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  1. uscwang

    Monte Carlo Draw is out.

    Disappointed Nadal is not in Novak's half. And where is Thiem?!
  2. uscwang

    How many more slams for Federer, Nadal and Djokovic?

    Don't be silly. As bad as 2020 was, Novak's fans don't complain an AO, a Cincy, and a Rome title, and YE#1, in any year ever, much less during a pandemic. The way he beat the red hot Medvedev in AO final? Sweet. That he leaves Federer behind in Total Weeks at World #1? Not bad.
  3. uscwang

    Federer made a mistake...what am I missing?

    The word I have in mind is not "awful". It is not just "a player". It is Federer, whose decision about tennis gear, as well as Nadal's and Djokovic's I don't question. I only doubt those ATP players' choice of racquet who haven't won Career GS.
  4. uscwang

    Federer made a mistake...what am I missing?

    You think you know better than Federer and his team. I don't follow.
  5. uscwang

    What does Djokovic need to do in order to become a legend?

    I hope your next post won't take 11 years to upload.
  6. uscwang

    Roland Garros - Where prayers, hopes and dreams come to die. Welcome to the clay season.

    I'm interested to see how Novak performs in the last few chapters of Nadal's dominance at FO. From 2012 to 2016, Novak played close to Nadal there (winning in 2015). He was so confident that he once said something like it would be his (and others'? ) job to keep Nadal from winning a 10th FO...
  7. uscwang

    Roger Federer: ‘People still ask me about that Novak Djokovic defeat at Wimbledon’

    This is brutal. The first two MPs were on Novak's serve though. So less pressure indeed.
  8. uscwang

    Channel Slam: Greatest feat within a year other than CYGS?

    Ask a kid this question, he might say winning 3 majors in a year, or winning 3 in a row in a year. But who are we kidding here?
  9. uscwang

    Wimbledon going ahead

    Does Federer +1200 mean if I bet $1 on him and he wins, I get $12 or 13 back? It is not a bad bet. Neither is Nadal +700. In the most likely scenario, Nadal goes to London with a NEW GS record at 21 feeling super confident. And Federer super motivated to tie the record.
  10. uscwang

    Wimbledon going ahead

    Not bad. But Novak has some business to settle in Paris first.
  11. uscwang

    Is Djokovic still in his prime at 33-34?

    At RG and WTF, no. Everywhere else, yes.
  12. uscwang

    Djokovic News

    I hope after Federer, the peacemaker, left, the two feuding families in the photo kept their hands off of each other.
  13. uscwang

    Novak Djokovic jokes about the difficulty of beating Rafael Nadal at RG, says "If you have any advice, don't hesitate xD"

    Well, if Novak is to win the GS race eventually, he'll need to beat Nadal at RG once or twice more. As of now, nobody else can.
  14. uscwang

    The French are not holding back

    The French have be fearless since they were liberated.
  15. uscwang

    An "If" Thread about Fed's slam count.

    If he really said that, then he was lying. By the end of 2010, everyone knew Nadal would surpass Federer in GS titles, and likely soon. And Federer won all of 1 Wimbledon from 2011 to 2016, six years because he didn't have a target?
  16. uscwang

    Djokovic News

    Some many great memories as a tennis fan thanks to Novak Djokovic. The one that stood out for me is after Novak won the WB-USO-AO-FO Grand Slam, he was so dominant that he would still be ranked World #1 WITHOUT COUNTING the 8,000 points from GS. Analyze that!
  17. uscwang

    Djokovic News

    Of course. When Novak went to see her after winning his 1st WB and becoming World #1 for the 1st time in the summer of 2011, she told him that had his family had the means, he would have got there two years earlier. What a great coach, Jelena Gencic!
  18. uscwang

    Has Nadal had the highest peak ever at slams on average?

    AO, 9.5 for beating in-prime Federer, but not the king of Australia. FO, 20 on a scale of 0 to 10. WB, 10 for beating in-prime Federer. USO, 10 for beating the best hard court player multiple times. For comparison, Djokovic AO, 10 FO, 9 WB, 10 USO, 9.5
  19. uscwang

    Who is the best returner of all time

    Looking back at that 2011 USO semifinal, I still believe that the ball kid who didn't help Novak with his towel after MP #1 (check out the video at 0:59 to see how Federer was helped), single-handedly changed the course of tennis history. That long and lonely walk Novak had to take to get his...
  20. uscwang

    Who is the best returner of all time

    Cannot argue about the numbers. But I can argue whether returning well is still a good thing.
  21. uscwang

    No one ACTUALLY believes Wawrinka could have defeated a healthy Nadal in the 14 AO Final, right?

    I didn't think Stan had a chance against Nadal in that final, and was sorry to see Nadal injured from the get-go. And then 2017 AO final. I could have lost my house twice.
  22. uscwang

    Big 3 aside: What is the future of the ATP?

    I hope to see a change in the financial aspect of tennis such that it supports more pros and semi-pros and thereby draws more talents, from poor countries and poor families in rich countries. I also see IT, AI, and robots in particulate playing a bigger role in the tennis training. In ten...
  23. uscwang

    Guess what... New ranking system... Again...

    One, some players need help. Two, Novak's weeks at ATP #1 record needs as many asterisks as possible.
  24. uscwang

    ATP World # 1

    I think you miss the forest for a couple of leaves. Let's not go down the rabbit hole of debating who is better, a one-time major champion who has never come even close to ATP # 1, or THE ATP #1 who has never won a major title (who are we kidding, the one and only Marcelo Rios), shall we? If...
  25. uscwang

    ATP World # 1

    A little history based on Wikipedia. Nastase set the first record at 40 weeks on May 26, 1974. Less than 1 year later, Connors tied it on March 3, 1975, who then held it until setting a new record at 268 on June 27, 1983. More than 7 years later, Lendl tied it on July 23, 1990, and set a new...
  26. uscwang

    Djokovic ties Federer on 310 Weeks at No. 1 in FedEx ATP Rankings

    I haven't looked forward more to the next Monday since the week before President's Day. I'll take the freaking day off in honor of Novak's setting a new record for this century.
  27. uscwang

    Is Rafael Nadal the best big match player among the BIG 3 ?

    Best big match player: Djokovic = Nadal Best control of temper: Nadal >> Djokovic
  28. uscwang

    Djokovic did not become No.1 until Federer was 30

    I think every man wants his you-know-what as long as Federer's or Nadal's decline.
  29. uscwang

    Djokovic ties Federer on 310 Weeks at No. 1 in FedEx ATP Rankings

    He should probably have done this in 2018. But still congrats. With Fed being pushed aside, nothing is great in tennis anymore. Sad. Make Federer Great Again!
  30. uscwang

    Djokovic after RG 14 Final loss...

    True. Novak turned a corner by winning WB 14. But RG14 itself cannot compare to RG15 and RG16. What happened after RG16 was really scary to this fan. There was doubt whether Novak could ever come back. And Federer picked up 3 freaking major titles, after being limited to just 1 in the...