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  1. smalahove

    Sinner vs Alcaraz

    I'm comparing a guy who's almost 18 to one who's a little over 19, the latter having won an ATP 250 event held this year, with a entry list very similar to Marbella's. Even thought there seems to be consensus that SA ATP events are easier to win than their euro counterpart, it still has to be...
  2. smalahove

    Sinner vs Alcaraz

    It's not ment as harsh as it sounds: what I mean is that he might win against the Rado Albots and like in an ATP250, but this type of player loves the 5 set format, as it showcases their strengths, i.e. consistency and endurance. Alcaraz has impressive weapons, but tennis is about making the...
  3. smalahove

    Sinner vs Alcaraz

    It's not the weapons, it's his going-for-broke game style, very similar to f.inst. Popyrin. The match he had against Ruud, reminded me of the match Ruud lost on clay last year against Mager (which he coincidentally met in R1 in Marbella). Mager outplayed him, with an extremely offensive...
  4. smalahove

    Sinner vs Alcaraz

    He´ll have a hard time getting past R1 in any Bo5 competitions. Guns blazing can work a while in a Bo3 competition, but it's not sustainable in slams. If he doesn't adjust, his career will more likely be similar to Verdasco than to Nadal.
  5. smalahove

    Why do unaccomplished players give themselves logos?

    Good call. Which is also very bold, in more ways than one, as the iconic, satanic animal the design the is referencing, is the GOAT :)
  6. smalahove

    Why do unaccomplished players give themselves logos?

    Not sure what the Sinner logo is about. I can see the J (inverted) and the s, and a small triangle, that together form an animal with pointy ears. I associate that shape with a fox, which is a bold choice for a ginger, young lad, I give you that :-)
  7. smalahove

    Vcore 95 - backhand slice help!

    Funny, because my experience is the opposite : -) Launch angle: GTour >> GPro >> VCore 95 Prob due to string tension. I strung my Gravitys with Lynx at 44-46 lbs, and the VCore 95 I can't remember exactly, might have been a tad higher. I also added lead to it, the Gravitys were stock. The...
  8. smalahove

    How many more slams for Federer, Nadal and Djokovic?

    If Novak does end up winning more GS than Fed and Rafa, he'll have earned all the accolades. That being said, if he gets more than, let's say 3 more GS, there has to be something wrong with the strategic and tactical understanding in(corporated in) the training of the contenders to the top. I'm...
  9. smalahove

    Vcore 95 - backhand slice help!

    I don't think the GPro has a tighter stringed. I played for quite a while with both the 2018 VCore 95 and the Gpro, and the latter felt more open (it's a 100 sq in after all).
  10. smalahove

    Hurkacz Racquet

    I think he ment offer a different mold than existing (or obsolete) retail models. Iirc, Yonex made Hewitt his own custom mold at one time, that was different than any other retail (or other) molds. Yonex seems to be pretty consistent in offering current and previous molds to their sponsored...
  11. smalahove

    What are the odds a lighter racquet hurts the arm/wrist more likely than a heavier one?

    The issue with lighter rackets is that if you're not relying on the big muscles to generate the power, you haven't generated enough power to swing freely against the heavy incoming ball. In that situation, you feel like to have to counter by using the hand, arm and shoulder, and you tighten the...
  12. smalahove

    Nerd! Using SwingVision AI to evaluate racquets

    Great stuff. This correlates with the speed data shown on most TW reviews, which shows there isn't a huge difference in measurable speed between rackets, even though playtesters often refer to "power" differences. I don't doubt this feeling, I've certainly felt this myself, but the metrics show...
  13. smalahove

    Winner Winner, Jannik Sinner

    I agree. That was clutch, and extremely impressive since he was playing really offensive, and lost that first set as a result of a combination of somewhat lucky RBA winners, and some bad decision making after building up great points. I really thought he'd fizzle out after that. Well done.
  14. smalahove

    NextGen forehands have ceiling effects in terms of SW

    We agree on the over-focus on lag. When comparing Sock and Fed, whilst the wrist lag looks impressive in the Sock pic (more so than I expected), his racket is not lagging behind as much as Fed. He clearly has both elbow and wrist in front of his body, and due to his grip, his wrist is not...
  15. smalahove

    NextGen forehands have ceiling effects in terms of SW

    This is the best explanation on the differences between the "WTA" and "ATP" styles of forehands, which applies just as well for understanding the differences between different FHs on the men's side as well. Imo, the cupped wrist is an effect, not a cause. In Kyrgio's case f.inst., as explained...
  16. smalahove

    NextGen forehands have ceiling effects in terms of SW

    Regarding lag: You are talking about two different lags: racket lag and wrist lag. In golf, which is the sport that has most research on the matter, focus is on the wrist lag, i.e. how far back your wrist is flexed and ulnar deviated, as a result of the forward motion started by the bigger...
  17. smalahove

    NextGen forehands have ceiling effects in terms of SW

    I agree there's def too much focus on wrist lag, and not just in the pro ranks. What Novak's success shows, is that given the big TS oriented FH in today's game, generating a heavy ball with height and spin, you also have to have a solid counterpunching game, i.e. being able to leverage your...
  18. smalahove

    Congrats to Sebastian Korda

    Karatsev made some strange decisions, and the oddball dropshots. Solid by Korda. The match against Nini impressed me, and imo a better indicator of potential greatness than one-off results by the other young Americans. Let's see if he can evolve his game through more top 10 matches.
  19. smalahove

    NextGen forehands have ceiling effects in terms of SW

    It seems there's a lot confusion about the wrist, and what role it plays through the swing. Should it be curled on the take back (flexed) like some of the NextGen seem to do? Or should it be bent backwards (extended) in the take back like Nadal does? These are the facts to consider: You...
  20. smalahove

    NextGen forehands have ceiling effects in terms of SW

    This article based on quite a few wrong assumptions. The author uses Nadals and Federers FH as examples of the pinnacle of the modern FH, which is ironic as Federer's FH is perhaps the ultimate FH in the history of tennis when it comes to creating lag. And they both hit with straight arms(!)...
  21. smalahove

    Russian Lion Karatsev

    I'll just join in on the great-analysis-comment :) The point you make about the slice and drop shot, esp. in the context of variety and energy conservation, are really on point. As you say, "Novak is obviously a winning machine and had a lot more variety in his B-game". This is the key to...
  22. smalahove

    Why is Karatsev not sponsored yet?

    Here's the answer :) “I was in the locker room packing my bag after the match and Mischa just asked me if I needed some t-shirts and I said 'okay'. I also play with adidas so I took it. I had a contract with adidas five years ago so I still had plenty of clothes, but they were not the latest...
  23. smalahove

    Why is Karatsev not sponsored yet?

    Exactly. If I was brand manager at Adidas or Asics, I'd send over the full package, just as a courtesy. There's always a time for endorsement talks later.
  24. smalahove

    Very interesting what Popsicle says here...

    afaics, he seemed pretty rattled. He was in bad mood a long time, talking to himself, and he seemed to just be able to keep away from the Edge of cliff. And then he just lost it. If he was faking or if that was deliberate, he’d a world class actor. I don’t have anything against him, i even...
  25. smalahove

    Aslan Karatsev

    I first noticed him a few years ago, and he was absolutely smoking the balls back then as well.
  26. smalahove

    Is Karatsev's technique impeccable?

    that paper is based on 18 matches with 11 players, and is from 2011-2014. I read through it, and imo the conclusion doesn’t fot today’s game (if it ever did). I put much more stock in O’shanesseys data, and the inside-out FH winner is def not in the top predictors for winning matches.
  27. smalahove

    Who is more accomplished... Karatsev or Kyrgyos?

    Kyrgios will never go deep in a slam since he has a weak backhand. Might get the job done serving out of his mind in a Bo3 one-week tournament, but two weeks Bo5? Fat chance.
  28. smalahove

    The Shape Of Things To Come: Denis Shapovalov!

    i back my opinion up with facts. Harris was +2 in the winners/UEs category, whilst Shapo was -8. Harris won most points as well (112 vs 101). Shapo was bleeding UEs (41 vs LH 25). the broadcast stats didn’t show who won the various shot length, but winning the longer rallies category (over 9)...
  29. smalahove

    Week of 03/15/21: Two ATP 500s (Dubai and Acapulco)

    yes, I agree, just pointing out it’s easy to forget he was facing #6 in the world who’s won 9 of the 11 ATP finals he’d been in, and who’s on an 18 month winning streak. The same goes for Harris. I wish they could both win tomorrow, as their effort and game style deserve success.