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  1. Novichok

    Belgrade Grand Slam

    Berrettini Grand Slam? :unsure:
  2. Novichok

    Rublev testing Head blackout

    I don't care about Delpo or anybody else. I am taking about Novak, an ATG with a massive following. With Federer, you have the RF97, which is mostly similar, just a few tiny mods. With Nadal, Pure Aero at least has same head size and construction, the weight distribution and a few minor details...
  3. Novichok

    Rublev testing Head blackout

    It's a different thing if they do that with small names like De Minaur or Shapovalov or Nishikori, but atleast they can be honest enough about Novak's racquet, can't they? Its not at all difficult for them but still they push the lies. And, what basics are you talking about?
  4. Novichok

    Rublev testing Head blackout

    1) Please explain the facts. 2) By Head and their staff being disrespectful, I mean Head misleads people by releasing a totally different racquet as Novak's racquet. If they want to release a new line, can't they just do that without anybody endorsing? The Wilson Clashes, they aren't endorsed by...
  5. Novichok

    Rublev testing Head blackout

    Thank you very much for your assessment. I will work on it. What about the Graphene 360+ Extreme Tour and Prestige Tour? I thought they are very different from other racquets in their lineup. They can paint that racquet like a speed and call it a speed or whatever. Nobody would care. ROFLMAO...
  6. Novichok

    Rublev testing Head blackout

    Whoever makes these decisions is probably elitist or a con artist or both. There are a lot of 95 sq inch 18x19 flexible racquets in the market that work well for a lot of players. Still they push a tweener style frame as "Novak's racquet".
  7. Novichok

    Make my 93p more...K90-like?

    Don't add any weight to the head. Try adding 8gm at 4 inches. This setup makes the weight and balance similar to that of the k90. EDIT: Made some corrections. I used Customization Worksheet and input wrong specs before. I agree with @Irvin.
  8. Novichok

    Rublev testing Head blackout

    1. Why? 2. Can’t they release a more user friendly weight distribution with similar mold, head size, string pattern, stiffness, beam width etc.? What is the purpose of selling a racquet totally different from Novak’s in all respects?
  9. Novichok

    Dominic Thiem claims he "fell into a hole"

  10. Novichok

    It Has Lately Occurred To Me That Roger Federer Would Command The Top Headline With A Return At Any Age What-so-ever

    Even if Novak kills a tiger with his bare hands while wearing a neon leotard and lipstick, Federer's comeback would get more attention. :-D
  11. Novichok

    Rublev testing Head blackout

    Yeah, but the weight distribution on that pt346 better be more mainstream like gravity pro.
  12. Novichok

    Federer To Play At Geneva & Roland Garros

    I think he should pull out of RG and add Stuttgart if he goes deep in Geneva.
  13. Novichok

    How good of a chance does Tsitsipas have to win more than 10 slams?

    If the hypothetical next ATG steps up within next 5 years, I'd say zero chance. If not, still zero chance. :-D What about Thiem, Khachanov, Tsonga and Delpo?
  14. Novichok

    The boggling thing in the Murray vs Federer H2H

    Same thing happened to Nadal and is going to happen to someone else. :alien:
  15. Novichok

    Tsitsipas: Shapovalov is hyped

    I'd put denis in my beer.
  16. Novichok

    Tsitsipas: Shapovalov is hyped

    Translation: Bullsheet Canadian
  17. Novichok

    We should stand in unity

    PTPA will not utter a word, because Belgrade 2 is taking its place (and their leader has a vested interest in that tournament) .
  18. Novichok

    2021 Monte-Carlo Masters: Official Tournament Thread

    Something magical about this tournament :) First Djoko now Nadal! Hope this continues all season.
  19. Novichok

    Nadal looks amazing

    Your post reminded me of last year's AO. But the current outfit looks cool, nevertheless.
  20. Novichok

    2021 Monte-Carlo Masters: Official Tournament Thread

    Mugdvevev like choke incoming?
  21. Novichok

    Ruud is going to win Monte Carlo

    Anyone but Sitsypas.
  22. Novichok

    Dan Evans could be so much better if he improved his fitness

    Good enough to beat Djokovic :giggle: Did he improve his fitness after all these years??
  23. Novichok

    Djokovic does not like good slicers

    Yeah, he was probably unhappy about some archbishop... oh wait, time to cook up something new!
  24. Novichok

    2021 Monte-Carlo Masters: Official Tournament Thread

    Great News!! Both Zverev and Djokovic out! :)
  25. Novichok

    Well Done Dan

    Dan - The new Stan??
  26. Novichok

    Novak Djokovic is co-producing a Vegan Documentary

    Are there any vegan athletes in tennis other than Venus Williams?
  27. Novichok

    Coolest pictures of pros