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    TWU string Testing procedure questions

    I read up on the test method and tried looking around the forum but still have some questions Is there a quantifiable number to what the Fast, Medium, Slow impact speeds are during the test? Regarding : Stabilization loss...
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    Today was the first time I played with no wrist pain in a month!!!

    My friend was taking his daughter to tennis coaching and didn't have any balls with him. I showed up and whacked one of his balls that he was serving and it felt a little strange like hitting air. I picked up the ball and squeezed it and it was super soft an orange dot ball. I've heard of these...
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    Can you update the links from older posts that are giving 404 errors?

    Can you guys please fix the old links that look like It's really difficult to follow a discussion that links to these old posts. I know the data is still there just that the old style links don't work anymore. To add additional motivation...
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    Dunlop max 200g - Prostaff 85 4 1/4 or 4 1/8

    Want to try out some classics i don't think they make these in 1/8 so i'll take 1/4. I'm not a collector so prob the chicago is too expensive for me. Prostaff must be the kevlar / graphite kind, not the 100% graphite I can pickup if you're in bay area.
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    TW string database stiffness

    I noticed for many strings that have multiple swing speed and ref tension data, some of the measurements seem quite inconsistent with each other. For example with Yonex PTP the stiffness measured at 40 lbs slow is 213, while 62 fast is 188. I had assumed stiffness of the stringbed is the same...
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    Swing weight / RDC machine in Bay area?

    Does know which shops or person has an RDC / Swing weight machine around the Bay area and could measure a bunch(1 to 10) of racquets for a reasonable fee?
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    WTB Wilson Ultra Tour 18x20 (4 1/8 to 4 1/4 grip)

    Looking to buy (4 1/8 preferred 4 1/4 maybe) Looking for 1 - 3 depending on price and condition. If you know the stock SW , flex, weight, balance please include with pictures and any other details. Thanks
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    Ultra Tour or similar 18x20 (4 1/8 L1) to (4 1/4 L2) grip

    Looking for Ultra Tour 97 in 4 1/8 (preferred) Am ok with buying just 1 or more if close to matched Price should reflect quality. (Please no cracked) Also open to similar 18x20 or dense 16 by XX in 97 - 98 inch's Might accept 4 1/4 if the stock grip is thicker than 1.75mm (to be changed out)...
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    How to get racquet measurements from Tennis Shops ?

    I'm wondering how people go about this. I'm looking to buy a racquet that isn't sold at TW anymore, only a few shops still have it in my size. One never replied and the other actually told me that all racquets have the same specs listed on their site and that they have never had a racquet...