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  1. Mad iX

    KPS88 Release in AUS?

    A Wilson employee told me June/July. He wasn't exactly a bigshot so I don't know how credible he is.
  2. Mad iX

    New Prince Speedport Graphites!

    I'd really prefer it if the pj was more black than green.
  3. Mad iX

    Two overgrips instead of replacement grip

    I used to use a 4 3/8 grip size but one day bought a racket with 4 1/2 because it was only one I could find. I took off the replacement grip and put on two overgrips instead to get it to the usual size I'm used to. After a while, I found I preferred the feel of it.
  4. Mad iX

    Planning to design own clothes, what blank clothes should I buy?

    There are laundry markers which are designed for clothes. Why not try cafepress or something.
  5. Mad iX

    Badminton/Squash/Racquetball Info

    Highly recommend pre-weaving Badminton rackets, it'll make your life a lot easier.
  6. Mad iX

    I hate the XBOX 360 ill never buy microsoft game systems.

    I used to use it maybe 2-3 hours a week, but mine has gotten the ring of death twice now. I doubt I'll bother with microsoft anymore.
  7. Mad iX

    Sampras Comeback!!!!

    I actually prefer watching him play more on the Seniors with McEnroe and the other former greats rather than with the current nobodies. I do agree it would be nice to watch Pete on the grass again, though.
  8. Mad iX

    federer's forhand? or nadal's?

    Despite all the shanks, Fed's is still the forehand I'd rather have.
  9. Mad iX

    Farewell, Roger Federer?

    ^ Agreed here. Federer's has more than a mental block against Nadal, who's clearly an improved player to last year. In my eyes, Nadal is now #1, and it's more due to him taking it rather than Federer declining to #2.
  10. Mad iX

    Federer vs. Djokovic semifinal poll

    Nice. I applaud you. For the record, I would've voted a default.
  11. Mad iX

    Your Racquet Disappointments?

    Pure Storm Tour for me as well. Considering I liked the original Pure Storm and Pure Control. I guess I'm just over the Babolat thing. I really dislike their Woofer tech now. Yonex RDX500 - It was the 2nd Yonex I'd tried. I'd used the SRD Tour for a long time and nothing they've had since then...
  12. Mad iX

    I've just been diagnosed with Glandular Fever (mono)

    Aren't Channel 9 showing it?
  13. Mad iX

    K90 vs microgel prestige mid

    Yeah, I find my MG Prestige Mid is really easy to swing, with plenty of control. I also agree the K90 is more solid and stable, and the open string pattern generates spin more easily. K90 plays well if you prep early and use its weight effectively.
  14. Mad iX

    To those who enjoyed hitting with the KBlade Tour

    I find it's got a fair bit of spin. Mine's fairly leaded up @ 362g and I strung with a cyberflash in the crosses and klip excel in the mains. I find this setup of lead and strings gives me plenty of power and spin, especially with serves. Have you tried a Prestige MP? I find the Head frames...
  15. Mad iX

    Federer's problem...and his doom

    Federer (and everyone else's) problem when it comes to RG is that Nadal is a beast on clay. Nobody can win 3 out 5 sets against him when he's playing like that. Especially with the conditions this year, humid conditions and a heavy ball, which makes it easy (relatively) for Nadal to whip it all...
  16. Mad iX

    French Open 2008 Mens Final - [1] Roger Federer vs [2] Rafael Nadal

    I was hoping for a match, but all I got was one set where Federer threw everything he had at Nadal and still lost the set. I don't think anyone saw that bagel coming, but Fed just lost it. Shank after shank and error after error. Nadal has the best forehand ever on clay.
  17. Mad iX

    If Roger would make the final..

    Federer probably thinks he has a better chance against Djokovic, but ideally if I was him, would love to see Nadal destroy Novak and then destroy Nadal in the final. Obviously, like anyone else, he'll just be happy to win it period. So a long 5-setter between them would be great.
  18. Mad iX

    A RG excuse from Federer examined

    They both may hit 1hbh but they're very different. Fed hits it way earlier off the bounce. After a while, it always breaks down. Fed has a great backhand but Nadal's forehand is plain superior.
  19. Mad iX

    Dunlop Aerogels

    I've only ever used the AG100. It didn't really suit me. Has a nice feel but my shots don't have much on them. Mostly because of the weight I think. My hitting partner tried it out and felt the same way. Beautiful PJ, though.
  20. Mad iX

    Prince O3 White vs MG Prestige Mid

    Stick with whichever racket feels better to you. As for your backhand (and forehand), you simply have to work at it.
  21. Mad iX

    Chris_in_Japan @ the hitting center (MG Prestige mid+)

    Would love to have one of those hitting centers near me. I noticed you hitting the ball quite early (or seems to be anyway), is there a lack of room behind the baseline?
  22. Mad iX

    Why are gas prices rising so quickly?

    Supply and demand. The US isn't the only country driving SUVs anymore.
  23. Mad iX

    Pure Storm Tour and Pure Storm Limited

    ^ excited much? I have the Tour. Compared to my regular frames it's got a lot of pop and spin. Good for lazy days or when I just want to work on footwork, etc. The Limited looks interesting. I will be trying it out when I can.
  24. Mad iX

    Just wondering....Is Federer back?

    One thing's for sure, he's making a big push for the French.
  25. Mad iX

    WTB: LM or FXP Prestige MP 4 1/2

    As title says ... looking for a LM or FXP Prestige Midplus with 4 1/2 grip size. Must be in perfect working condition. A few scratches are fine, but nothing structural. Pics would be greatly appreciated. Unstrung preferable. If strung, just cut out the string before shipping and that'll be...
  26. Mad iX

    PDR, arm pain returning...

    Considered a Speedport Black or Aerogel 500? They'd be closer in terms of power, but easier on the arm.
  27. Mad iX

    Strange string break...:)

    I've noticed a lot of polys do that when you mishit near the top of the racket face. Probably too stiff they can't absorb the impact and just break.
  28. Mad iX

    Is anyone using Linux here?

    Ubuntu here as well. Tried SUSE and Fedora before and nothing wrong with them either. If you're running Windows already, then google Wubi. Easiest way to try it.
  29. Mad iX

    microgel prestige mid serving

    What string setup are you using? I'm still experimenting with mine. Haven't been able to find the balance between flat serves and kickers yet.
  30. Mad iX

    Has anyone tried Gosen Polylon Ice strings?

    They aren't bad. Durable but tension doesn't last that long and definitely not recommended for tender elbows. Excellent for the price.