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    WTB: Head Graphene Radical Pro Grommet

    I have 1 set of Graphene Radical Pro cap grommets. They are orange.
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    WTB nblade 98 and grommets head guards

    Have 2 sets of K Blade 18 x20 grommets. These fit the BLX Blade too, but not sure about the N Blade. If you find out they do, let me know.
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    Prince Woodie

    I have a Woodie. Yes, they were heavy.
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    Going through a bunch of grommets and sure brings back memories of old rackets and what I was stringing 25 years ago. Slazenger Pro Braideds, K Blade Tour 93, Prince TT Rips, TT Graphites, lots of Wilson Hammers, etc. Things went smaller for a while, then bigger. Now, most everything is...
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    Help me with buying my first stringing machine

    It would be an easy upgrade with a Wise (I have 2 Wise heads). Plus, if it ever breaks, it's a lot easier to send it off than sending an entire electronic machine. If that's not a concern, I'd get an Alpha Ghost. But, if mine breaks down, I send it to Wise, put my other one on the machine...
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    How many string manufacturers are there really ?

    Looking at string packages now: TF Red Code--made in France. Solinco TB--made in Tiawan. Signum Pro Poly Plasma--made in Germany. Pacific X Force--made in Germany. Gamma Zo Dart--made in Japan. Still in Black Protect--made in Germany. Polyfibre Poly Hightec--made in USA and Germany...
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    Older 90s racquets - Wilson Sting and Head Satellite Tour. Anyone know anything about these??

    The Sting was Wilson's attempt to compete with the Prince Graphite. It was a lot more flexible, not nearly as stable, but also, cheaper to buy. The 1st ones were grommetless I think. Never thought they were that great, but some people really liked them.
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    Babolat Pure Aero 2019 Stringing Instructions

    If you can't string the crosses with 17 1/2 feet, you're using too much string to tie your starting knot. If you use the starting clamp method, and go back to tighten the 1st cross, leave just enough to reach your tensioner. 19' may be needed if you use a dropweight.
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    A drop weight(no fixed clamp) machine question from an overthinking guy, like again, as he only strings with electrical ones

    I think you are overthinking this. There is an area between the outer teeth of the clamps that may not have as much tension on them when you pull tension. When you release the clamp, the lever drops a slight amount, tensioning that small length. I wouldn't worry about it.
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    machine on stand, on carpet

    The casters are a good idea. But, a mat will protect your carpet more. They are cheap. You can also use a scrap piece of carpet if you don't mind the looks.
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    Help me with buying my first stringing machine

    I would seriously consider a Tourna 300-CS or an Alpha Apex Speed. I have an Apex that is approx 15-20 years old and it still works great. I have a Wise tension head too, as I like the electronic tensioning. The Apex is a couple of hundred dollars more, but it's a little heavier machine too.
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    Round mains/shaped crosses - poly/poly hybrids:

    Like Folsom, I'm kind of shaking my head and asking "why?"
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    Hybrids for elbow comfort

    Klip Legend 15L/about any multi at 60/58, using Fischer MSpeed 105.
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    How many string manufacturers are there really ?

    What about Kirshbaum. I thought they were a manufacturer. Or Signum Pro? I'm pretty sure Genesis, Solinco are made elsewhere. Isn't Gamma made by Toalson (or Toa)?
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    Tim, I'm retired now. Depending on where and when it is, I'd be willing to help you out with it..
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    Are there any benefits to smooth strings?

    Several reasons to use a round poly: 1) Causes less fraying in the intersecting string. 2) Shaped strings impart spin on shots you hit. Likewise, another person spin shot will "grab" your string more too, so if you're a volleyer, you'll have more difficult shots to hit as your opponents spin...
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    Hyper G vs. Head Lynx

    The softest string I've ever used was Vollmer SuperString. The next softest was Babolat N.vy.
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    I can't tell a comfort difference between multi and poly - anyone else?

    I've used a gut 15L/poly 18g strung at 60/55, and a poly 18g strung at 30. I got more spin from the gut/poly, but the all poly played well. The all poly at that low tension made very little noise for feedback though, so that's one thing I'd need to get used to. After a couple more surgeries...
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    Low-powered racquet + dead strings = WOW!

    The last poly I used was Solinco Tour Revolution 18. I strung it at 30#. It wasn't wildly uncontrollable like I thought it would be. You might try the really low tension like that. Can't hurt to try (except your wallet a little).
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    UTR 13 - racquets

    Very interesting report. Thanks for sharing.
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    What should be the string tension for Gravity 25 inch racket ?

    I'd say the same thing-40# with a synthetic gut.
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    at a demo crossroad...need some help

    You're familiar with Babolats (grip shape, feel, etc). Why not try the regular Pure Drive. I know, this answer sounds boring, but it seems like the 1st logical step. If that turns out too much of a change, try the Pro Kennex ki 15 or the Volkl VFeel 7 or the Prince Phantom 107.
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    Baiardo Error code

    Did you ever get your machine fixed? What was the error code?
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    Strings similar to Prince Topspin

    Prince Topspin (and Alpha Ultraspin) are 15L synthetic guts with rough edges. I think all Topspin is with Duraflex now.
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    String for my new racquet (or, maybe I should go back to my old one.)

    First, if you have 7 of the RD 7s, and you rotated them fairly regularly, they are not "dead" yet. Those rackets should easily withstand 50 stringings each, and even then, you probably wouldn't notice the difference. But, if you really want a new racket, Yonex makes some nice ones...
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    Strings similar to Prince Topspin

    I would be surprised if Alpha UltraSpin isn't the same string a Prince Topspin.
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    Wilson Custom Racquets. Are they worth it???

    Wilson does seem to do a really good job on the paint, etc. And, there's nothing wrong with playing with a custom, unique frame. My point was just don't expect it to play differently than the stock model.
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    Solinco Tour Bite (tension?) mystery??

    Same stringer? Same machine? Same gauge?
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    I can't tell a comfort difference between multi and poly - anyone else?

    Gut pockets the ball a lot more than a poly. The high 4.0-5.0 players I string for that use gut/poly usually started with poly/gut. I convinced them to try putting the gut in the mains (15L). All have said they get more spin and a better response with gut mains/poly crosses--and that includes...
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    Wilson Custom Racquets. Are they worth it???

    If you have a girlfriend or wife that gets super emotional about having her racket in her favorite color with her name on it, it just might be worth the extra money. They don't play any different. Or, if you've tried one of their rackets and love the way it plays, but absolutely hate the...