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  1. Nadal15thslam

    Nadal and WTF

    Is this the best chance for Nadal to win the WTF? Usually he has some type of injury or is very tired by the end of the season. This year it's not the case because very few tournaments will be played in the coming months. What do you think?
  2. Nadal15thslam

    Highest level of tennis

    Who is the player that played the highest level of tennis and in what match? Djokovic vs Nadal Doha 2016? What do you think?
  3. Nadal15thslam

    Favourite racquet

    What's the racquet that you play the best tennis with (win the most matches, place the shots exactly where you want)? For me it is the Babolat Aeropro Drive Gt 2010. When I play with that thing it feels like cheating, most of the shots go as intended and the feel is just right. I like my other...
  4. Nadal15thslam

    Pliskova's racquet

    Does anyone know what is the thing on Pliskova's racquet throat and if it helps her in any way? It annoys me every time I see it.
  5. Nadal15thslam

    Nadal: "Sometimes people from some countries don’t understand tennis"

    "Sometimes people from some countries, they probably don’t understand how the tennis goes. They think it’s about football. Atmosphere in tennis is different. At some point, the respect with small part of the crowd have not been there.” What do you all think about what he said? Do you agree?
  6. Nadal15thslam

    Reasons why Medvedev will try to win

    Money. As simple as that. He wants to count his millions like Tomic.
  7. Nadal15thslam

    Nadal has...

    The most weeks as either no 1 or no 2 in the world. That is an impressive stat, don't you think?
  8. Nadal15thslam

    Head pt57a

    Is it as good as they say? How much would you pay for one? (Victor Hanescu's personal racquets to be more specific- romanian player, former world no 26). I am interested in buying a pt57a but I want to be sure the price is fair.
  9. Nadal15thslam

    Reasons for Medvedev's success

    Other than his improved mentality his forehand is so much better compared to 2018. I've seen some highlights of Chung vs Medvedev and the difference is striking. The depth of his shots is also better, he used to hit a lot of short balls. What's your take on his ultron mode?
  10. Nadal15thslam

    Conversion rate at slams

    I've tried to find it but didn't. Does anyone know how many GS did each of the big 3 play? For example let's say Roger entered 43 Gs and won 20.(I don't know the exact number of slams he's played)
  11. Nadal15thslam

    Question for Rafa fans

    Who do you support in the final? If Federer wins he'll have 21 slams and it would be harder for Rafa to surpass him. If Djokovic wins he'll have 16 slams, just 2 shy of Rafa's 18. Thoughts?
  12. Nadal15thslam

    Hair GOAT

    Which ATP player has the best hair?
  13. Nadal15thslam

    Who is greater now?

    Djokovic or Sampras? Who is the greater player now? Novak has won all the slams at least once. Sampras doesn't have any trophy at Rg but has 14 Gs in total.
  14. Nadal15thslam

    Fanny Stollar fan club

    She is a young and promising player from Hungary, who's in?
  15. Nadal15thslam

    Checkmate vs JMR

    Which is the GTTWP(greatest ttw poster)?
  16. Nadal15thslam


    100!! Nadal has the most bagels among active players. Another reason why Nadal is epic @MichaelNadal
  17. Nadal15thslam

    Some facts about Nadal

    He has missed 14 Grand Slams due to injuries and has played 21 Slams less than Federer, yet he is only 4 slams behind him and 5 years younger. Just think about this and tell me with a straight face that Federer is "much better" than Nadal. In my opinion, they are at least equal. Discuss. These...
  18. Nadal15thslam

    Isn't this false advertising?

    Just saw a post on facebook where Wilson says that Raonic uses the Countervail technology in his blade racquets for some time. If that is not true, it is clearly false advertising for me. It wasn't mentioned any word like "endorse". It was just a pure lie
  19. Nadal15thslam

    Don't you want Nadal back?

    Every time Nadal loses a match I just want the real Nadal, 2010 version of him to be more precise to come and destroy this 2016 weak field. Anyone else feels the same?
  20. Nadal15thslam

    Racquet head shape

    Today I tried my friend's racquet, Head Extreme Pro and I can say I enjoyed the feel of it but I also couldn't stand the headshape. While it is an 100 sq in racquet, it fees like a 95 or even smaller. It feels quite a bit smaller than my pure aero. Before the Pure Aero my main racquet was the...
  21. Nadal15thslam

    Are the Aero Storms good?

    Here, in Romania, I can buy at a local tennis shop the Aerostorm or Aerostorm Tour for 122 €, brand new of course. Is it a good racquet and price? I see a lot of pros are using it.
  22. Nadal15thslam

    Need to decide today...

    What should I buy for Christmas? Yonex Ezone Dr 98, Wilson Blade 98 18×20 or Babolat Pure Drive?
  23. Nadal15thslam

    Help me choose a racquet

    I want a new racquet for Christmas and I don't know what to choose. I have a 2 handed backhand and a semi western forehand grip, but hit at a flatter trajectory like Djokovic. I am more of a baseliner and after doing a lot of research here, I want to choose between the Babolat Pure Aero and...
  24. Nadal15thslam

    One racquet from each brand

    If you had to choose to play with only one racquet from each brand, what would it be? 1.Babolat- 2.Wilson- 3.Head- 4.Prince- 5.Yonex- 6.Dunlop- 7.ProKennex- 8.Volkl- 9.Dunlop- 10.Tecnifibre- 11.Pacific- 12.Becker
  25. Nadal15thslam

    Tried a 1st generation Pure Drive, big shock

    Today I tried my friends pure drive original, the one without cortex. Before this the only pure drive i hit with was the pure drive gt 2009, which felt like a frying pan with a lot of vibration. It was not the case with the pure drive original. It even felt soft and overall a very nice feel...
  26. Nadal15thslam

    Soft racquet with power good for 2 handed backhand

    I played with my apd again yesterday after using the six one 95 18*20 for some time and even if i liked it a lot, the feel seemed to be worst than i remember with a lot of vibration. I din't have any arm problems, I even used my apd gt with full rpm blast at 27 kg, pure drive also with full...
  27. Nadal15thslam

    Weighted up tweener

    If I lead, an aeropro drive to 330 grams unstrung and 8 points head light balance, would it still be a tweener or a players frame? For example I wouldn't exactly call Tsonga's apd a tweener, it is more of a player's frame. What do you think and what is your preference? Weighted up tweener or...
  28. Nadal15thslam

    Player's racquets = high powered, not low powered

    At least my six one 95 18×20 has a lot of power, and I say this coming from an apd. I remember my first hitting session with my six one that I had a little trouble controlling my shots because it had a lot of power. I hear a lot of "low powered player's frame" on this forum, but they actually...
  29. Nadal15thslam

    Cheater racquet

    Have you ever felt when playing with a specific racquet like you are cheating? For me it was the Pure Drive(especialy the serve)
  30. Nadal15thslam

    Best racquet = first real racquet you use

    I started with a pure drive junior, than an aeropro drive and now a wilson six one 95 18×20. Even if I started to be more comfortable with the wilson, i still play my best tennis with my apd. When i pick it up it feels like i am at home : just perfect. All my shots are adapted to the apd and i...