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    Novak Djokovic still hasn’t made a decision in regards to playing the US Open

    Djoker already had the virus once. He might as well play.
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    Tennis elbow in the making - how to stop it before it gets worse

    Most tennis elbow is caused my incorrect form. Hence why the pros rarely get it. Fix your form and the forearm will heal.
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    ATP is heading for a crash

    sooooo dramatic
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    How difficult to win 6:0 6:0?

    Last season I won an ALTA doubles match at A7 Line 4 6-0 6-0. Halfway through the second set my opponents’ team was cheering for us to win 6-0 just to give their teammates a hard time. The best that I have done in USTA 4.0 singles was win a match this season 6-1 6-1. It's so hard to double...
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    Can't fathom the humiliation of getting knocked out in 1R

    Same here. Is it another language or does the reporter have a speech impediment? I honestly cannot tell.
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    Berrettini will meet and beat Federer at Wimbledon R4

    This was a really good match.
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    Just wondering

    Watching the women’s world cup final.
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    2019 Wimbledon - Women's Singles - General Discussion

    I cheered for Coco but good god some of that tennis was painful to watch.
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    AHHH! Are there any sports psych tips that have worked for you?

    Mountain biking has helped my tennis psyche. After going rolling over rocks, roots, and through trees at high speeds down a mountain, playing tennis is a lot more relaxing.
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    Is the USTA video the best example of a 4.0 player?

    I play USTA 4.0 in Atlanta, GA and this guy would get utterly smoked in a league match.
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    Adidas Solecourt Boost Official Thread

    I finally got a pair of the Sole Court Boost clay shoes today. I have been an 11.5 in every Barricade version the past ten years (and pretty much all running shoes), but I went with an 11 in the Sole Courts. When I compare them side by side with my 11.5 Barricades, they are pretty much the same...
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    Why is the weather in Europe always so crap?

    I live in Atlanta, GA where we average 49 inches of rain per year, which is even more than Seattle. Last year we had the second highest rainfall in recorded history at close to 70 inches.
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    Why does everyone say Murray is retiring?

    People have been discussing Nadal’s knees for years, this Murray hip injury is far more serious. He is only 31 but basically needs a hip replacement, which you really don’t want to have until you are 60 since they are only meant to last 20 years. He can’t even do daily tasks without feeling pain...
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    Do overly loose strings affect your play?

    If you are breaking your strings weekly then you should probably change your setup.
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    Switching to the two hander

    With a 2hb you have to step forward, unlike a 1hb where you do a more closed stance.
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    Tips when changing grip....

    I don’t think there is much you can do besides practice. It will probably take a few months before you are truly comfortable. Why do you want to switch grips? Semi-western is by far the most versatile grip and most popular grip for a reason.
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    Difficulty with Adidas Barricades 6 month warranty.

    Update: They finally sent me a gift card after calling for a third time over two months after receiving my shoes. They said Adidas outsourced claims to a new company and they are in a transition process which is why everything is so backed up.
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    Black Mirror

    I would skip straight to seasons 3 and 4 and if you like it then go back to 2 and 1.
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    Yonex Vcore Pro 97

    I like my Yonex but this paint scratches more than any racket that I have ever owned.
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    Difficulty with Adidas Barricades 6 month warranty.

    Thanks for the input! They keep telling me that the shoe division is backed up. I even have a case number with them that I bring up when I call so customer service can see my call history. I paid with my Chase Visa through Amazon, but I'll give it one more phone call with Adidas before I bring...
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    Difficulty with Adidas Barricades 6 month warranty.

    I sent my Adidas Barricades to Adidas two months ago for my six month warranty and still have yet to receive my replacement code. I have called them several times and the people on the phone say that my case is "in review." I verified my UPS tracking number with them and they confirmed receipt...
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    Posting about USTA matches on social media.

    If you care so much then just choose the setting that requires you to confirm a picture before being tagged in it.
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    Black Mirror

    Are you a fan of watching a man have intercourse with a pig? If so, this show is for you!
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    healthy diet and daily work out for teenagers?

    Lol I was thinking the same thing. Their lifestyle is more controlled than kids at tennis academies. I'm confused as to how these kids train so much but are still considering a high school varsity level? Their skills should be far more developed than a typical high school tennis player. I...
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    I went 0-8 in doubles season. Please help me break my curse.

    TC, what level were you playing at this season where you went 0-8?
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    Tennis evolution, do we need it?

    Why not just drop 5 set matches in Grand Slams? It's pretty rare to see a 3 set match go more than 2.5 hours.
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    Tennis evolution, do we need it?

    I don't see why speeding up the game or shortening sets would make people more interested. America's two most popular sports are football and baseball, and they move slower than a snail. There is something like 15 minutes of actual action in a 3 hour football game, and don't even get me...
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    How much practice before a match?

    Haha you will get back in shape soon enough! I used to like longer warm ups, but most of my USTA and ALTA matches are at 9 am on Saturdays, so I've had to adjust to ten minute warm ups.