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    The Nadal backhand

    The final of US Open 2013, 4th set, 3:1, 0:15 (Rafa on serve)
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    That day when Djokovic was too strong for the Clay Goat at RG!

    Everything feels historic when taken out of context. If I follow your logic, Istomin's and Chung's of this world must feel pretty special.
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    That day when Djokovic was too strong for the Clay Goat at RG!

    Ah, I didn't know that. It is only fair play then. Greetings
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    That day when Djokovic was too strong for the Clay Goat at RG!

    Don't be petty, you are better than that. The guy clearly meant it in the context of this particular post.
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    That day when Djokovic was too strong for the Clay Goat at RG!

    We must have watched a different match. Djokovic broke Nadal at the beginning of the 5th but wasn't able to carry the advantage. Once Rafa had turned the afterburners he slowly faded away culminating with not a single point won in his own service game that gave Rafa the victory.
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    No one ACTUALLY believes Wawrinka could have defeated a healthy Nadal in the 14 AO Final, right?

    Would you have said the same (i.e. that he was on the wrong side of his prime) right after the SF against Federer? Rafa was a beast in that match. The final was a complete let-down. That being said, just like you, I don't claim Nadal would have won it but it would have been nice to witness a...
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    No one ACTUALLY believes Wawrinka could have defeated a healthy Nadal in the 14 AO Final, right?

    Yet he didn't succumb to the Earth's Mightiest (even after he was a set down)
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    Why doesn’t Rafa just say it how it is?

    If that's how the free market works, so be it.
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    Why doesn’t Rafa just say it how it is?

    I don't understand the problem. Even if you consider the decision strictly in economic terms, do you expect the guy who has worked his ass off to forfeit the fruits of his work and let the tournament organizers ride on his coattails? Esp. towards the business end of his career. Esp. in times of...
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    Most disappointing slam performance in recent years?

    Spot on. At least Tsitsipas showing some dejection. Other than that, their reaction is even more deflating than their performance during the match.
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    The Ultimate Nike Color Codes Thread

    085 - Football grey 342 - Green glow 394 - Barely green
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    Nadal will have to be careful with Fognini

    You gotta smile. Their h2h is 12:4 in Rafa's favor and somehow he USUALLY plays his absolute worst against Fognini. Furthermore, let's break down those 4 losses: 3 came in 2015 (Nadal's arguably worst year on tour) and the last one in Monte Carlo in 2019 when he was struggling post-injury. I...
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    Nadal News 2.0

    The average speed of his first serve was 176 kmh (109 mph). A tad on the slow side, I think. The question remains if it was a precaution or hindrance.
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    Rafa SP21 jacket(s)

    Dear TW Staff, Is there going to be released a dedicated Rafa tennis jacket for Spring 2021? Looking forward to receiving your reply.
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    Rafa commemorative apparel

    I didn't know about it (and I was already buying Rafa apparel at the time of his 9th RG triumph). Do you perhaps have the picture? Unless you mean the navy one actually released around RG'16? Is that it?
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    Rafa commemorative apparel

    Over the years, Nike released a number of commemorative Rafa shirts/polos. The following are the ones I am aware of. Is there anything missing from the list below? Released: US Open 2010 French Open 2013 French Open 2017 US Open 2017 French Open 2018 French Open 2020 Unreleased...
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    Nadal News 2.0

    This jacket is definitely not for Australian Open '21. I got it, and the tag says SU20. It is Light crimson/(White) (#644) while the Australian Open top is #854 (more a shade of orange than red)
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    Rafa's House: French Open Discussion

    No way! They were distinctly different. Further, the ones sold at retail had the White swoosh while the ones he wore the Black one.
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    1-4, 1-4, 1-4

    Seems like Nadal was the closest on two separate occasions (2012 and 2017)
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    Nadal News 2.0

    Let's just hope it will remain the night session. If Thiem vs Schawrzmann ends up a long match, we might get pushed to the next day, and ultimately have less time to recover for a gruelling SF match (no matter the opponent)
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    Djokovic losing the mind games?

    The very first quote comes from 2006. It took him a decade to get his hands on this particular trophy (and he didn't beat injured Rafa that year; and no, he wasn't close in 2012 & 2013). Many stars must have aligned for him. Mind you, I don't say he is not a better player on other surfaces, I...
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    Djokovic on another level. The chains have moved

    The following picture is from Rome. Too much weight? Where exactly (@Hitman please help!). The baggy shirt is probably retail as opposed to custom (which must have been sleeveless for US Open).
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    If Djokodal happens in Rome, how do you see it going?

    Spot on! This should have been 6:0 6:1 or 6:2 drubbing. Instead we had a break of serve in each set (Novak will not be as forgiving)
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    Nadal News 2.0

    Oh, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Rafa was broken twice in games where he dug himself into with 0:40. The match should have been 6:0 6:2.
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    Nadal News 2.0

    First serve must definitely go up.
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    Ivanisevic says Djokovic should not have been defaulted

    You are a breath of sanity in here!
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    Djokovic disqualified from the US Open for hitting a lines woman in the throat.

    Are you serious?! I admit I might be biased; that's why I refer you to @Hitman's post (he's the Earth's Mightiest Warrior fan... and sane at that, too)
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    Nadal News 2.0

    Sorry to disappoint but Tennis Warehouse has just published the Fall wristbands, and there are the standard Volt/(Black) and Black/(Volt) styles to complement the outfits which Rafa will most likely wear.
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    FS: Collection of rare Nadal/Federer Nike tops

    @CJO74 Is Nike Fall 2012 Power Court Nadal crew Volt (US Open 2012 Day) still available?