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  1. uscwang

    ATP World # 1

    A little history based on Wikipedia. Nastase set the first record at 40 weeks on May 26, 1974. Less than 1 year later, Connors tied it on March 3, 1975, who then held it until setting a new record at 268 on June 27, 1983. More than 7 years later, Lendl tied it on July 23, 1990, and set a new...
  2. uscwang

    Federer made most $ while playing 2nd/3rd wheel

    Highest paid athletes 1990-2019. Federer became a prominent figure in Top 10 only after 2010/2011, aka as a grandpa according to some of his fans. This is the power of PR.
  3. uscwang

    Clay champions in this Nadal era

    Nadal has his dynasty on clay since 2005, and has won the majority of big clay titles. From 2005 to 2020 before RG, RG: Nadal 12, Federer/Wawrinka/Djokovic 1 MC: Nadal 11, Djokovic 2, Wawrinka/Fognini 1 Hamburg(2005-2008)/Madrid(2009-present): Nadal 5, Federer 4, Djokovic 3...
  4. uscwang

    Count the blessings

    There has been enough negativity in 2020 already. Let's count some blessings in men's tennis. 1. It is happening. The tournaments allow many people to pay their bills. And we can watch high-level tennis again. 2. No player has been seriously affected by Covid-19. 3. Nadal has a chance to...
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    Remaining 2020 ATP tournaments

    Since reopening Aug 22-29 Cincy (in New York) Winner Djokovic Aug 31-Sep 13 USO Winner Thiem/Zverev Sep 8-13 Kitzbuhel (250) Winner Hanfmann/Kecmanovic _____________________________________________________________________________________ Sep 14-21 Rome (Djokovic, Nadal, Tsitsipas, Stan) Sep...
  6. uscwang

    Not surprised by Novak's DQ

    Novak is well below Federer and Nadal when it comes to on-court demeanor. Fedal are always respectful. Nadal has never smashed a racquet. I don't even remember the last time either of them threw a tantrum during a match. But Novak has, unfortunately, embraced his tantrums as part of his...
  7. uscwang

    PTPA news

    PTPA might be here to stay, or not. If it survives, there will eventually be PTPA tournaments. I hope it would be an international tennis league, including both men and women, singles and doubles, played around the world. I'll pay to watch.
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    Tennis giving Covid-19 the finger

    Last weekend, I watched for hours on ESPN the first professional pickleball tournament since the start of the pandemic in Newport Beach, California. Watching those young, healthy athletes competing, although without an audience, was exciting and inspiring. Tennis has a much larger audience...
  9. uscwang

    Is history repeating itself?

    He beat Federer in a GS match saving 2 MPs the year before. He lost his last match in the year before to Federer in WTF. He led his national team to win world championship. In AO semifinal, he beat Federer in straight sets with a 1st set tiebreak. In AO final, he beat a player who lost his first...
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    It is difficult to beat 2 of the Big 3, even for the Big 3

    Novak has only done it 5 times: 2007 Rogers Cup 2011 Indian Wells 2011 US Open 2013 ATP Finals 2015 ATP Finals Nadal has done it 3 times: 2006 French Open 2007 French Open 2008 French Open Federer has done it once: 2010 ATP Finals
  11. uscwang

    Delpo has more talent than any of today's young players

    Tsitsipas vs. Delpo? Zverev vs. Delpo? Medvedev vs. Delpo? Thiem vs. Delpo? I'll choose an injury-free Delpo anytime, almost anywhere. There is a vacuum for top tennis talent. Nobody is as talented as Murray, Stan, or Delpo. Let alone the Big 3. People like to talk about Thiem's FH...
  12. uscwang

    If Novak and Nadal dominate in 2020, one of them will reach 20

    They have won the last 7 GS, Novak 4, Nadal 3. If they continue to dominate GS in 2020, at least one of them will reach 20. Possible scenarios: Novak 20, Nadal 19 Novak 19, Nadal 20 Novak 18, Nadal 21 Novak 17, Nadal 22 Novak 16, Nadal 23 However, I think one of the younger guys will step up...
  13. uscwang

    The strange case of Laver's greatness ranking

    Back when Federer had 16/17 GS, he was always ranked #1, with Laver following at #2. The rest of the list largely went by GS titles. Now Federer has moved on to 20. And Nadal and Djokovic have improved to 18 and 16, respectuvely. But guess what? Laver is still ranked as #2 by some people...
  14. uscwang

    Some interesting stats about Djokovic-Federer 26-22 rivalry

    From wikipedia Head-to-head tallies[edit] Djokovic and Federer have played 48 times to date. All matches: Djokovic, 26–22 Grand Slam matches: Djokovic, 10–6 ATP World Tour Finals matches: Djokovic, 3–2 ATP World Tour Masters 1000 matches: Djokovic, 11–9 Best of three set matches: Djokovic...
  15. uscwang

    So with this title defensed, Novak has launtched charge to record weeks @ No. 1

    He is now 4500-5000 points ahead of Nadal and Federer, and 8000 point ahead of the next best Thiem. One more year and a new record will be made.
  16. uscwang

    Novak's 2019 Wimbledon draw

    1R Kohlschreiber: Novak leads 10-2 in H2H, beating Kohl 63, 60 in Rome. Kohl has played 15 freaking tournaments this season, losing his only two grass matches to Johnson and a Kecmanovic. 2R Kudla/Jaziri: The two have a combined 13-28 w-l record this season. 3R Lajovic: Novak leads 2-0 in H2H...
  17. uscwang

    2019 French Open SF: [1] Djokovic vs. [4] Thiem

    Career H2H 6-2 Djokovic. This will be the 3rd time they met in RG. 2016 SF Djokovic d. Thiem 62 61 64 2017 QF Thiem d. Djokovic 76 63 60 2019 SF Djokovic vs. Thiem ??? This is also the right time to review their Madrid SF. 76 76 Novak.
  18. uscwang

    Chances at this stage for 2019 FO

    Nadal (Fed, Djoko/Thiem/Z/K): 65% Djokovic (Zverev, Thiem/Khachanov, Nadal/Federer): 25% Federer (Nadal, Djokovic/Thiem/Z/K): 5% Thiem (Khachanov, Djokovic/Zverev, Nadal/Federer): 5% Zverev: 0% Khachanov: 0% Djokovic or Thiem will likely emerge from the top half, tired. Then they have to fight...
  19. uscwang

    About half of RG19 3R ATP players are from 4 countries

    France 5 (6 if Pouille wins) Serbia 4 Argentina 3 Spain 3 Out of all the English speaking countries in the world, only 1 player makes it into the 3rd round, J Thompson of Australia. And some posters wonder why RG feels less than a GS.
  20. uscwang

    Dimitrov's potential path is hellish

    d. Tipsarevic in 5 sets d. Cilic in 5 sets Wawrinka Tsitsipas Federer Nadal Djokovic/Thiem/Delpo (Although under normal circumstances, the 28 y.o. Dimitrov should be happy to see his potential opponents' age: 34, 20, 37, 33, 32 ...) I don't think Nadal can get through such a list, say replace...
  21. uscwang

    What a day in Roma!

    Nadal lost all of 2 games in 2 matches in 1 day, d. Chardy 0-1, and d. Basilashvili 1-0. Novak breadsticked and bagelled his way through Shapovalov 1-3, and Kohlschreiber 3-0. Delpo is back in a Masters quarterfinals. Verdasco is on fire, which would probably be put out by Nadal in the QF...
  22. uscwang

    Pepe is back in Novak's box

    I know match results are not allowed here. Sorry. And career results. This is the first time i feel truly disappointed in Djokovic.
  23. uscwang

    Monte Carlo 2019 Bakery by the QFists

    So far, Nadal 6-1, 6-1 to RBA, 6-1 to Dimitrov Medvedev 6-1, 6-1 to Sousa, 6-1 to Albot Djokovic 6-0 to Fritz Fognini 6-1 to Zverev Pella 6-1 to Cilic Nadal looks unstoppable. Breadsticking RBA and Dimitrov is no joke. If he was injured in one knee in IW, he now has at least 4 good ones...
  24. uscwang

    What could this clay season bring?

    An unprecedented Double Career Grand Slam? An unheardof 12th RG title? Another underappreciated Non-calendar Year Grand Slam? Finally an under 30 years old GS champion? A new record for ATP Masters 1000 titles? (who is counting) OR A player to beat Nadal at RG, gasp, twice?
  25. uscwang

    2019 Miami R4 Federer vs Medvedev

    Federer leads H2H 2-0, winning in Shanghai 64-46-64, and Basel 61-64 in 2018. While Russian male players are usually difficult to predict, Medvedev is the most consistent Russian these days. Could he stage an upset or just push Federer a little bit?
  26. uscwang

    Should there be a minimum wage for tennis players?

    Here are some numbers showing the sad state tennis is in when it comes to lower-ranked players. ATP 2018 Year end ranking: 100 Ivo Karlovic $9,254,395 / 19 years as pro = $487,073 / year 200 Adam Pavlasek $622,924 / 7 years as pro = $88,989 / year 300 Andrea Collarini $262,708 / 9 years as pro =...
  27. uscwang

    Did Gael Monfils figure it out?

    Listened to Gill Gross analysis and found it fascinating. Gill proposed that Gael may become a better player once he loses his speed a little bit. Gael has got a new coach, and won an ATP 500 right away. "The beginning of a beautiful friendship"?
  28. uscwang

    Novak won the 2019 Laureus World Sportsman of the Year!

    Novak won the 2019 Laureus World Sportsman of the Year! Thought this prestigious award is worth a thread of its own. Congrats to Novak! A more thoughtful tennis player the world has not seen.
  29. uscwang

    A proposal to correct past players' GS tally

    Here is my list of all time greats after correction for missed opportunities (players skipping AO, GS not held due to war, only 3 pro GS each year) and for lesser weights of close era amateur and pro GS. No correction was made for Sampras, Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic. 1. Ken Rosewall 22 2...
  30. uscwang

    A proposal to correct past players' GS tally

    Here is my list of all time greats after correction for missed opportunities (AO in early days, only 3 pro GS each year) and for lesser weights of close era amateur and pro GS. No correction was made for Sampras, Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic. 1. Ken Rosewall 22 2. Roger Federer 20 3. Pacho...