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    Head Graphene Touch Speed Pro TWU swing weight

    Hi, I just noticed that Head Graphene Touch Speed Pro (and MP, while we are at it) swing weight in TWU tools is way below what is mentioned in the review - 322 vs 311. Also, power stats do not seem plausible either. Could you look into that please?
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    Springy, non-plasticky poly string that holds tension well

    Looking for recommendations of a string with a springy response and good tension maintenance. So far Volkl Cyclone and WeissCannon Scorpion were spot on with the feel, but they lose the tension quickly. On the opposite side of the spectrum I see Hyper G and MSV CoFocus, which hold the tension...
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    Head 360+ Speed MP trap door replacement

    Hi TW Team, I'd like to replace the weighted trap door of my new 360+ Speed MP with an unweighted one. Is this the item I need to purchase? Is this trap door not weighted?
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    Emil Ruusuvuori's racquet

    Looks like an actual 360+ Speed MP. 16 mains, and at least 6 grams of lead at 9 and 3.
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    FS: 2x Tecnifibre TF40 305, Grip 3

    Item Description: Tecnifibre TF40 305, 2019 Grip Size / Size: 4 3/8 (L3) Quantity: 2 Head Size: 98 sq in Condition (x out of 10): 9,0-9,5 Specific Time Used : 8 months, probably 40 hours each General Description: Currently one is strung with MSV Focus Hex 1.10 and one with MSV CoFocus 1.18 -...
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    Shoes for red clay and hot summer?

    Quite happy with Yonex Eclipsion 2, but they are too hot for the summer here and they take ages to dry, so I am looking for something like them but with mesh top like the Adidas Ubersonic 3 have. Any suggestions? The actual clay version of Ubersonic seems to be sold out in Europe and the toebox...
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    Forehand takeback: angle between shoulders and arm/elbow

    I have a suspicion that my arm wrongly lags behind shoulder on my forehand and I think it's bad. Can anybody please enlighten me on the correct angle between shoulders and arm on forehand? Please consider this video, showing a forehand filmed from above in slow motion: So my question is, if...
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    Forearm pronator muscle pain after coming back to tennis

    Hi all, so shortly before the pandemic-induced break I have switched to a racquet with a 15-20pt more swing weight (from 307 to 325) and enjoyed the change, it was a very fast adjustment without any problems. Then the pandemic happened, two months of no play at all and then starting to hit...
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    Textured durable string for hybrid setup with soft poly?

    I got a reel of WeissCannon Scorpion 1.22 for cheap and like the string, but would not mind a bit more spin on my Tecnifibre TF40 (18x20 string pattern). WeissCannon Scorpion is considered to be similar to Yonex Poly Tour Pro, which is probably better known here. I wonder how would it perform...
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    Wanted: Yonex VCore Pro 97HD

    Looking for the VCore Pro 97HD, L3. Postage to Austria/Vienna