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    Wozniacki Babolat

    Does anyone know and i do mean know.. whether she is using cortex or a painted cortex on her frames? Thanks
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    For Sale UK EU Yonex Ezone XI 98

    2 x Grip 3 Ezone 98 XI by Yonex 1 Strung with Lux Alu Power rough.. 100 GBP each free shipping in UK actual shipping everywhere else PM me for full details
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    New Prince Rebel 95

    So I have not posted for a while but thought I should share this with you guys.. I was lucky enough to get hold of the new prince Rebel 95. I hit with it for a couple of hours.. First of the paint job is bright... but just about ok.. The racket is 5 grams lighter than its predecessor...
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    Head IG extreme Pro

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has had any shoulder or elbow issues with the ig extreme pro.. I am struggling with my pure drive teams as my shoulder is constantly hurting.. was wondering if these will be any better on my arm / shoulder Thanks
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    WTB Tecnifibre 320 0r 335 TFIGHT NON Vo2

    I am after these rackets, Ideally like to buy 3 or 4 at a time but will consider anything. Email my username at hotmail dot com thanks
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    Tgk 263.2

    Just managed to grab one of these.. it is the youtek speed 18x20 TGK Just wondering if anyone has any comments on it or if people have hit with it and noticed a difference to of the shelf versions. I have had TGK 238.2 before and they definitely played differently so was wondering to...
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    HEAD experts (VSbabolat, Dr) please help

    So I was wandering around some shops in Paris and managed to get hold of a pair of Head Liquidmetal Prestiges. Now I bought them as they have the LM ridges painted on, they are XL and they came with the head calfskin grip, black butt caps and silicone factory injected into the handles. I...
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    Head Radical Tours UK EU

    Hi, I am looking for the original bumblebee Head Rad Tours or the 98 version twin tubes. I am based in UK EU please mail me if you have any. Thanks
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    Tfight 320 2011 version??

    Hi has anyone heard about these new T-fights? There are a couple of adverts on UK websites stating a 2011 version, they look the same but there must be some differencs so was wondering if anyone has any info??
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    Prince Diablo MidPlus another awesome racket from the past

    One of my friends ordered some of the new Diablo Midpluses from TW.. had a hit with it today.. what a sweet racket.. loads of spin and heavy ball and wow so forgiving.. the ball i produced was not as big as with my TT rads or prestige but it is almost impossible to miss.. and just keep pushing...
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    Youtek Prestige Pro VS Dunlop 4D200 16 x 19

    Hello, I am looking at changing my rackets back to a Head Prestige Pro.. The thing is I have seen these Dunlops with the 16 x 19 pattern and they are £65 compared to the £143 of the Head Prestige Pro' So my question is has anyone hit with them both? The 200 4D rackets I have heard about...
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    Wanted Head TK76 Pallets in grip 4 (1/2)

    Will pay or can trade L3 or L5 Pallets email my username at thanks
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    Has anyone hit the Youtek Prestige Pro & Youtek Speed Pro

    Just looking for a bit of a comparison or thoughts and views on these 2 rackets..
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    Has anyone had any arm / shoulder problems with the Exo3 Rebel??

    I changed from my head radical TT's about 3 months ago and since then have got pretty bad shoulder problems... could it be the light headidness of the exo3?? am thinking of changing my racket again as I do not want shoulder pain... comments ???
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    Adidas Rackets why so much hate?

    In my serach for a new racket to replace my head twintube radicals I decided to try out the Barricade Tours. I got them put in with some other demos I was using at the time. Well after hitting with them I have to say I think they are a great racket. Massive amount of stability & Plow...
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    Are any of you guys at the US open strining??

    Just wondering.....
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    Is the BAbolat ure Dribe GT worth twice the price of Microgel Extreme pro

    Just wondering on peoples opinoin.. I have hot with the extreme pro and i liked it... i can get them for $85 BUT i used the pure drive swirly the other day and really liked it NOW i know i dont want the swirly's because they are hard to get hold off... is the GT like the swirly at all and is...
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    Do Tecnifibre just make up the square " of their racket Headsizes..

    Just want some other thoughts as the Tfight 315 is the same mold as the Fischer Pro1 Fischer = 98" Tfight 315 = 100 The new sppedflex range Tfight 315 lloks exactly the same and it is listed now at 95"
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    Has anyone got anything bad to say about the Tfight 320 Vo2 Max??

    I am on the verge of buying this racket to replace my much loved but old Head Zebra / Bumblebee Rads.. There are always a lot of posts about how good rackets are by the people who use them but not so many critical posts so as the title asks really!!
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    Is it the same mold used for the TFifgt 320 & Tfight 295?

    As the title says no? :)
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    T-Fight 320 Vo2 so tell me..

    I have been through all the threads and some are saying this has the power of a Pure drive others are saying it is similar to a prestige... now unless i have completely lost the plot these rackets are way different from eachother... So my question is when i try this racket which is it going...
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    Has anyone added weight to the exo3 100

    Just wondering if anyone has leaded up or used silicone on this racket. I love the size of the sweetspot but it is a little lightweight right now... anyone got any feed back??
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    MP Head TRysis vs OS Trysis.. 260

    How similar is the feel of the midplus on comaprison to the OS .... i am taliking bumblebee frames
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    Racket most like the Head Bumblebee trysis 260

    So i have been hitting with my MP Head trysis again and i simply love it... what is a racket which is easily available which is most like it.. i have been hitting the kblade for the last 8 months and though i like it it does not have the feel of the head
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    Weight of foam moluded handles ???? Head Palletes

    Does anyone know the weight of the molded foam on the racket handles... I.E. if i was to strip of the foam handle so it was just the graphite underneath how much weight would that take off the racket>> I want to scrape it off and then put head grip pallettes on my kblades but i do nmot...
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    Tennis Travel Guide

    As some of you may or may not know i am putting together a small website. Part of which will incorporate a tennis travel guide section. If anyone wants to state where they are from and what clubs exist around them i would like to hear from you. A short review woud be welcomed too. I want to make...
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    have the chance to buy some NEW iPrestiges

    Hi, a contact of mine has some new iPrestiges. I have bought a lot of rackets from him in the past so he offered me these before he tries to sell them elsewhere. Just wondering what you guys think is a fair price to offer him per racket. thanks
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    Making a Tennis / Sports related website... suggestions??

    So here is the deal, i am working for a european TV channel and they want me to make a website to do with sport as part of my internship. So obviously i am going to make one based around tennis as it is my passion. What i was wondering if you guys could tell me what kind of things you...
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    Has anyone ever taken the CAPS of a prestige and used radical Grommets?

    Has anyone ever taken the CAPS of a prestige and used radical Grommets on the prestig There is always a lot of talk on theboards about capping rackets. Was just wondering if anyone had de- capped and what the effects were. I have some iPrestiges i was thinking of changing for something...
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    Help me out with these Head rackets guys!

    So here is the deal. I have got 2 Head Radical Pro's they have the Black Head Pro Room butt caps. They weigh 325 g's rather than 315 g's due to silicone in the handle which has obvioulsy been factory injected due to the way it is finished. They are 27.4 inches long rather than 27''...