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  1. cozmo5050

    FS (PICS) *** Abercrombie & Fitch *** A&F (2) tennis racquets

    for sale ---(PRICE DROP)-- (PICS) *** Abercrombie & Fitch *** A&F (2) tennis racquets for sale, two Abercrombie and Fitch tennis racquets. headsize: approx 85-90 sq. in. length: 27'' strings: 16 main, 18 cross. 100% graphite? weight: 12 oz. unstrung w/ leather grip Balance: nearly even...
  2. cozmo5050

    Robkat ----- fantastic seller

    I purchased a Yonex RDS from him 1/30/07. He is a very honest seller and shipped the item very fast! I received it 2-3 days later. He also gave me 2 free sets of tennis strings. I would definitely do business with him again. THANK YOU.
  3. cozmo5050

    Arrow FS: ** Prince NXG graphite OS** racquet 4 3/8 --- $55 shipped (PICS)

    just as the title states: Prince NXG graphite OS, 4 3/8 grip, structurally sound, no cracks, warps, etc. looks great, 8/10 condition. SPECS: thin beam, 107 head size, 4 3/8th grip control racquet. Original prince replacement intact, i use a Yonex supergrap overgip on top. excellent...
  4. cozmo5050

    FS: *** Prince Experimental *** black protype racquet 4 3/8 --- $125 shipped (PICS)

    FS: *** Prince Experimental *** black protype racquet 4 3/8 --- $110 shipped (PICS) used to have two of these, but 1 sold, so only 1 left. hey guys, up for grabs: black Prince Experimental, prototype of the Prince NXG graphite. condition: conservatively rated at 8-8.5 out of 10...
  5. cozmo5050

    VOTE: help me choose---> Yonex RDS 003 VS. Babolat Pure Drive plus cortex.

    me: im 'guessing' about 3.0-4.0 player, male, early 20's , 195lbs, 5' 11'', average/athletic build. primarily baseline game, open stance, semi-western forehand, , 2hbh. been playing since 10 years old, played #1 singles in highschool, now just play about 2 times a week. i currently hit w/ a...
  6. cozmo5050

    ***YONEX Ultimium MP-5 tour midplus -----> $55 shipped***

    headsize: midplus ( 98 sq. in. ) length: 27.5 '' handle: 4 3/8'' (new Yonex SuperGrap overgrip--white) strings: 16-gauge standard synthetic gut strung @ 58lbs condition: 7.5-8/10, no cracks, warps, but shows its fair share if scuffing/wear from normal play. 100% structurally...
  7. cozmo5050

    ** "new" Babolat Pure Drive plus** VS. **Yonex RDS 003** opinions???

    ** "new" Babolat Pure Drive plus** VS. **Yonex RDS 003** i am in the market for a new toy, i cant get my hands on these 2 racquets to demo anytime soon. so i am seeking suggestions/opinions/comments from my fellow TW members. has anyone hit with either? gimme your 2cents. :mrgreen: time...
  8. cozmo5050

    BBorg ----> honest, good experience

    i sold him a racquet and it was a very simple transaction. Very good communication. Thanks ---cozmo5050
  9. cozmo5050

    any BEER connoisseurs here?

    any *** BEER *** connoisseurs here? ive picked up a hobby trying lots of different beers lately, just trying to get a reference for what people like. For example, *SoCal college kids on a budget usually throw frat parties by telling peple they have a ton of kegs.. but it's usually filled...
  10. cozmo5050

    my god, Wilson racquet names are Confusing !!!

    nSurge, nVision, nblade, nfury, nsurge open, nWTF ?? It's was easier to read Wilson's 6.2, 3.2, 5.2 numbering system, without having to open 9 tabs in firefox to figure out the new racquet specs... haahahha... anyways... has anyone hit with the ( nBlade ) or ( nPro Surge )? :mrgreen:
  11. cozmo5050

    Gamma racquets...? opinions?

    are these even sold anymore? i remember a guy on my tennis team playing with a Gamma Big Bubba oversized racquet any input..... ?
  12. cozmo5050

    For Sale: (PICS)**Volkl Quantum V1 Classic** 4 3/8, midplus, 9/10, $75 shipped.

    *SOLD*: (PICS)Volkl Quantum V1 Classic *SOLD* --- Thanks TW midplus: 102 square inches. weight: 10.6-10.7 oz unstrung, w/ 1 overgip isntalled balance: evenly balanced, slightly head light. 16 mains x 19 crosses quality all-around racquet sold only in pro shops/ authorized online dealers...
  13. cozmo5050

    wanted: ***Yonex RDX 300*** midplus or supermid (4 3/8 --> 4 1/2)

    please send me condition/info/pics/ asking price to: cozmo5050 @ hotmail . com i could send funds via paypal.
  14. cozmo5050

    **Dunlop BLACK ACE** vs **Dunlop Black Max** : is there a difference?

    just as the title states, black max, black ace, silver ace, ... how do they compare? i would like to get some clarification. :)
  15. cozmo5050

    ( see pic ) James Blake's "new school" Nike Headbands? where to buy??? i sweat like a pig, and almost after every point, i hate wiping the sting away from my eyes. where to get these sweet-looking 2-tone headbands? :mrgreen:
  16. cozmo5050

    ( see pic ) James Blake's "new school" Nike Headbands? where to buy??? i sweat like a pig, and almost after every point, i hate wiping the sting away from my eyes. where to get these sweet-looking 2-tone headbands?
  17. cozmo5050

    for Sale: Prince NXG graphite OS (4 3/8) condition 9/10 $55 shipped.

    for Sale: Prince NXG graphite OS (4 3/8) condition 9/10 $50 shipped. although i love these racquets alot, i have 3 of them, which is more than i need. i would like to sell 1 of them. $50 shipped. i have a 99.6% positive feedback from the auction site, and have done over 240+...
  18. cozmo5050

    volkl butt cap ----> into prince/wilson/head racquet ???

    just curious here, but i do notice volkl racquets feel different compared to the other brands. maybe it's just in my head but the handle feels more dampened. what is the supposed 'anti-shock' technology behind all this? is it worthwhile/has anyone tried doing a volkl butt-cap mod onto a...
  19. cozmo5050

    BEST BALLS: (Penn ATP Xd) VS. (Wilson U.S. Open XDuty) VS. (Dunlop GrandPrix XD) ??

    what are the advantages/disadvantages of each ball? i am primarily looking for balls that hold their bounce the longest.... it seems these forums everyone likes the Dunlop GP xd balls, but id like to know why. I've always played the standard Penn Extra-Duty (red/black can) tennis balls and...
  20. cozmo5050

    SIMILAR GRIP to: ---> babolat vs original?

    this is the current grip i was testing out.. and it's quite nice. a long time ago, i used to play with yonex super grap, so i gave it a shot and purchased it online(my pro shop only carried the Babolat VS). to my suprise, yonex super grab feels so rubbery and ultra tacky! i guess i got...
  21. cozmo5050

    Wanted : ** Dunlop MuscleWeave "MW" 200G **,100 sq. in. head, 4 3/8'' or 4 1/2''grip

    please email me if u have this racquet for sale/trade, condition, pics, etc. i send funds via paypal. thanks.
  22. cozmo5050

    ** Dunlop 200G **: which is the most soft/comfortable version of the frame ??

    i am interested in checking this racquet out. reading these forums people were saying the racquet was made with some impregnated expensive process which made them flexible? please let me know which model 200g it is, head sizes they come in, weight of raquet etc.
  23. cozmo5050

    Most cushioned shoe ????

    the most cushioned, comfortable shoe i have ever worn are then Reebok FigJam's. any have comments on other shoes to try ? i am considering RBK match day pumps. was wondering if other brands make a very cushion shoe.
  24. cozmo5050

    Yonex : CURRENTLY manufactured in japan ???

    just curious.
  25. cozmo5050

    CHEAP PRINTER INK source? help please...

    I have an Epson CX6400 / C86 printer, and i need to get some black ink fast. :confused: i would like to know if u guys have bought ink online from a 3rd party brand equivalent? My black ink costs $24(T044120) or hi-capacity black $36(T043120) please any suggestions? i need to have alot of...
  26. cozmo5050

    Short mens tennis players on the top 100?

    :mrgreen: just curious what the height pro's height is.
  27. cozmo5050

    I've got $500 tops. ---> which stringing machine?

    Which drop weight/ crank/ electronic do you recommend?:confused: i have an old "Czech" 6-point drop weight, but it's starting to show its age. i think it's really important to have a locking base on the fixed clamps. please give me specific models or links. There are just so many too...
  28. cozmo5050

    MAX playability: Tecnifibre Biphase OR Laserfibre Supreme OR Babolat Excel Premium?

    just as the title states, i would like the ask the more experienced guys on here what they think is the most 'near-gut' synthetic string? you can buy natural gut for about $20 bucks, so i am loolking for strings priced around $15 and under that perform closest to gut. if anyone has...
  29. cozmo5050

    what strings are HEAD Rip Control ??

    i recently bought an NXG graphite in OS, and the racquet came strung w/ the rip controls in 17g, 70lbs. plays sweet, although id probably drop it down to 60-65lbs... ---- Do you guys suggest a superior/better/cheaper alternative? im trying to find other strings like this to test out...
  30. cozmo5050

    WANTED: *** James Jensen: Ultimate set of 10 DVD's ***

    anybody have these dvds in which they are willing to part with? i want this badly. funds would be sent via paypal.