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    4x Babolat pure strike 100 with matching bag (white ones)

    Hey up for sale I have 4 pure strike 100s Quantity: 4 Head size: 100 Weight: they have all been customized...since each racket has a different starting weight there were different amounts of lead added to each racket to match them. They are about 12 grams. Of course the lead can be removed...
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    Wanted dr 98 blue

    looking for a few of these. 3/8 or 1/4. Let me know
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    Extended length rackets

    let me know what extended length rackets you have
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    Serve help

    Hey guys what would be your advice for someone learning to serve with the weak hand? How should they strengthen the arm? Should they throw a ball against a wall and get a lot of reps? Or just serve and strengthen the arm that way? Or throw a football? Lift weights? I'm learning to serve with...
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    Steve Johnson slice backhand

    I'm watching the Murray/Johnson match in rio right now and Steve Johnson has not come over a single backhand all match. He has been slicing every single one. It's a good slice, but why doesn't he come over backhands? Or is it just this match? I haven't watched a whole lot of Stevie J... But I...
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    Knee injury please help

    So I haven't hit in 4 days, but 3 days ago my knee just randomly started hurting my while I was walking. It's the area behind the knee (possibly the pcl?). When I walked down stairs the pain was very sharp, and hurts way more han walking up stairs. The knee feels like it keeps popping/cracking...
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    Ideal UTR for d1 tennis

    What is the ideal utr (senior year of high school) for a junior wanting to play d1 tennis. Say for a top 30 school, top 75, and those who aren't ranked. I know juniors are somewhat higher ranked on utr than college players So it is confusing. Just wanted to get some input and what you guys think.
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    Alabama men's tennis

    I know for sure at least 3 of the players are leaving Albama.. Maybe more. Plus they had a senior that graduated. Anyone know what is going on there? Isn't the coach fairly new?
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    Want to buy babolat pure drives

    want to buy a ton of pure drives. 3/8 of 1/2 grip size. Let me know what you have.
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    Getting fit in 2 weeks

    if you guys had two weeks to become super fit what would you do? I have a big tournament coming up and need to be in tremendous shape. I'm a junior player so my body is relatively young and can take a beating, but I have lacked in the fitness category in the past... Should I just run 10 400s per...
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    Spiniest racket?

    i know there is a lot that could change spin potential such as strings, lead, etc... But what frame do you think has the most potential for spin that is not super heavy... Is it the aero?
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    Wanted babolat aero pro drive

    want to buy multiple babolat aero pro drives l2 or l3. Contact
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    Wanted babolat aero pro drive plus

    want to buy a few babolat aero pro drive plus in 4 1/4 grip size. Email me at Eddiegriesedieck0@gmail.comb
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    Jack Sock Racket

    Anyone watch socks match today in Houston? Looks like he went back to his old paint job of the aero storm. Wonder why they stopped painting it like a pure aero.. Anyone know?
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    Verdasco shoes

    At the Miami open, it looks like he's wearing a combination of the übersonic/barricade. Anyone know anything? Maybe a new line?
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    fs/ft 3x babolat aero pro plus 2014

    racket: 2014 babolat aero pro plus Quantity: 3 Headsize:100 General description: all 3 rackets have been rotated for 4 months. In great condition. Few paint chips at 3 and 0 o'clock and a little scuffing on the headgaurd. All 8/10. Strung with solinco Grip: 4 3/8 Will trade for graphene radical...
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    Want to buy yonex dr 98

    want to buy a dr 98 in a 4 3/8 grip
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    Wtb 2015 pure drive 3/8

    Looking for a pure drive 2015 in 4 3/8.
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    Wtb stringing machine!!!

    Want to buy a machine best price I will get. Looking for a nice Manuel and maybe an electronic. Looking for a good deal thx Email
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    Wtb babolat pure drive tour

    want to buy a pure drive tour 4 3/8 grip. Email me at
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    Tennis in Palm Springs/ Indian wells area dec 26-Jan 3

    looking for 5.0-5.5s to hit with from December 26-Jan 3 around the Palm Springs area. You can reach me at
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    Want to buy pure aero

    looking to buy a pure aero today or as soon as possible. 4 3:8 or 4 1:4. Email
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    Wanted: rf 97 autograph

    Looking for rf autograph for best price. Thanks!! Email
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    4x Babolat aero pro drives plus limited 12 pack bag

    4x Babolat aero pro (2013) Headize 100 Gripsize 4 3/8 All raxkets were used on a roration for 4 months before I switched rackets and now they have been just sitting around. racket 1: 8/10 average wear and tear. No major chips but some wear at 3 and 9 and also the headgaurd Racket 2:8/10 same as...
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    FS 6x head graphene radical mp plus bag

    6x head graphene radical midplus Quanitity: 6 Grip size:4 3/8 Headize: Time used: All rackets have been used on a rotation for 3 months. Very good condition! Racket 1:8/10 small paint chip at 12 o'clock and average wear and tear Racket 2:8.5/10 small paint chip from when I removed the lead...
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    Fs fischer pro extreme ft air carbon

    Fischer pro extreme ft Quanity 1 4 3/8 9.5/10 Racket has been hit with for one night. I thought I was going to like it but it's just to heavy for me. Racket has 2 small scuffs on bumper gaurd but no paint chips at all Price $120 shipped Contact 3146833409 or
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    Fs head prestige pro

    Head prestige pro Quanity 1 Headize 98 4 3/8 grip 8/10 racket has a little wear on the bumper gaurd but no paint chips Racket has been hit with about a dozen times Price $70 shipped Contact 3146833409 or
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    Head youtek radical midplus

    Head youtek radical midplus 4 3/8 98 headize Quanitity 1 8/10 Racket is in excellent consition. Only has one small blemish/chip at 3 o'clock I bought this racket and have only used it 2 times. Price $70 shipped Contact 3146833409 or
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    Babolat pure drive non cortex "swirly

    Babolat pure drive non cortex 100 headize Quantity 1 Grip 4 3/8 7/10 Some average wear and tear and a couple of scuffs at 3 and 9. Bumper gaurd is also a little scraped up My buddy used to hit with this racket daily but it has been sitting for awhile. Price $80 shipped Contact 3146833409 or...
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    Fs Dunlop 200g 95 hotmelt

    Dunlop 200g hotmelt 95 Grip size 4 3/8 Headize 98 quantity 1 6/10 Racket has some wear and tear and a little bit of paint chipoing but defintaly still playable. Racket has been used for a hit every now and then. Of course I am the third owner so that's why its not in amazinf shape. Price: $60...