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    Cant stand Florian Mayer's serve/forehand

    we all know that Florian Mayer is a very crafty and sort of unorthodox type of player but oh by I can't stand his forehand, it looks horrible this huge wind up im so surprised he is hitting the ball well with this huge ugly preparation. His serve doesnt look nearly as bad but still looks...
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    Will someone get Jankovic some new overgrips?

    Why is her overgrip so dirty? Its almost black its kinda gross actually
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    Does Safin use Leather grip on his prestige?

    Does anyone know if safin uses leather grip or synthetic?
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    Tsonga using k factor blade 98?

    How come TW listed Tsonga using 98 blade? I know he never really used k factor tour anyways is he actually swtiching to a bigger frame cause he started sucking after all?
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    Haas's frame

    Does Haas really use specs of aerogel300? i just looked at some of the pictures of him with with aerogel 300 but his string pattern is 18x20 not 16x19. I also checked robredo's but his was 16x19 im thinking he might be using 200 with 300 paintjob. Can anyone give me more information to clarify...
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    Please help me with my Two handed backhand

    Any two-handed backhand tips are welcome at this point i have confused myself too much. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
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    Hewitt's replacement grip

    Does anyone know what kind of replacement grip hewitt is using? there are three possibilities, one is leather, two just regular synthetic or just couple overgrips. Let me know if you guys know any info about this thanks.
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    Have u seen Rolle??

    haha i just saw Rolle play against Safina on TV, she is FAT. It seems like she has a nice game but she defintely needs to be in shape.
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    Please help me Clarify on this one....

    There are bunch of new babolat racquets listed for sales on e bay coming from China for like 30 dollars a piece with 50 dollars shipping. There were lot of questions whether these racquets are fake or not. Does anyone in here know for sure if these racquets are authentic?? If it is fake, they...
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    Lee's Chance on Canas

    Hyung-taik Lee is a very solid player as you all know he had a tough match against Hrbaty today and he will face Canas in the 2nd round. What are you guys think of Lee's chance against another rock solid baseliner Canas. I love Lee's backhand its defintely one of the best one-handed Backhand in...
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    Awakward Cana's backhand

    I know most of you will probably saying right now that canas two handed backhand has won the match against federer today. But looking at this picture here(link below) he is holding his left and right hand too far to each other, how does he get fluent swing this way?? is he just flicking his left...
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    Canas's Backhand

    I know most of you will probably saying right now that canas two handed backhand has won the match against federer today. But looking at this picture here...
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    grip size by brand

    i noticed the depending on the brand grip sizes are slightly different , i noticed babolat being the biggest and yonex being the smallest? Does anyone know the actual order of grip size for all the brand? Just rank from 1 to whatever 1 being the biggest thanks
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    Which Head Liquidmetal is REAL??

    I recently purchased my Head Liquidmetal Instinct from local retail shop, and i paid 80 dollars which is same price as tenniswarehouse is selling and I wanted to get few more of these so I went to other local store to get it because this retail shop that i got my first LM instinct didnt have my...
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    Liquidmetal Instinct users??

    Any liquidmetal instinct users here? what do you like and dislike about this racquet? and how do you set it up to maxmize the performance on this racquet?
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    Another fake Babolat??

    Where are all these fake racquets coming from?? Aero pro Strike???? haha Is this for real?? Just add e b a y between cgi. and .com
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    Any pic for new APD?

    Does anyone have pic of new racquet thats supposed to come out this may for nadal?? I heard its something white and yellow
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    Whats the best setup for APD

    For Babolat Aero pro driver users out there, what setup have you had most success with? Please let me know the details(weight,location and such) I recently tried just putting weight in the handle and liked it a lot, adding weight in the handle and the head made the reacquet feel too stiff and...
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    lead inside vs outside

    putting lead inside of frame and outside from whats the differnece here? does anyone know? i saw the pic of broken racquet of murray here and saw the lead was put outside of the frame and covered with CAP. I've always put mine inside but im curious to find out what difference it will make if i...
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    new babolat aero pro drive for $65???

    on e b a y new babolat aero pro drive is on sale for only 64.99 and yes it is coming from china but still this is an unbelievable price, one differnent thing i noticed on the frame is that they have babolat holygram sticker on the outside of throat it is usually located inside (the ones that we...
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    Fernando Gonzalez racquet for sale!!

    hey guys check this out just add e b a y between cgi. and .com
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    Unofficial but heard Nadal will get a new racquet this french open

    I was told by one of my friend who has spoken to babolat rep that Nadal will get a new racquet this french. I cant really say this is official cause i cant really trust neither my friend or that babolat rep. Has anyone heard this??
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    Tony Roche's comment on Gonzo's bh slice

    Tony Roche made a comment right before the final that his backhand slice is not penetrating and i totally agree with that. I know that people have been giving him a lot of credit for mixing it up with lot of slice and off pace shots on his backhand side but it just didnt seem like he had...
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    grommets for old racquets

    does anyone in here know where i can get some grommets for Yonex Ti-50 its been discontinued for over 4-5 years and i have no idea where to get new grommets for this racquet.
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    Molik and schnyder are going out!!!

    since when they have been going out? cute couple
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    New racquet for Nadal this year?

    Will babolat come up with upgraded aero pro for Nadal this year or anytime soon?? And how long do you think Nadal will play with current model before babolat comes up with a newer one??
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    Federer using PS 85

    How many of you here think that Federer is using the PJ of PS 85 and not actually using 90sq in racquet? I think Federer was using PS 85 in his junior years because he was inspired by Pete sampras and im very positive that he is still using the ps 85 Also has anyone seen federer put lead on...
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    Serena and Venus's racquet

    Whatsup with williams sisters using ugly W line racquets? Headsize for their racquets are over 110 thats crazy, why are they using those racquets made for old grandmas?? i dont understand
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    Safin's racquet setup?

    Does anyone know what the safin's racquet setup on his prestige, i tried to search his racquet customization, didnt find anything. If anyone knows where he adds the weight, please share thank you
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    Paes stepping on his strings?

    I was watching the masters cup doubles match eariler today paes/damm vs mirny/bjorkman and i saw paes had his racquet on the court and started stepping on his strings, what does that do? does that like loosen up the string or something? just curious