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  1. mucat

    Durable multi for main?

    Are there any durable multi for main? How long can they last? I do swing kind of hard (with spin) and I do break string, however, with recent arm problem, I really have no choice but to try full multi setup. Any recommendation? Thanks in advance!
  2. mucat

    Wii Grand Slam Tennis

    I just got the game (Yes, I am a little behind). Fantastic tennis game. I haven't register to EA yet so I just play online as guest. But maybe we can add our user name here so we can hit some tennis when it is raining or snowing outside. Edit: So I register to EA Online, the same username in TW.
  3. mucat

    Carnivore Support Group

  4. mucat

    Evolution Explained I found this easy to understand.
  5. mucat

    Where to get prince boomerang tool now?

    Prince email is unavailable and TW doesn't seem to carry it anymore. Thanks.
  6. mucat

    How you guys handle topspin high and deep the FH corner

    High ball to the corner of FH side, after you get to it, it is usually head or above head height running away from you because of the topspin and pace. Will never be fast enough to get complete behind the ball. I usually just hit a topspin shot back to the middle (high %) or deep x-cross (lower...
  7. mucat

    Just order the LM Rad OS and Rad LE.

    Couldn't resist. The big auction site have them cheap and I just ordered one each. I have been using tiRad OS and iRad OS, love them both for different reasons and the power level is so similiar I can use both of them as my main rackets. From the specs., it looks like the LM Rad is even more...
  8. mucat

    Buying computer stuffs from US to Canada

    Anyone knows how much custom do I have to pay? Thanks
  9. mucat

    Terry Wrist Attack...
  10. mucat

    I need ludicrous cushioned shoes

    I have knee problem and I need a pair of new shoes to get ready for summer tennis again. I wear CT1001 before and MDP current. What about the new Reebok MP? CT1002? Reebok NetMaster II? New Balance CT 780? I know this two are on sale but do they provide maximum cushioning compare to other...
  11. mucat

    My second child

    It is a girl!! Jan 19, 07 6:26am. It's been busy for the past couple weeks. I forgot how small they were (and my first one is only 3 1/2).
  12. mucat

    She's chopping broccoli

    might see it before but still good.
  13. mucat

    Using a Level for drop weight machine?

    I am thinking of tying (maybe rubber band?) a level on the rod of the drop weight machine. You guys think it is a good idea? I think as long as I can find a level small and light enough and tying it close to the pivot point, the weight increase by the level should be negligible. Then I don't...
  14. mucat

    Funny video if you understand...
  15. mucat

    Any reason why I shouldn't get SP Swing?

    I have finally decided to get a string machine. Since right now, I will probably only string for myself only. I will only string 2-3 times a year because currently I only play during summer; Or if I join a club and play year round, maybe 6-8 times a year. I decided the SP Swing is the more...
  16. mucat

    Just goy my MDP(x2), NB544 from TW!!

    Got, hmmm.... Came quicker than I thought!! Hooray for TW and USPS! FYI, I am currently wearing, I mean I am not wearing them right right now, but currently...Also, I have heel pain and knee problem. I bought 2 MDPs (Navy/Blue and White/Citra). Wooooh, they ARE heavy to carry...
  17. mucat

    Eastern FH player, rejoice!

    I use eastern FH grip even since I play the game... About a couple months ago, I was thinking about changing to SW, so somehow, subconsiously, I shifted toward SW, hitting ok with it but loss accuracy (expected for a new grip). After I play with this in-between grip for a while, I don't like...
  18. mucat

    It is a win situation

    Nadal got to the final where no one expected him to go this far. Federer won it to go up to 4 straight titles. Us fans finally see a rivalry between two of the best players.
  19. mucat

    Crazy ducky incident today

    Today, off work go back home and out again, I was driving with my wife and my daughter on a highway and stopped in front of a redlight. To my right, there were construction site, because of the rain for the pass couple days and earlier today, no one was working there. There were puddles of water...
  20. mucat

    With the misconceptions about asian tennis player...

    With the recent misconceptions about asian tennis players and asians in general. Hope this will clear some of the misconceptions and will provide helpful information to TW members.
  21. mucat

    How to add more power to twist serve

    How to add more power to twist serve? Now I have my twist serve match ready (don't have to practice for an hour everytime to re-learn it everytime). I wonder is there a way to make it more powerful (speedy). I am tossing more into the court already, I have use better weight transfer (back...
  22. mucat

    What is the most cushioned shoes currently?

    I heard New Balance is good, how about the top of the line CT1001? What about Asics Gel shoes? What about Diadora, I heard good thing about them too? How about other brands?
  23. mucat

    How hard should I swing for 1st serve and 2nd serve??

    I was thinking the other day, if pros current serving 120mph to 140mph, I should NOT aim for those kind of speed. Afterall, I am no pros and I am not as strong as pros, even if I have good technique. If I swing at close to 100%, my serve is probably at least 100mph+. However, swing at 100% is...
  24. mucat

    I was holding the hammer the other day...

    The other day I was assembling my new IKEA furniture, after adding the finishing touch to nail the cardboard with my hammer. I was holding the hammer, thinking, hmmm, it is kind of heavy, swing it around a bit, thinking it is too heavy to be a racket for sure. Then I look down and I saw 16oz...
  25. mucat

    Accelerate right before contact for serve?

    I am practicing my serve religiously this season. When I started play tennis again last season, I had a 2.0 serve. Against anyone my level (~3.5-4.5), it is a liability. This summer, I finally got a serve, the kick serve. About a month ago, I learned a really violent way to swing the racket to...
  26. mucat

    Guess and Anticipation

    As usual, this saturday morning, I went to the nearby court to practice my serve. An older guy asked me if I want to hit some balls I said sure. He said he couldn't move too well because he had injury in one of his leg. He is typical older tennis player, very consistent on both side. I just...
  27. mucat

    High toss and strong wind?

    I use to have a high toss, but it is really windy here lots of the time (a stopped ball will move by itself again on the ground). Now, I just use a low toss to counter the high wind. But is there any other way to combat strong wind? Lots of Pros use high toss, how do they deal with strong wind?
  28. mucat

    What is a quality 4.0 2nd serve kick serve?

    How high the net clearance should be for the 2nd serve? The higher the net clearance the slower the serve. Should I go as low as possible without sacrificing reliability?
  29. mucat

    I am at a loss when come to serve

    A player is as good as his serve and my serve is the weakest part of my game. It is inconsistent and weak. If I play against myself, I could probably knock winners right out of my serve all day long. However, after practice and practice, it is finally getting better, or at least more consistent...
  30. mucat

    usefulness of crosscourt rallies at club levels??

    I found it is much more effective to attack the weak side right away then hit to the strong side to open up the weak side. At club level, people cannot last long to exchange rallies at the weaker side (backhand mostly), just kept feeding balls to the weakside, and UE will come. But it was really...