Pro Staff 5.0 stretch, 21 beam, 74 stiffness! Definitely a more powerful frame than the Ignite 95.
  20. jackcrawford

    Bryan brothers using Babolat?

    For me, it's both. For Rec players, PlaySight data will show you hit more effective shots with Pure Drive type racquets than with racquets like the Ignite 95 the Bryans were using. Hawkeye data, as well as their results, confirmed it for them. They play for money...
  21. jackcrawford

    Bryan brothers using Babolat?

    Before the injury to Bob at Madrid, it is striking what a difference the PD made in their game. They were pushing teams around who had pushed them around last year. They are not part of a science lab experiment, so we can't isolate all other factors, but I would put this in the same category as...
  22. jackcrawford

    Tiafoe Serve

    Tiafoe serves with something that is very close to an Eastern forehand grip - you can see it when they zoom in on TV, and on several Getty images. Here is one of the clearer ones
  23. jackcrawford

    Bonjour from Babolat: Part Trois

    Diadem says only low ranked Head players (like Garcia-Lopez, ranked 69) can stencil a separate string brand on their frames. Are Babolat players allowed to have...
  24. jackcrawford

    Volkl V Feel

    Any word from Volkl about when the Feel version of the V1 MP will be available?
  25. jackcrawford

    Bryan Brothers current string set-up?

    I would guess they can get more money from Solinco than Babolat. I know Head, and I suspect Babolat, will not let you stencil a string company if they are paying you to use their frames.
  26. jackcrawford

    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Power Player, I wear 9 EE and the Gel Resolution 6 Wide (no wide version in the 7) are the best shoes I have ever worn. 9 1/2 on the 7's isn't an option for me, as I can't stand a shoe not fitting snug against my heel. If your feet are just slightly wide, the 7's may work for you in a 9.
  27. jackcrawford

    Does Federer Actually Play With the RF97?

    It's only hard to believe if you bought into the tinfoilhat crowd nonsense posted by crackpots about SW2, etc. Is it hard to believe he also upped his string tension quite a bit when he changed frames from 90 to 97? Is it also hard to believe he went from 85 to 90 to 97 sq in through the years?
  28. jackcrawford

    Limited Edition Bryan Brothers Racquet

    Epic fail, IMO. Feels like hitting with a 2 x 4. Underpowered, no touch, not really that stable for a 27.25 inch 12.3 oz frame. Wilson 6.1 95 18 x 20 specs similar, and is light years better. McLovin has hit with a frame actually used by the Bros, and had the same impression I did of the Limited...
  29. jackcrawford

    Volkl V1 and Classic history

    I think the V-Sense V1 is the best V1 ever. I agree the V1 Classic currently available is not as good as earlier editions. It seems to lack Kevlar in the layup.