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  1. Apun94

    "Nadal 'playing without any weaknesses' at Wimbledon" Nadal's coach I have honestly never heard this much confidence from Rafa's camp during a tournament, outside the clay season. That too right in the middle of the tournament. Usually, these comments come after he wins the...
  2. Apun94

    When will Djokovic lose his next match?

    With literally no opponent to trouble him in Paris and WTF, I think Djokovic will lose his next match next year. He probably goes back to winning the AO, so his next loss could actually come in Dubai or IW or even Miami. If not, then theres always Rafa in the clay season. And the funny thing is...
  3. Apun94

    Federer would have lost to McEnroe and Borg, insists Becker Tennis off season right now. I am bored. Apparently Becker is too. Says Borg and McEnroe would embarrass Fed if he played with wooden rackets. What say yall?
  4. Apun94

    Djokovic undergoes 'small medical intervention' Surprised no one posted this here, or atleast couldnt find anything here. Djokovic is being super cryptic with calling whatever he has done, 'small medical intervention'. I am not even sure what that is even...
  5. Apun94

    Andy Murray could go under the knife for continued hip problem This will further delay his 'comeback'. 2018 is not going to be his year I guess. Probably should get the surgery done if rest and medication hasnt healed his hip properly. Will miss him. A healthy Murray is a lot...
  6. Apun94

    Is this the most boring WTF for a long time, now since Nadal has withdrawn?

    They might as well give Fed the trophy right now. Honestly the rest of the field is so hopelessly weak that it seems like a 500 event in which only one big player is playing. Goffin is injured and is wayyy below par (probably saving himself for DC next week) Zvever, as good as he is atm, will...
  7. Apun94

    I miss this Murray

    Take a look at this: I know these are only highlights, and those are never a good indicator, but what strikes me the most is how good Murray can be off the FH. Look how good the depth is off his FH compared to now. And he could actually dictate some points from the FH. He cant do that these...
  8. Apun94

    Man, I wanted Ferrer to play Nadal at Wimby

    I was really looking forward to this match! Obviously, it isnt a guarantee that Nadalis going to make this far considering his last 3 Wimbys, but still... Wouldve been a good test as to how well Nadal's playing. Plus, it wouldve been good practice for him if Nadal is to have any chance against...
  9. Apun94

    Are you Nadal fans even going to bother watching Rafa vs Nole?

    Thinking of not watching it. This Nadal is just a very weak version of what we have seen from him before. And it's ok. Really. He's won it won 9 (!) times. No need to prove it all over again to anyone. Or maybe that's what i keep telling myself... Anyways... This is a washed up Nadal vs Nole...
  10. Apun94

    Forget about favourites and ENJOY the game

    Ok, this may seem like me being a self righteous *****, but please actually read what I type in all honesty. I was watching this video Check it out if you have the time. And here's what I realized. This is a beautiful game, and some players make it...
  11. Apun94

    Next 10 years are not looking that good

    This is ridiculous. Look at what has happened for the last 4 days. Absolute blowouts. I mean, this has to be the most boring start to one of the most exciting tournaments of the year. There is such a huge gap between the top guys and the upcoming guys that it now becoming boring. I used to...
  12. Apun94

    Lendl Discusses his split with Murray! Maybe more than what meets the eye??
  13. Apun94

    There's NO WAY Nadal is winning AO... Look at this. WHen have you ever heard Nadal talking about conditions like that? The last time he did that was in Madrid'12. I guess the speed must have really changed this year... Plus the...
  14. Apun94

    Nadal-Rosol in Doha!

    Nadal vs Rosol in a couple of hours. Chance for Rosol to get a great start for the year (though I dont see him winning at all). Chance for Nadal to avenge that defeat at Wimbledon. I am very surprised that this match hasnt been hyped up even a bit considering their history Hopefully Nadal plays...
  15. Apun94

    Why doesnt Nadal give too much importance to his BH?

    If you read his post match interviews, he emphasises a lot on playing with his FH, which is absolutely fine considering how good that shot is. But even if he plays horribly with his BH (which he has done all year), he doesnt seem too concerned with it and is always talking about his FH. Could...
  16. Apun94

    Rate Nadal's current HC form

    Obviously having his best HC season this year, he's playing some incredible tennis. However, I would like to disect all the technical aspects of his game, compared to 07-10: 1. His serve has improved, especially on the big points. Much better precision and speed than before. Gets him many free...
  17. Apun94

    Reason as to why youngsters aren't making a mark

    It's the general consensus that the big reason why the young ones haven't been able to make their mark, (unlike the previous generations) is because they are not physically prepared and have not matured enough to beat the top players. I, for one, dont think so. IMHO, the lack of talent is the...
  18. Apun94

    How many games is Sharapova going to win?

    Obv talking about the RG final. For me, 3 games by Sharapova. Dont think Serena's going to beat around the bush. SHe loves to destroy Sharapova and plays her best against Sharapova (not unlike Nadal against Fed). 6-1 6-2 blowout
  19. Apun94

    RG DRAW out: Rafa and Nole to meet in the semis!

    They both are in the same side of the draw, meaning Fed and Ferrer to meet in the other SF. My predictions: 1st SF: Nadal wins in 4 2nd SF: Fed in 4 (though I would love for Ferrer to go through but Fed's playing some great tennis) Final: Nadal in 3 Your predictions??
  20. Apun94

    Why didnt Fed even TRY to change tactics against Rafa? I was just watching this match and what I noticed was that Fed went to Rafa's BH about 75-80% of the time and even when the FH side was empty he kept going to the BH. Ok, that is something that does work but only if you switch and take opportunity and exploit the...
  21. Apun94

    Sharapova needs to have variety to beat Serena?

    Against almost everyone else Sharapova seems to dominate with her baseline bashing. Serena, oth, loves the pure bashing game. The players that truly trouble her are those that apply a variety of spins on the ball. I have never seen Sharapova slice the ball, honestly. Even when stretched. But...
  22. Apun94

    Proof that Nadal was not even close to best at MC Watch this...
  23. Apun94

    Nadal played better during his first 3 weeks than at MC

    First of all congrats to Nole. He deserved it, was the better player and even a peak Rafa would have to play his absolute best to beat Nole. Secondly, did anyone think that Nadal played a bit better in frist 4 weeks he played than at Monte Carlo? Especially after his loss to Zebollis, he played...
  24. Apun94

    Nadal's comeback: Should have waited another month or two

    I think Nadal was "forced" to make a comeback right now. Ideally he would have liked to take another couple of months, but considering RG in 3 months time, he had no option but to start playing tournaments now. Obviously he cares too much for RG and the clay court season and would not want to...
  25. Apun94

    Which was a better performance?

    Nole vs Ferrer SF AO'13 OR Fed vs Roddick SF AO'07 Obv both were playing ridiculous tennis in these matches. Everything they hit somehow went in. The opponents were quality... P.S. PLEASE try to be unbiased
  26. Apun94

    Why is Federer targeting Rio Olympics?

    I just dont get it. He has already said that he has already shortened his tennis schedule for the next year(s), so that he can be fit for 2016 Olympics. Now my question is, why would he want to do that. Simply put, he isnt winning gold. He will be 35 and Rio will most likely be held on clay...
  27. Apun94

    Nadal: Areas to improve?

    We all know that he has now started hitting the courts (Thank God). Obviously it will him some time to regain his full form, but since he has been away from the game for so long, what areas of his game does he need to work upon, especially regarding the fact that he needs to be more aggressive...
  28. Apun94

    The most biased crowd ever!

    I have honestly never seen such a biased crowd. Shame on the NY crowd for their behaviour during the Berdych-Federer match. I mean they were just so biased towards Fed. Whenever Berdych played a great shot the crowd there was pin-drop silence. Then whenever the poor guy made an error or DF they...
  29. Apun94

    Rafa should save his knees and skip rest of the year?

    Since he has VERY few points post USO to defend, and the way this injury just doesnt seem to go, how about Nadal skipping the last 4 months or so, give himself about a 2.5 months break and then have a go. I mean this injury (he is doubtful for USO also) seems more dangerous than all the previous...
  30. Apun94

    Nole declining because of Lack of Desire?

    Nole 2.0 obviously didnt return after January. I know there have been quite a few threads about this, but this issue hasnt been addressed enough, really. I dont know if it's just me, but Nole just doesnt seem to have the desire this year. His attitude has been very Federer-like. With that I mean...