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  1. smalahove

    VCore 95 written review?

    Hi @TW Staff Isn't the written review of the Vcore 95 long overdue? :-) Thanks!
  2. smalahove

    Why is Karatsev not sponsored yet?

    He's not wearing the same as the Adi players, nor the Asics players (the Res8s are def a 2020 release). And I don't think Adi would allow him to use Asics shoes if they sponsored him, also. The Lion's not going anywhere, and I'm prob not the only one who enjoys his game and on-and-off-court...
  3. smalahove

    Djoko steamrolling Ymer in first round

    Deliviring a tasty bagel in the first set! Novak's looking good: great Lacoste kit and the groundstrokes to boot. He's not guaranteed anything, but it will take a solid performance from Nadal or Thiem, to even come close. For outsiders like Zverev or perhaps a big hitter like Ruud, they'll need...
  4. smalahove

    Qualifier Giustino defeats in-form Moutet in a 6h05mn match.

    First four sets: 40 games Last set: 34(!) games Something tells me Giustino's legs are going to be a bit tired in round 2 :cool: Giustino - Moutet: 0-6, 7-6, 7-6, 2-6, 18-16 :oops:
  5. smalahove

    Head Prestige bag 2020/2021

    @TW Staff @TWE Staff When is Head planning to release the red Tour team bag line, that matches the 360+ Prestige line? Thanks.
  6. smalahove

    Prince O3 Tour 100 Heritage (290g) Racket

    What a nice looking racket :love:
  7. smalahove

    The new Pure Strike 12 bag is low quality

    So I got to check out the new Pure Strike 12 bag*, and I was actually amazed of the poor quality and cheap feel it has. This is an expensive bag, compared to f.inst. the Yonex Pro line, so I can't understand why Babolat skimps out on quality. The inside of the bag looks like a cheap IKEA plastic...
  8. smalahove

    Tsitsipas got a CCV for receiving coaching: was it Moratoglou? Cinci, Tsitsi vs Strugg

    The umpire said he had seen hand gestures from someone in Tsitsipas box (can’t recall if he mentionned someone in particular), and in the box you have both his father and Moratoglou ... if so, that is rather unf for Moratoglou tbh ... CCV: code of conduct violation Strugg = Struff (damn you fat...
  9. smalahove

    New Blade with Clash technology?

    @TW Staff Hi. Do you have any info on when the new Blades with Clash technology are being released? Any specs on them? :-) Thanks!
  10. smalahove

    Umpire afraid to penalize Fognini in Rome

    Towards the end of the third set, in the match against Thiem, Fognini started acting up on several occasions, esp. three instances, where he threw his racket, kicked his racket, kicked the box around the line judge (which resulted in Nalbadians DF a while back), and the judge did .... absolutely...
  11. smalahove

    Miami Open: hitting the ball on the other side of the net ...

    I'm watching the QF between the Bryan bros and Klaasen/Venus, and on a deciding point (BP) the camera angle from the side of the net clearly shows Klaasen hitting the ball before it crosses the net. I also shows that the umpire sees this extremely clearly. I mean, when they call foot fault for...
  12. smalahove

    Prince Beast 95 (TxT 95 replacement)?

    @TW Staff Do you have any info you can provide reg. the Beast 95, i.e. replacement for the TxT95? ETA? Thanks!
  13. smalahove

    TWE: New Prince bags (2018)?

    Hi. When will you have the new Prince bags in stock? Thanks.
  14. smalahove

    Djokovic signs with Asics? Seen on
  15. smalahove

    Asics Gel Resolution 6 is killing my left ankle!

    Yes, I bought a pair w/o trying based on all the hoo-ha online and other players at my club raving about them. And they're fantastic. Almost. It's just the hard plastic part on the inside of the laft shoe, at the upper lace hole that's digging into (the region a little bit below) my ankle. I've...
  16. smalahove

    ETA on the Prince Phantom?

    Hi. When's TWE expecting the new Prince Phantom? Thanks.
  17. smalahove

    Out with the old, in with the new! (PAT, DG97, SV98)

    Who am I kidding? I've owned so many rackets over the last three years or so that I know how this works. These are the stages. Oooh, there's a shiny new racket on the market! Hmm, those specs are pretty interesting ... "8X" score in the TW review! There's something wrong with my current...
  18. smalahove

    Q for Andy, Marco, Seb and Troy: Pure Strike 16x19 (Project One7)

    Since this frame got excellent (top) marks from the reviewers, I was wondering if any of you have had a chance to play with this frame - and of course, what you think of it? (I've noticed the reviewer's comparison to both the Pure Drive and AI98 models, which many of you have played with)...
  19. smalahove

    Release date for the new Babolat Pure Strike (2017/P17)?

    Hi. I see these are already available for pre-sale in the US and will be in stock later this week. A bit strange since it is a French company, even though they are mfc in China. When will these be available from TWE? Thanks.
  20. smalahove

    Babolat Pure Strike VS Tour (2017)?

    Hi. I've seen several posts referring to this frame; is it the same mold as the new Pure Strike line? Or is it the continuation of the the Pure Control line - or something else? Thanks.
  21. smalahove

    Release date for the new version of the Pro Staff 97S?

    Hi. Just wondering what the release date / pre-sell date for the PS97S mkII? Thanks! BR, smalahove
  22. smalahove

    PTC swing weight measurements of my frames - big discrepancy ...

    So, I finally found a shop with a SW measurement machine (PTC), and got my main frames checked: Textreme Tour 95 (343,5g,30,4 cm BL*) - SW 304 Textreme Tour 95 (335,5g, 31,4 cm BL) - SW 319 NB! 1,5g lead @12 DR 98 (326,5g, 32,3 cm BL)- SW 318 Pure Strike Tour (334g, 32,3 cm BL)- SW 321 *...
  23. smalahove

    Adidas shoe sizes?

    Hi. I noticed the size chart for the adidas shoes on TWE follows the same size conversion as most others (such as Nike, f.inst.). I.e. in my case, EU44 = US10 = 28 cm...
  24. smalahove

    Prince Textreme bag - 12 and 9 versions

    Hi. When will you get the 12 and 9 pack version of the Prince Textreme Tour in / back in stock? Thanks!
  25. smalahove

    First outings: Wilson vs. Textreme Tours.

    So, I've been looking for a little more pop* from my modded TT95s, so I bought a Blade 98 16x19 and a PS97S. Add to that, I opted for grip size 2, since 2 is the new 3 (my Princes are all 3's). * "free power", of any kind ;-) My TT95s have quite a bit of lead at 12 and in the butt cap, as I've...
  26. smalahove

    How do I reduce the grip size / change pallet on my Prince Graphite Pro (series) 90?

    This is the model I'm talking about: I have two identical ones, albeit one is called Graphite Pro 90 and the other Graphite Pro Series 90 (they are the same). These are lovely frames, but I feel the grip size 3 is somewhat restricting, so I'd like to reduce it down to a size 2. However, I...
  27. smalahove

    Q for Chris and Troy: 6.1 95s or Super G 10 295 or FST95?

    Hi. I'm considering these two frames to replace my Textreme Tour 95. I am looking for that added power and forgiveness, that the smaller sweet zone on the TT95 doesn't offer me on my OHBH, especially when pressed and on returns. I really enjoyed both the 6.1 95s and the 6.1 95 16x18 (2014)...
  28. smalahove

    In search of a Textreme Tour 95 option w/ bigger sweet zone

    I really enjoy playing with my TT95s, however I have realized the sweet zone is too narrow for my game, esp. on returns and pressed backhands. I've been alternating with the Textreme Tour 100T and 100P (customized), and my backhands, esp. on return of serves, are much better. The sweet zone and...
  29. smalahove

    Stan's AO '16 outfit is awesome!

    Neon pink and yellow. Even matching socks (yellow), wristbands (yellow) and shoes (mostly pink). (edit: post-posted :) )
  30. smalahove

    Pro stock specs vs. retail - not only PJ deception ... (RDC)

    This might be old news to many, and I've certainly noticed the pro stock specs when posted here, but after looking at the prostocks offered at, I was amazed every frame offered (40sh) had RDC ratings between 57 and 64. I mean even the Babolats were 64 and 62 (Pure Drive GT and...