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  1. Fabresque

    Was Fedberg a mistake?

    No. People don’t realize but Federer was exterminating the field during 14/15 and parts of 16. The one man who stopped him from winning 3 slams in a row (Wimbledon 2015, US Open 2015, and Australian Open 2016), was Djokovic. Murray was pathetically outplayed against Fed (Wimbledon 2015) and the...
  2. Fabresque

    LostGen Power rankings

    I’m going by their rankings, not by who’s better than who.
  3. Fabresque

    LostGen Power rankings

    I’m going by age here. What other generation could you lump them into?
  4. Fabresque

    LostGen Power rankings

    Now that Thiem won IW let’s see how the other LostGen brothers-in-arms stack up. These are the Top 15 LostGen players power rankings! 1. Dominic Thiem (#4) - He’s obviously the best of the bunch, ranked #4 in the world and just won his maiden masters. Still needs to do something in slams...
  5. Fabresque

    Who has the better forehand: Wawrinka or Edmund?

    Stans forehand is off the charts when it comes to clutchness and winners. Edmunds also got a good one but this goes to Stan
  6. Fabresque

    Djokovic Kohlschreiber

    Meh, it’s what happens when you waste time doing doubles
  7. Fabresque

    Is this Zverev's true level?

    Zverev has nothing special in his game. He doesn’t have the blistering groundstrokes of FAA, the insane speed of De Minaur, or even Tsitsipas’ variety. Much less Shapo’s power. He has a grinding style but no real variety or mix up in his game. He’s good for matches againt Djokovic and Nadal...
  8. Fabresque

    ESPN Sucks “There were several upsets on Day 4 of the combined ATP-WTA event. No. 9 Stefanos Tsitsipas, who lost to Roger Federer in both the Australian Open semifinals and the final in Dubai last weekend, was ousted...
  9. Fabresque

    Raonic New Coach is Fabrice Santoro

    @Deon Sanders hate of generation useless is unrivaled
  10. Fabresque

    Djokovic about Fedal on ATP Council : It goes both ways.... they can also come to me

    You’ve missed the point of what the Players council is supposed to represent, completely.
  11. Fabresque

    Mental Blocks (No Big 3,please) in History-

    Cilic against Monfils Berdych against Nishikori Nishikori against Gasquet is surprisingly horrific Likewise, Gasquet against Zverev is tragic. The last 3 meetings have gone three sets and Gasquet still hasn't won. Hell he even held a match point in their meeting 2 years ago in Canada.
  12. Fabresque

    What tennis match would you like to watch, but can't find on Youtube/Internet

    Wow seems as if this was just uploaded. Enjoy!
  13. Fabresque

    What tennis match would you like to watch, but can't find on Youtube/Internet

    I was going to say this one! Such an underrated match, fantastic display by Fed. I cannot seem to find extended highlights or a full match anywhere!
  14. Fabresque


    5:04 So let’s see, the balls legit so far out it hurts. No line judge calls it, umpire doesn’t see it, Hurkacz doesn’t see it, commentator doesn’t see it as signified by his “Well done” Did he touch the ball? It doesn’t look like it but can someone clarify?
  15. Fabresque

    Which one of these warriors can win Wimbledon for 1st time?

    Meh. Anderson was the finalist last year and he did beat Federer, so I would go for him. I can’t see Delpo winning it, his body has been so uncooperative with him that I doubt he can win another slam. If anything he can go far but just like last year he’ll be stopped by Nadal or Djokovic...
  16. Fabresque

    Wawrinka's YE Ranking?

    The safe guess for me would be Top 20, he’s too good to not finish atleast 11-19 in the world. If this form continues there’s nothing stopping him from making the Top 10/Qualifying for the ATP Finals.
  17. Fabresque

    Do pro's practice breaking rackets?

    for those who feel like venting frustration without demolishing a racquet, throw the racquet to the ground with the face opened, it feels pretty good and the racquet doesn’t actually break.
  18. Fabresque

    Why is Novak's ground game better than Fed's?

    Roddick is so underrated on this forum, sure he constantly lost to Federer, but he's still an amazing player. Same with Hewitt, Nalbandian, Haas, and whoever else struggled in Federer's reign.
  19. Fabresque

    Who's the Most Intimidating Looking Player?

    Mikhail Youzhny isn’t getting mentioned much, why not? He was scary, just looking at him and his presence. Other than him, when Djokovic smiles it’s basically game over. When Federer starts spinning his racket during his return stance that’s gotta be intimidating. Nadal psychologically...
  20. Fabresque

    Ohio State Tennis

    It is so ironic that you of all people is bashing OSU for having a choker mentality when you’re a Stanford fan.
  21. Fabresque

    Ohio State Tennis

    Go bucks.
  22. Fabresque

    Am I the only one who hates UTR?

    UTR doesn’t factor in your bad days, on an average day someone can be a UTR 8, but on bad days someone can also become a worse player, nearing a UTR 6 level. One bad day in the office is enough to skew your UTR so horribly low to the point where the player is unmotivated to even try anymore to...
  23. Fabresque

    Best tennis player among celebrities?

    Is Patrik Antonius a celebrity? He's a very famous poker player who was a tennis player. He's quite good too. Antonius is the bald one.
  24. Fabresque

    Nadal NEVER turned match around when he was 0-2 or 1-2 in sets vs Fed and Djoker.

    Biggest fighter in our sport huh? Nice hunch there buddy.
  25. Fabresque

    We’re not sugarcoating anything: Nadal got torn to shreds.

    Djokovic was far superior, he clearly exposed Nadal. From the first point he looked on, and never looked back. We are not going to be blaming injury, fan interference, aliens landing on earth and giving Djokovic godlike powers. Djokovic just played way too good and exposed the inferior player...
  26. Fabresque

    2019 Australian Open Men’s Singles Final (1) Novak Djokovic V (2) Rafael Nadal

    Rafas getting absolutely minced into a paste here. Djoko’s way too good for him at the moment.