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  1. BabolatFan

    FS only>2 Babolat Pure Drive Cortex plus racs

    I've got 2 pure drive cortex pluses for sale. Got 'em about 2 weeks ago. I personally prefer a little higher swingweight than these. They only have small little scratches here and there, otherwise look brandnew. Covers included. Strung with bb alu power @ 60lbs. Grip size 4 1/4...
  2. BabolatFan

    FS = 2 TFeel305xl 8.7/10 Grip 4 3/8

    2 Tfeel 305xl's must go. Both are strung with BB alu power. One @ 64lbs and the other @ 62lbs. No covers. They only have minor cosmetic scratchs and look great. The price for both is $200 all shipped. If interested, email
  3. BabolatFan

    Can someone post a link or a clip of Baghdatis' forehand?

    I know and hi-techtennis don't have Baghdatis' forehand clips. Can someone share a clip of his frame by frame forehand?
  4. BabolatFan

    ever played your coach and beat him?

    Just curious what kind of experience you all had. When I was 16, I regularly trained with my coach and played practice matches. I used to beat my coach 6-2, 6-3. He was probably 35 at the time. I dropped the first coach back then coz I'd beat him all the time. The second coach was pretty tough.
  5. BabolatFan

    FS - dunlop m-fil 200+ 27.5 8/10 4 3/8

    3 M-fil 200 plus 27.5 in great condition. Grip L3 Covers included. 2 strung w/ klip venom @ 62lbs 1 strung w/ bb orig @55lbs Played 3 months. Each racquet have been re-strung 2 times. All shipped in the US for $160. If sold individual, it's $60 shipped. Thanks. Email...
  6. BabolatFan

    FS: M-Fil 200 plus 27.5 racquets & more!

    I'm reducing my inventory of mfils. The following is a list of specs and details for 3 mfil200 plus racquets: 2 mfil200plus 27.5in:grip 4 1/4:7/10:strung with bb rough @62lbs (built up with 2 overgrips to make them feel like 4 3/ very comfortable. 1 mfil200plus 27.5in:grip 4...
  7. BabolatFan

    conditioning tips from those who have found the proper way...

    How do you guys re-train or re-condition after you just got rid of the flu and you feel kinda weak?
  8. BabolatFan

    FS: 3 dunlop mfil200plus 27.5 racquets!

    I'm reducing my inventory of my mfils. The following is a list of specs and details for 3 mfil200 plus racquets: 2 mfil200plus 27.5in:grip 4 1/4:7/10:strung with bb rough @62lbs (built up with 2 overgrips to make them feel like 4 3/8) very comfortable. 1 mfil200plus 27.5in:grip 4...
  9. BabolatFan

    Has anyone learned or tried to switch hands at net...

    Do you think that if you're able to switch hands for volleys, you can win shots you normally can't? Suppose you come to net after drawing your opponent out wide. He then hits a sharp crosscourt passing shot to your backhand side. By switching hands and hitting a lefty forehand volley...
  10. BabolatFan

    Proper practice session on your match day?

    According to some coaches, if you practice just 2 hrs before your match you're most likely to perform better. How do you people approach your practice session on your match day? Thanks.
  11. BabolatFan

    PTR or USPTA? Which is better recognized?

    Are pro tour coaches certified? If so, are they uspta or ptr certified? Just curious.
  12. BabolatFan

    Hybrid string jobs in Orange County?

    Does anyone know which pro shops or what places do excellent hybrid stringing in Orange County area? Hank Llyod shops or what? Thanks for your input.
  13. BabolatFan

    What FH grip A Murray uses?

    Looks like he changes his FH grips for different strokes. He hits the balls kinda flat from baseline and then he hit passing shots with semi-western FH? Anyone got video clips?
  14. BabolatFan

    Tipsarevic's racquet?

    What was he playing with today? Head? Pro Kennex? Donnay?
  15. BabolatFan

    Can 2" lead tape strips provide more or less difference?

    I'm wondering if 2" small lead tape strips can also do the trick? My main purpose is to stabilize racquet torsion and add just a little bit of power. The reason I'm doing 2" is I only got a packet of 4" strips and not enough for the 2 racquets, so I'm being thrifty here too.
  16. BabolatFan

    Does anyone prefer Thorlo tennis socks over...?

    Anyone wears Thorlo tennis socks? I know they cost more than other brands but some folks say they're the best. Any feedback is welcome. Thank you.
  17. BabolatFan

    Is it not uncommon to hear some popping/clicking in your back?

    I'm wondering about clicking and popping sounds whenever I do upperback stretches or when I lay my back down on the floor...especially after long hours on the courts. It's painfree but it is not uncommon to experience this kind of stuff?
  18. BabolatFan

    New AeroPro Blast racquet specs...

    I know that the new aeropro Blast will be selling pretty soon. Here are its specs: Racquet Specifications Headsize: 112 sq. in. Length: 27.50 in. Weight (strung): 9.90 oz. Stiffness (Babolat RDC): 70 Balance: 14.00 in. Head Heavy Cross Section: 28/26mm Tapered Beam Swingweight...
  19. BabolatFan

    Sampras swing weight package info?

    Can TW tell me the specs of each strip as to weight and length? Thanks.
  20. BabolatFan

    Mardy Fish VS Nadal at Stella Artois...

    Blake and Roddick seem to be getting off the right foot there. On the other half of the draw, Hewitt and Nadal try to move forward. Nadal will play Mardy. Can Nadal beat him here on grass? I know Nadal beat Fish at 2006 pacificlife on hardcourt. Any thoughts who might win this Queen's cup?
  21. BabolatFan

    Will neon overgrips make a retro fad among the pros?

    I'm thinking about using neon overgrips. Have you seen any pros' racquets with neon/flourescent colored overgrips lately? Would you sport it?
  22. BabolatFan

    Roger skipping Stellar Artois?

    I know we're talking the FO Slam at the moment but I guess Roger is not playing at Stellar Artois before Wimbledon.
  23. BabolatFan

    Klip venom 17 on M-Fil 200+

    I know there's a grip of great strings each player likes and sticks with. I've read a few reviews. Has anyone else tried Klip venom on their M-fil 200+ or on a similar racquet? How do you like it? From what I've heard it's a very forgiving string like other multifilaments but it's got more...
  24. BabolatFan

    What kind of blister/2nd skin stuff you do use?

    I can't seem to buy the right stuff for my hand blisters. Recently I purchased a spenco blister kit and it turned out to be junk. My hand blister normally developes at the base of my dominant palm. I use a semi-western grip and my blister rarely happens but when I do play long rallies on hot...
  25. BabolatFan

    Shaughnessy/Bryan Vs. Paes/Kirilenko

    So S/B will probably win over P/K. Man how did Paes hook up with a hottie partner like Kirilenko. Hope his imagination will run wild during their match.
  26. BabolatFan

    Nadal VS Kim

    What day do they play in 2nd round? I know Kkim's furthest reach in ATP tournaments was 4th round at USO or Oz open. Can't remember whichone. Does he have the potential to take a set from Nadal?
  27. BabolatFan

    What do we get a boost in sex drive after an extensive leg workout?

    Does anybody get that feeling afterwards?
  28. BabolatFan

    Whose draw is harder en route to RG finals? Nadal's or Federer's?

    I know speculations and excitement are up in the air. Who may be Federer's biggest obstacles en route to the finals? Robredo or Gaudio? Maybe Davydenko or Acasuso? Can someone say Nalbandian? Who can possibly take Nadal to the edge? Almagro? Please state your opinons and tell us your...
  29. BabolatFan

    Any1 actually tested Lux monotec zolo18G?

    Any personal feedback on the above string? I'm looking for a spin string to try. I do dig my bb alu power now but wanna see if this string is what it claims to be for more spin. It's a little cheaper too. My current set up is great for deep rallying and control. Any input is welcome!
  30. BabolatFan

    Pics of RDS 003 and 001

    sorry...i posted wrong links. hehe.