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    How do I put on a leather grip?

    I got one from TW, put it on as I would a synthetic grip, but as I feared my tendency to hold the racquet very low pulled the lowest part of the grip off the buttcap after a hitting session. Should I just redo it, but stretching it more and putting it on tighter this time? Or do I wrap it...
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    I can't figure out the deuce serve

    :confused::confused: Alright, so I can't even visualize how it's supposed to work. The serve is a left to right motion (and the racquet faces naturally opens up towards the right), so how do you get the ball to go to the left side while still having pace? Any tips on how to get this going? @_@
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    Excellent transaction with thepowerofchoice

    Racquet was as advertised, shipped promptly, and responded quickly to my (many) emails and questions. Would buy from again with confidence.
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    Safin at UCLA!

    Safin at UCLA! (with some pics and videos) Whee, so now I've met Spadea, Sampras, and Safin at UCLA. Yeah, you high schoolers know you want to come here XD Safin and his partner (anyone know who that is?) resting (with Kohlloeffel in the background). He sees something. A low fh...
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    Prince NXG Mid?

    I saw them going for cheap (they have "demo" in red near the grip though) so I picked one up. From what I've read on these boards, the NXG Mid is nothing special. I'm considering picking up another one just in case I like it, but if it's true that this racquet does nothing better than other...
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    The better returner- Blake or Agassi?

    Blake's performance yesterday really impressed me =D But being a young one who did not watch tennis more than a few years ago, I do not know how good Agassi was in his prime. All I know of is the injury prone old man (who still does relatively well). Also, Blake's opponent was on clay...
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    Gasquet and Nalbandian (3)

    o_o interesting matchup, I think. Unfortunately, I have no idea when matches are shown except that it starts 2AM pacific time... perhaps all I can do is hope I get lucky? Although most of the matches that have interested me were either early or late. No odds, because I still have no idea...
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    A question on serve mechanics!

    Okay, so you know how in a topspin serve you toss a bit to your left... I found out that it forces me to have one shoulder over the other during the serve (well, not really, but it sure feels that way). So I was wondering, am I supposed to be hitting with this kind of motion for all my serves...
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    N6.1 95 vs PS6.1 Classic?

    Since I broke my strings, I borrowed my friend's ps6.1 classic for the weekend. I warmed up and hit with the classic for, say, 45 minutes or so. Because my elbow was feeling a bit... not okay, I decided to try to use my brother's ncode, thinking it should be similar but easier on my elbow...
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    Too Headlight?

    So I've been leading up my PK Kinetic 15g by adding tape under the grip (can't put anything in the handle. Also, as a result, the sw is higher than if I used weights or something i think). I put 40 grams there. Now, if my calculations are correct, it is about 2.5 inches headlight... 20 points...
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    PK Heritage Type C?

    When I click "add to cart," I only see the mid+. Are the mids out of stock?
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    Opinions on the PK Type R?

    I'm demoing the Type R, 5g, Type S, and Fischer Pro Tour. I like the Type R the most out of those racquets... I like the crisp feel, feels solid, and has some heft and some pop. Anyone use it? What are your thoughts on it?
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    What does "classic feel" mean?

    I see this in some of the racquet descriptions, and I was wondering just exactly it meant.
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    Jumping 1hb?

    I know some 1handers do this on return of serve, but for a normal shot, does this have any use/advantage? I was watching the Rochus/Fed match, and there's a point where Rochus hits his 1 hander like how a 2 hander might jump (think safin), and it looked COOL. So cool, that I might try it...
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    I tried my friend's ProStaff Classic 6.1si today...

    wooow. I recently made a topic asking about tweener racquets, but man, I don't know about that anymore... Normally I use a sub 10 ounce Pro Kennex 15g light. Previously I tried using his ps but all I got were a few mishits =[ But today I warmed up with it, adjusting my technique a bit to...
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    What ncode is this racquet?

    Or more specifically, what's that green thing on the inside of the throat? I've never seen it on anyone else's racquet...
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    Such thing as a flexy/nonstiff tweener racquet?

    I was wondering because from my browsing of this board, it seems like 68 is considered stiff... my current racquet (PK 15g light) has a stiffness of 68, and looking at the racquets I have bookmarked for demoing later, both are also 68. Although upon looking at my bookmarks again, the lm radical...
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    I just met Spadea o_O

    I was walking back to my dorm at UCLA, passed by the LA Tennis Center, and then I see this guy talking with these girls that didn't seem the type that would have any association with a tennis player... And then I see his tennis bag. Like, eight or so racquets, all with tournagrips. I was...
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    Why did Federer... (spoilers)

    Lose? I didn't get to see the match nor did I tape it >_< Was federer having a bad day? Not enough practice? His leg bothering him? Or was Nalbandian just hitting really well? Combination of the above?
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    Pain (or is it soreness?) w/ohb

    Pain (or is it soreness?) after switch to 1hb I recently started using a one handed backhand instead of my 2hander. It's a lot of fun... it's easier to aim and I get decent pace with it. Granted, I don't have much control with it but that's expected considering the little practice I've had...
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    I just can't serve!

    Let's just say I'm starting over on my serve. What should I try to do? My serve used to be some spin and no pace, so I've been trying to flatten things out, but that doesn't seem to work. Right now I'm just holding my racquet in the backscratch position, turning my upper body, and...