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  1. NRMM

    Control strings and setups for Yonex

    Would VS Touch mains at 53 and 4G crosses at 51 be a good option to control high(er) launch angles from a Yonex VCORE 98 which has a 16x19 open string pattern? What has been your experience with control oriented setups on Yonex ? Full beds of RPM Blast, Solinco Confidential, Tecnifibre Red...
  2. NRMM


    Do you guys know which Yonez overgrips are most similar to Wilson Pro overgrips ?
  3. NRMM

    Can I pick your brains please :-)

    45 yrs old club level player, 3.5-4.0 NTPR. Double handed forehand and backhand, aggressive play style, mostly doubles these days. I've always played with extended length racquets with larger head sizes. Started with Yonex back in the golden days ( LOL ) then always played with Wilson Blades...
  4. NRMM

    Advice on new Blade

    Hi guys, I currently play with Blade 104 v6 which according to TW is 5HL, 318 SW. Since I play double handed forehand and backhand the 27.5 length does really help as well as the 104 head size. In the past I gave SW104 v6 a try but it felt too cumbersome at the net and adjusting to the extra 0.5...
  5. NRMM

    Gut and poly

    Hey guys 2 quick questions 1) full bed of 4G Soft at 50lbs vs Gut/4G Soft 53/51 : which combo in theory offers more power, let's say on serves ? 2) Gut: which one, to your experience, has the stiffest feel and control, the least trampoline feel , muted? Cheers
  6. NRMM


    Hey guys any of you have experience with recording matches indoors with a GoPro? Wanted to give it a try on a doubles match with some mates but not sure the best / most recommended setup ...
  7. NRMM

    Winter - alternative to gut mains

    Hi guys, my setup is lux nat gut/4g SOFT at 56/54 and I live it very much specially after a couple of sessions and it becomes slightly softer; however, as I play on astroturf in the UK, with the winter coming we get a lot of damp conditions as the courts do retain some rain, balls get wet and...
  8. NRMM

    Question on Clay shoes - Nike

    Hey guys Wondering if could share some info on which Nike Clay tennis shoes have the finest and more dense herringbone structure, allowing greater traction? Is it Cage, Zoom Zero, Zero X ? Thanks!
  9. NRMM

    Best traction

    Guys which Nike Clay tennis shoes offers in your view the best traction ? I mean with the most agressive herringbone sole? I’m planning to give them a try on AstroTurf as I’m sick and tired of trying to find a Nike Omni or grass pair of tennis shoes - thanks!!!
  10. NRMM

    Really struggling

    I posted this request for help a while ago but it was slightly inconclusive. I play mostly on artificial grass and I find grass tennis shoes to give a really good grip even in slighter slippery humid courts.. however it’s just insane how difficult is it to find NIKE grass tennis shoes. So my...
  11. NRMM

    Suggested Tension Gut/4G_SOFT

    Recently, off recovering from a mild tennis elbow I settled my wilson 104 blade well on sensation/element at 55/52. I wanna try a new setup, bringing back my all time fav poly which is 4G but the SOFT one which is a tad higher in terms of stiffness but the tension maintenance and muted feel is...
  12. NRMM

    TE need advise please..

    Guys, need your advise please. I've been playing really well for the past few months after testing a few variations on wilson blade, strings (always poly), etc So in summary, I'm really happy with the current racquet and it setup.. it's wilson blade 104 (last model), it has been customised with...
  13. NRMM


    I live in the nothern part of the UK and when it gets chilly at night I struggle with some of my equipment.. either feels too bulky or then still feel the cold... is there any baselayers you'd recommend as well as leggings to wear under shorts? Sometimes if gets to zero degrees pretty much...
  14. NRMM

    Would these shoes be fine ?

    I'm struggling with finding omni (or grass) tennis shoes that I like to replace my grass vapour 9.5 - I play mostly on astroturf and traction is a big thing for me. Do you think these could work as I like them and they seem to have the right sole or do they miss key properties like lateral...
  15. NRMM

    Which have the better grip on AstroTurf?

    I play most of my matches on AstroTurf which isn’t very thick and has just some sand over.. when it’s humid it tends to be slippery.. which one of these tennis shoes would you recommend for better grip and speed? Currently I’m playing with grass Nike shoes and it’s fine although I’ve read that...
  16. NRMM

    Lead tape on Blade 104 ?

    hi guys I just moved back to a blade 104 2017 as the SW104 proved just too unmaneuravable and cumbersome.. before the sw104 I was also playing with the blade 104 but the 2015 version. I prefer the 2017 version better, seems a tad more stable and heavier as it also seems by the specs. However I...
  17. NRMM

    WANTED: Wilson Blade 104 Grip 2 (2017 version)

    Grip 2 (4 1/4) 2017 Model Condition: 9 out of 10 I'm based in the UK Pvt msg me here
  18. NRMM

    Wilson SW 104 (Serena Williams edition)

    Item Description : 2x Wilson Blade SW104 Autograph Countervail Tennis Rackets (bought in December last year) Grip Size: 2 (4 1/4) Quantity: 2 Head Size: 104" Condition (x out of 10): 9 *Specific Time Used: circa 20 hours each (if not less) *General Description: Very good condition, frames strung...
  19. NRMM

    Customising SW104

    I play with a SW104 and I'm thinking of ways to reduce the swinghweight a bit, in order to improve the manoeuvrability (specially for doubles or net play). I thought of removing the bumper guard (not sure how much it weights) and then put on a saver tape.. what do you think? Any other options...
  20. NRMM

    28" racket

    I always used wilson pro comfort or feel on my wilson blades but not that I'm using the sw104 any of these overgrips come there wilson overgrip reels or are there any brands that have the right length for extended rackets?
  21. NRMM

    Shoes acrylic courts (indoor)

    Hi guys, quick one - when buying tennis shoes best suited for acrylic courts (indoor), is the recommendation to buy "carpet" tennis shoes ?
  22. NRMM

    Wilson SW104 and Blade bag

    1 wanted grip 2 in excellent condition as well as blade bag. UK.
  23. NRMM

    Ripsin 17

    hi guys for those who played with ripsin and since it's now discontinued, to which string have you moved to? I was trying TW similar strings tool but ripsin is no longer on the list - cheers
  24. NRMM

    Tension for Wilson Revolve 17 in Wilson SW 104

    Wilson Revolve 17 White - I was thinking 55 given the SW 104 racquet specs (28 lenght, 18x19, 104sqi, 340sw as well as recommended 50-60lbs). Is that too tight? I am a 4.0 all court player with powerful double handed forehand and backhand. Thanks!
  25. NRMM

    Thoughts on trying an hybrid

    hi guys - inward just reading the Poly hybrid thread and I was just wanted to ask your thoughts. I’ve always played with full beds of polys, Adrenaline, Alu, and more recently Revolve 17 and Babolat Pro Hurricane 17. Always at 55lbs. I play with the the extended medium-high sw, tight 18x19...
  26. NRMM

    After hitting my new baby Wilson SW104

    hi guys, just wanted to share this with you since some of you have been helping me with the transition from the Wilson Blade 104 (2015) with Revolve 17 to the Wilson SW104 with Babolat Pro Hurricane 17. Always at 55lbs. I'm 40, I play double handed forehand and backhand, I like to go for my...
  27. NRMM

    Alternative Revolve Spin 17

    Hi guys I've been playing with wilson revolve spin 17 on my wilson 104 team and I really enjoy it as it gives me the control I need with low power and its comfortable. What would be the most similar "un-coloured" string ie natural or similar (white excluded). Cheers
  28. NRMM

    Wilson upgrade

    hi guys - I currently play with a wilson blade 104 from 05 (I think). these are the specs: lenght 27,5" head size 104sqm Weight (unstrung): 289g SW 304 8HL 18x19 I like the extended length because it gives me the extra reach as I play two-handed forehand and.. backhand. I also believe the...
  29. NRMM

    Wilson upgrade

    hi guys - I currently play with a wilson blade 104 from 95 (I think). these are the specs: lenght 27,5" head size 104sqm Weight (unstrung): 289g SW 304 8HL 18x19 I like the extended length because it gives me the extra reach as I play two-handed forehand and.. backhand. I also believe the...
  30. NRMM

    Am I having a mental block?

    Guys.. I play with a wilson blade 104 (2015) and I had them strung with Luxilon Adrenaline for about 2 years at 55lbs (full bed). Just because I felt it was time to get the racquets restrung I got them on head Velocity on crosses 53 head Sonic Edge on mains 55 I'm having no control whatsoever...