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    when to go back to the gym?

    HI All, I used to be a gym rat, and the work out seemed to keep my knee from degrading (had meniscus surgery in 2013). However, the gyms closed in march of 2020, and when I checked them out recently, it just seems too weird to go to the gym while wearing masks, and being prohibited from using...
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    knee getting worse without going to gym during covid

    Just a rant. I had outpatient meniscus surgery on my left knee back in 2013. Knee has never been great since the surgery. However, I started going to the gym 3-4 times a week around 2014, and doing leg workouts every other visit to the gym, squats, leg extensions, hamstring curls, weighted...
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    i just read about NUsurface artificial knee meniscus in trials in the USA.

    I can't find any information on how long this NUsurface artificial meniscus is supposed to last. Has anyone hear about these implants and how well they work?
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    Pain in back of playing hand

    Hi all, I am 54 years old been playing tennis for just about all my life since I was about 12 years old. For the past month or two I’ve been getting a pain in the back of my playing hand when I play. I stopped going to the gym in March due to Covid, I wonder if that may have something to do...
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    Hit a friend in the groin, 2nd time in a year

    So we’re playing doubles yesterday, and I was at the baseline, my friend was on the opposite side of the net, I got a ball I could attack and went at his body, and unfortunately the ball went right in the groin, and he went down for about five minutes. The bad thing was, about a year ago the...
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    Push-ups and warming up

    Hi all from Covid Connecticut. Since the lockdown, I haven’t been able to go to the gym, so I’ve been doing push-ups at home, among other things. The funny thing is, I do five puships to start, and they are so hard to do. the next five is still pretty hard. But then I do about six or seven...
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    Backpain from walking to work?

    During this Covid 19 situation, I have been walking to and from my office, which is about a 17 minute walk from my house (4 times a day, because I walk home for lunch). Been doing this for about 3 weeks. Now my lower back is killing me. I am not playing tennis or going to the gym anymore...
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    doubles with a partner who is not playing well

    I play twice a week on 2 season courts (indoor tennis in New England). All the guys are nice guys. But a few are getting older, injured, and just not playing well. Anyhow, I played with one of the older guys recently, and we got creamed, 6-1, 6-0. My partner missed many, many easy shots that...
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    best weight training work out plan for tennis

    Hi, just curious if anyone has a weight training work our plan that keeps their tennis game going! I am 54 years old, had meniscus knee surgery in 2013, and this seems to be working for me: 2 day split upper body day bench press (warm up 20 reps with bar, 10 reps with 95 lbs, 10 reps 135...
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    Losing makes me not enjoy tennis, help!

    I have been playing tennis for about 45 years, i am 54 and a recreational player. I lost a very competitive Usta mens 4.0 double matchtoday, great points, nice opponents, but i feel like i did not enjoy myself because we lost. Any tricks or strategies so I can enjoy tennis even when I...
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    hit someone in the head, feel bad

    So last night we had a doubles match. We are 4.0 men's, and it was good tennis. We won the first set 6-1, second set we were up 5-2, but then the other team started coming back and they even it up at 5-5. anyhow, somewhere around 5-4 or 5-5, we had an intense rally, with at least 3 of us at...
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    Help, cannot find my string, Pro Supex Ultra Spin 17g

    so, I broke the strings on my racket, and went in my garage and was all out of Pro Supex Ultra Spin 17g. No problem, I will just go online and buy some more. Well, no one seems to carry it anymore. The entire Pro Supex line of strings seems quite diminished in the USA. Can anyone tell me...
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    How hard to grip racket?

    Today I played my doubles match. But I had a blister in my right palm Due to using a screwdriver too much over the weekend, and creating and then tearing open a blister. Anyway, to minimize the pain from the rackets moving about in my hand, I gripped the racket extra hard. My forehand ground...
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    I fell down, correct ruling?

    So yesterday we were playing a 4.0 – men’s doubles match. During one of the points I fell down as I was changing positions, my partner was able to get to the ball and hit it back, about this time I was able to pop back up,the opposing team then hit the ball out. The opposing team says that...
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    I was in the Zone! I have no idea why?

    Wednesday I played the best tennis possibly in my life. Assuming I am better now at 52, I am bigger (and fatter) and stronger, then I was when I was kid at 17 (and on the high school tennis team), I was serving my first serve harder and more accurately, my second serve had a lots of kick and...
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    Still wearing contacts, should I switch to Rx Glasses?

    HI All, I have been wearing contacts while playing tennis since the 1980's. In the past 6 months or so, the balls does not look as sharp as it used to. I am 52 years old. I got a new eye exam last week, and one of my eyes gets a contact (daily wear) that has an astigmatism correction, the...
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    Aerobics before or after weights?

    hi all. I normally do 25 minutes on the elliptical trainer, and then around 45 minutes of weight training. My wife told me that her trainer told her the cardio should come after the weight training. What say you all?
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    50 year old, 250 lbs, starting to run again

    Hi all, I am 50 Years old 250 lb, doubles tennis player. Had arthroscopic meniscus surgery on left knee 3 years ago . Little history, in high school played on tennis team, was 5'10.5" and about 128 lbs my senior year. Took up running in college, ran houstoun marathon in 4:11, 24 years ago...
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    Head agassi radical 690 cm2, what is recommended tension?

    hi all. I have to restring my old head agassi radical racket, but i sold my stringing machine and documents that listed the recommended tension. I can't remember the recommended tension, please help!!! I have been searching the internet to no avail. Thanks!
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    Switching to a 2 handed backhand due to elbow pain

    hi all, I've had golfers elbow for nearly a yeat, seen a doctor, had physical therapy. Elbow a bit better but hurts when i hit a 1 handed backhand. Today i tried a 2 hand backhand and no pain. My 2 hander is awkward, but started to improve after only an hour or so. Am i going to regret the...
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    heated USTA match

    So I recently played a usta men's double match. in the middle of the first set, the opponent questioned two of our calls--I had called two close serves out. They looked out to me. My partner didn't overrule me. one of the opponents was mumbling under his breath, something about "hooking...
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    tennis bag on bench?!?!

    So I play with nice group of guys. Invariably, one or two of them will put their tennis bag on the single bench on our court. I often like to sit down to tie my shoes or take a drink, but the tennis bag is in the way. What I started doing is simply moving the bag to the ground. What do...
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    rotator cuff and serving underhand?

    HI All, I just had an appt with a doctor about my shoulder, and he wants me to do physical therapy for a month, to see if my shoulder gets better. He had Xrays taken. He says I have shoulder impingement related to rotator cuff issues. Anyhow, i told him i play tennis, and he claimed...
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    arthroscopic meniscus surgery--6 weeks to tennis?

    HI All, I am 47 years old, 240 lbs, 5'11", had arthroscopic knee surgery first week in June for a torn meniscus. Been going to physical therapy since (and a little before the surgery). Stairs still hurt a bit (both going up and down). But I really want to start playing doubles tennis...
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    Tennis in San Diego North County

    HI All, We are considering moving to San Marcos, CA. Anyhow, I have been searching online, and have not found very many tennis clubs in San Marcos, just one outdoor public facility. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places. But my question is: Is there a lot of tennis in the San Marcos area...
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    mental issues

    So, I was playing in my 4.0 league yesterday. It is about 7 guys who have a weekly court, and we rotate players, of the 4 players scheduled to play on a particular night, the player with the best record teams up with the player with the worst record, and the players with the 2nd and 3rd best...
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    used Klippermate stringer for sale $90

    Klippermate tennis racquet stringing machine. Bought new for about $160, used to string about 10-20 of my own racquets. Comes with all tools and accessories: two vice grips, awl, string pliers, string holder. $90 plus actual shipping cost. Email. Quality 9/10
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    Tennis after breast implants?

    Hi All, My wife is getting treated for breast cancer. ONe of the options is to have a double mastectomy with breast implants under the chest muscles. Supposedly women are supposed to be fine to play tennis after healing up after such surgery. I would love to hear any first hand experiences...
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    played a pusher on Tuesday!

    He is 25 years older than me! And just about every ball he got a racket on, came floating back to me. I had to play in "no man's land" because his balls had no power. In fact I lost a few points because I expected his balls that bounced past the service line would get to me, standing a couple...
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    rules question

    Hi. My wife had an intersting thing happen at her doubles match. she was receiving serve, her partner called a serve out, then changed her call to in, my wife also said "in" and returned the ball. opponent played the return but hit it out. so, did the point end immediatley upon the changed...