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    Article on Federer, Wawrinka, Soderling and modern coaching.

    Not sure if this is the best forum, but a friend of mine wrote an article which I found very relevant :
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    Iconic pictures of former players thread

    Gather the most iconic pictures of former players and submit them here!
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    New to American dance clubs. A little confused.

    I'm of european origin. New to America. Thought of going to a club to chill with friends. I saw that there's "grinding" ongoing everywhere. Is this the norm everywhere? It appears a little creepy to me
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    Any chess players here?

    Who's your favourite player and opening and game of all time?
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    Rafans : Your take on the virus affecting the tour?

    The Coronavirus looks poised to severely affect the European clay-court swing, most notably Rome and Roland Garros. Rafa is going for a La Decima in Rome this year, and for a possible 13th RG title.
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    Most underrated ATP match of the 21st century?

    What's your pick, and for what reasons?
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    Djokovic playing in an empty stadium ?

    If a lot of tournaments this year are played without spectators, how would it affect Djokovic? He isn't the most popular guy on tour, and the crowd is usually vehemently against him (except in Paris). Do you think an empty stadium will calm him or will he miss the negative energy to feed off of?
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    Is nuclear energy the future? How to make it feasible?

    Nuclear energy is by far the densest, most efficient and safest form of energy. The handful of disasters (Chernobyl, Fukushima) were due to human errors. The death count of Fukushima is as many as Coal kills globally, DAILY. However, Nuclear remains to be heavily overregulated at the moment. In...
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    Anyone interested in being e-mail Pen pals?

    Share your e-mail on this thread.
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    What remains of Sampras' legacy?

    For a player who was the most prolific Grand Slam winner of all time less than two decades ago and was hailed as a GOAT, looks like pretty much all of his records are shattered, in one generation. Most Majors? Broken thrice. Most wimbledons? Broken. Most weeks at #1 ? Broken. Being the only...
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    Rafa withdraws from Paris semifinal

    Pre match injury.
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    Best second serve of all time?

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    Medvedev out of Paris masters

    Loses to Chardy in 3. Title is easily Djokovic's, now.
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    Surprise winner for Roland Garros 2020....

    ...will be Ivo Karlovic. He defeats Federer in the QF, Djokovic in the semis and Nadal in the Final. The Final vs Nadal goes to the fifth set, and beyond sunset, under the new roof. As the match progresses, Rafa steps back further and further from the service line to receive serve. By the end...
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    What's with the obsession with Barretini on this forum?

    I'm new here and have failed to comprehend the hype about him or why he's brought up in so many threads, often without reason.
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    Best third shot in tennis?

    A third shot is the one you hit to return a return of serve. Who has the best third shot among active players and of all time? Discuss.
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    If you wanted one player to come out of retirement, who would it be?

    Rod laver, having watched team world lose, year after year in the tournament named after him, "Enough is enough; gimme that" and snatches the racquet off of Kyrgios. He goes on to win his singles match, orchestrating team world to a win and showing these millennial Europeans who the real GOAT is.
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    Thiem 2020 similar to Rafa 2008?

    Theim in the last two years, has been the Roland Garros finalist. In 2018, he lost convincingly, in 2019 he did one better. In 2017 and 18 he was the only player to beat Rafa on clay (he beat him in 2019 too). 2006, Rafa was outplayed in Wimbledon Final. 2007, he came close. He had had Roger's...
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    Predict the Swansong tournament and year for the big 3

    Predict, after what event in what year, will each of the big 3 retire?
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    Best half-volley on tour?

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    A collection of the best matches not involving the Big 3.

    On this thread, post your favourite matches not featuring any of the Big 3, regardless of the stage or tournament it was played. Possibly those available on Youtube. Please no spoilers on the result, though.