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    Solution Speed 3
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    New RG balls details

    There are two options: Wilson Roland Garros Clay and 2nd - All court - did he really play clay??? Not sure
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    I'm enjoying my dead poly. I'm more than 30 hours into it.

    i play regularly one year with one Yonex PTP, i mean one exchange for a year
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    Poly strings weight

    Yonex poly tour pro 1.25 - 20g, 1.20 - 19g head rip control 1.25 - 15g
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    Wilson balls instead of Babolat for RG

    Wilson official ball supplier for Roland Garros from 2020, and wilson clay balls have good quality, durability, bounce etc indeed
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    Comfort, how important is it to you ?

    I suppose comfort issue is global tendency for all manufacturers eg new Gravity has low RA, last years' Pure Aero as well (comparatively), and of course Wilson Clash and v7 Blade. For me comfort is top priority as to Rackets and strings. I have Yonex Vcore 100 strung for winter with Rip Control...
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    Your favorite Head string

    Rip Control is super comfortable.
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    Most comfortable poly?

    thanks alot for your tipps
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    Most comfortable poly?

    Hi, Can you say what are the most comfortable poly strings? I am using now and always Yonex Poly Tour Pro 1.25 - is there one with more comfort?
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    Hybrid Head RIP Control/Head Lynx armfriendly???

    Really? Not Yonex Poly Tour Pro?
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    Which company has the best QC?

    I would say...Yonex :)
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    Nike Cage 3

    i need to advice as to cushioning in cage 3 - i'm using now solution spped 3 and they are very comfortable, i suppouse cage 3 are more stiffer and less cushioned, but can you say how much?
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    Frame for elbow pain

    I always recommend Blade 104 family: 2009 K Blade 2011 BLX Blade 2013 Black one 2015 Black/green one
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    Djokovic another surgery news

    once you got it you have it forever
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    Yonex EZONE 2020 AO

    68RA in current model is relatively high
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    Djokovic another surgery news

    offical is shoulder but probably elbow again
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    Grand Slam for Big 3 prediction!

    If there is such a thread, please cancel, but would be fine to have only ONE thread for simple prediction, of course for today. For me big 3 finish as follows: Djokovic - 26 Nadal - 24 Federer - 21
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    Best dealers?

    After Fed's and Novak's losses... is that mean Rafa has best dealers out of big 3?
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    Do people really think Djokovic was faking the injury?

    ...suppose his injury now exist only in some people's minds and even they still want to have it in their minds
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    Djokovic News

    He played actually without his shoulder but ... he won.
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    Federer News

    Fetarantino's body language says: i'm fed up with tennis this season
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    Federer will not win US Open 2019

    ...and it's only 6 weeks after that, too soon even for him to make full mental recovery, all tennis world look at him now and still, still see guy who lost at the greatest tennis event from 40-15 still fresh probably for everyone and Fed looks unfortunately like it was yesterday
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    FS: Head Graphene XT Radical MP A

    Head Graphene XT Radical MP A Grip Size: 2 and 3 Quantity: 2 Head Size: 98 Weight: 295g Gromets: 16/16 and 16/19 Condition (x out of 10): 8 Specific Time Used: ~30 hours/each General Description: Frame looks good, scratches are minimal and mainly around upper gromets. Price: €69 Shipping...
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    Babolat Pure Drive VS: A Pair of Pure Drives Matched and Ready to Go

    as always as it comes to price it's relative, but from my point everything changes when i look at production cost, if it's e.g. 2$ per one stick, srp at 250$ is horrible
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    Babolat PURE DRIVE VS 2019

    I hope you realize what world we are living in i mean this :-) 2019 is with spec like above (buy one or two!) 2021 will be 22mm/16x19/67RA (buy one or two!) and 2023 will be 20mm/18x20/63RA (buy one or two!)
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    Armfriendly racket?

    wilson blade 104 family starting from 2009, except last edition are very arm friendly, i have one strung with head rip control and with overgrip and dampener is only 305g
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    Asics Solution Speed FF review issues

    Right. Pain is absolutely not accaptable. Writing 15-25 hrs i mean slight dicomfort, not pain.
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    Asics Solution Speed FF review issues

    Hi, Be more patient, please. Do you know how many hours i needed to break in my new Yonex Eclipsion 2? At least 15 hours! Of course Yonex is Yonex, Asics is Asics but they are all made from plastics. We hear and see everywhere modern tennis shoes have super-technology, systems etc. For me that's...
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    Instead of above, i will help you to transform the thread into: People!!!!!! People around the world!!!!! Start buying finally RF97!!!! You have one and only three to choose - red, all black and black and white!!!!! :-)