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    RG 2020 - 1st Round - Mmoh vs Herbert

    1st set 6-3 to Herbert, and Mmoh losing his serve early in the 2nd set. Looks like Mmoh is lost out there, keeps on playing bad drop shots and getting killed.
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    Best Gym Bag: Nike, Adidas, etc... ?

    I am looking for large size bag for the gym, mainly for storing clothes, towels, water etc... Can anyone recommend a well constructed and practical bag? I would like at least 2 extra pockets (zippered). I am not partial to any brand. Thanks.
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    Is Wimbledon overrated?

    I am happy for Federer to win his 8th Wimbledon and his 19th slam, amazing record! However, I am overall very disappointed with this tournament. Federer won it without breaking a sweat, without losing a single set, it was a complete walk in the park. I can remember only two memorable matches...
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    McEnroe not giving credit to Muguruza for her win

    I was surprised to hear McEnroe commenting for the BBC yesterday trying to downplay Muguruza's win. At the start of the match he said Venus will win, and she has so much experience, it's a done deal! 1 hour later with Muguruza bageling Venus in the 2nd set, McEnroe was speechless. He said very...
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    Poor Murray ... at French Open 2017

    Watching Murray being bullied by an injured M. Klizan in 2nd round of French Open. Who will first resurrect the popular "Poor Murray got destroyed again..." thread? And when will Murray get destroyed again in this tournament?
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    Poor Murray got destroyed... again!

    It is sad for professional men's tennis to have such a weak #1... Murray is ranked #1 but doesn't play like a real #1. Last week loses in QF in MC, this week loses in semis in Barcelona. Well played Thiem btw, but I don't recall great #1s like Sampras, Federer, Nadal, Djokovic losing so early in...
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    2017 Monte Carlo QF Pouille-Cuevas

    Anyone watching this? Match just started and Pouille already 3-0 up. Who will win?
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    The Roger and Rafa appreciation thread! The future of tennis looks bright.

    After watching the final at the AO 17 earlier today, I was overjoyed for several reasons: first, Roger managed to make it 18 and this is very special, after so many years (4.5 years to be precise), and second this was a match , a battle between the two best competitors in tennis for the past...
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    The Volkl Super G Mid 330 Thread

    So, I've been intrigued by this new Volkl racquet since it came out, and I have not had a chance to hit with it yet. I have been playing with many generations of volkl, dating back to the original C10 pro fishnet and C10 mid, and next moved to the Tour 10 mid, VE mid, DNX mid and now O10mid. I...
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    Volkl DNX 9

    Looking for a pair of these in 8/10 or better, grip 3 preferred. Email with pics to
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    Should Wimbledon move to a different surface than grass?

    This sounds like blasphemy, but really I cannot believe I am watching the courts at Wimbledon right now which look like a dried out soccer pitch. You start on actual grass the first few days and by QFs you play on some hybrid court in between grass and clay... It is not a grass court anymore...
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    The Rosol-Darcy-Klizan Trilogy of Nadal's nightmares at Wimbly

    I am watching this match between Nadal and Klizan, and I can't help thinking about the previous two early Nadal exits at Wimbledon... The match is not finished yet, true, but Nadal is struggling again. What's going on with Nadal on grass these days? Not even mentioning his surprising lost...
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    WTB: Volkl DNX 9

    Looking for the DNX 9 in good to very good condition (8-9/10). Grip 3/8 preferred. email to Thx.
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    Soft and low powered poly. Advice needed...Andy?

    I need to restring my Yonex Vcore Tour 97 (330), and I want to tame down the power of the racquet while keeping very good control and spin. Because I tend to prefer a flexier and softer feel, I have decided to not string this slightly stiff racquet above 50lbs. After reading several reviews on...
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    UFC 167: GSP vs Hendricks

    On the of the biggest event in the UFC history. What do you guys think of the fight, and of the trash talk of Dana White at the end of the fight...?
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    You cannot be serious...?

    Is this insane or what? I just wanted to share this link with you guys, someone selling this so called Murray personal racquet for a crazy crazy price... Ridiculous. To be frank, this guy doesn't deserve any publicity, but it thought it should be shared with fellow TTers...
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    Nightmare at the Tomics...

    French tennis player Thomas Drouet trained with Bernard and lived with the Tomic in Australia. He tells his nightmare living in the same house as John Tomic... Shocking...
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    Nole and the magical cure from the Curse...

    Nole has been known to lack stamina in several matches prior to 2011. He has been said to be asthmatic as well which gave him problems to breath. In a recent article in the New Yorker, he explains the story of how he got cured of his symptoms and managed to become stronger and nearly invincible...
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    WTB. Becker 11 MID L3

    Looking for a couple of BB 11 mid in L3. Very good condition preferred, little scratch or chips, around 9/10. Willing to trade for other sticks ( BB Melbourne for ex.) if interested. Thanks. Email me with pics to
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    Volkl Organix MID

    Looking for a couple of Organix mid in L3. Very good condition preferred, little scratch or chips, around 9/10. Willing to trade for other sticks ( BB Melbourne for ex.) if interested. Thanks.
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    FS/FT: Becker Melbourne 9.5/10, L3

    I have 3 Melbournes in great condition, little used that I rate at 9.5/10. Sticks are strung with lots of life left in the strings. Grip 3. Would like to trade for Volkl organic 10 mid, L3 in similar condition, or for Donnay x series 94, either Black, Platinum or possibly red+ (heavier...
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    Hitting partners in Palo Alto / Stanford

    I used to live in the area when I was a student, but now all my old tennis partners have moved out. I will be back to Stanford during June and July and I'd like to find someone to practice with. I am 5.0, so if you are 4.0 to 5.5 and above, it should be fun. Happy to play doubles too.
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    WTB: Kneissl Tom's Machine

    Looking for a couple of Tom's Machine 27.5 in, in L3 or L4, and in 8/10 or better condition. Any versions welcome.
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    Is Janowicz a bad sport?

    I used to think J.J. was a fun player to watch and that he was bringing something new and interesting to the game. However, after watching more of his matches lately and especially the Gasquet match in Rome, I am starting to think: this guy stinks... his attitude is not exactly what one would...
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    Rafa on Gulbis... hilarious!

    Rafa interviewed today in Rome after beating Gulbis in 3 sets: "Gulbis is an amazing player but he needs to calm down because he asking the umpire to come down to check my balls too many times, and I don't like it when somebody checks my balls...." :) :) :) We love you Rafa!
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    Yone RD-7 L2 or L3

    Hi! looking for a couple Yonex RD-7 in 4 1/4 (L2) or 3/8 (L3) grip. Email me with pics to Thx.
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    WTB: Yonex RD-7 L2 or L3

    Hi! looking for a couple Yonex RD-7 in 4 1/4 (L2) or 3/8 (L3) grip. Email me with pics to Thx.
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    FS: Head Pro Tour 630

    For sale a rare Head PT 630 Made in Austria! Those are super rare as you all know, and still considered as maybe the best MP ever. The closest thing to a Head Pro stock PT57A. Enough said... Grip 4 3/8, the racquet is in excellent condition. The racquet has been used mildly as it was a...
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    FS: Kneissl White Stars 2006

    For sale Kneissl White stars yellow stripe 2006 (x2) (Connoisseurs will know these are highly sought after, and rare...) These are the beautiful White Stars, 4 3/8 grip size. The white stars are great sticks, slightly stiffer than the Red star, but they are easy to play control sticks, and...
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    FS: Kneissl Red stars yellow stripe

    For sale Kneissl Red stars yellow stripe 2006 (x2) (Connoisseurs will know these are highly sought after, and for a good reason...) These are the beautiful flexi Red Stars, 4 1/2 (but feels smaller) grip size. The racquets are in excellent condition, little play time and no visible wear...