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    Super Tour Pro Staff 15 pack bag questions

    Can this bag stand on its head (vertically) on its own?
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    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    For those who have hit both, or all 4 versions, which one has the better directional control? touch? comfort? Is it the same for all three criteria?
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    Wilson Pro Stock Line

    How is the comfort level and control of the 6.1 compared to the P.mid? I think it's a little bit thicker in the beam right?
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    Most compartmental bag?

    Which bag (less than 15 capacity) out there has the most compartments (closed or otherwise)?
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    Tennis bag recommendation

    The Adidas Tour 12 bag seems to be a well-designed vertically-oriented bag that has all the compartments you need.
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    It's now on the Yonex Website! VCORE Pro EMERALD

    Here's another input point. 321g unstrung--350g final weight w/ string+accessories. About the same specs as my 93p. Strung with same strings (17g poly) and tension (42/40) as my 93p. Seems to be slightly more evenly balanced (i.e. more head light) than my synthetic-gripped 93p. However, less...
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    It's now on the Yonex Website! VCORE Pro EMERALD

    How were the serves and volleys compared to the blade?
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    It's now on the Yonex Website! VCORE Pro EMERALD

    Which do you have more confidence hitting drop shops and lobs with: Blade or HD?
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    Does the 18x20 have more touch than the 93p?
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    Is there a shaped multi?

    I'm trying to identify a string in a racquet I've acquired. I don't have a picture of it right now but may post one later on when I have access to it again. The string is very "sharp" (i.e., it has edges or maybe twisted), It's quite thin too. The colour is graphite or a darkish grey. I'm...
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    The Prince Phantom 93P is a gift to us from TW - My Review/AMA

    Anybody compared this racquet with the Dunlop CX pro?
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    The Prince Phantom 93P is a gift to us from TW - My Review/AMA

    I'm a regular 93p user and had a chance to try out the Clash tour. I still feel my 93p at 42lbs poly is more comfortable and controllable than the Clash at 55lbs poly. The Clash certainly had a bigger sweet spot and spin potential so certain parts of my game would improve, but overall the 93p is...
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    The Prince Phantom 93P is a gift to us from TW - My Review/AMA

    I noticed that TW gave this a 91 score for Touch/Feel. Is that the current top score?
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    Yonex Poly Tour Air?

    I liked PT Air more than Cream or ZX, but I tend to like low-powered, dull strings. Spin potential seems fine for a poly in my 18x20 93P.
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    Prince Phantom 93P- Best string set up

    I settled on soft, low-powered 16L/17 polys (e.g. yonex poly tour air) at low 40's. Tried 18/19g polys but felt they weren't firm enough on volleys. I usually like shaped polys but didn't feel any additional benefits with this pattern.
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    Pouille's New WHITE Prince racquet

    Looks like buttah.
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    The Prince Phantom 93P is a gift to us from TW - My Review/AMA

    I find that I hit more out in front and with more rhs since the racquet is more maneuverable and has less inherent power than my PP100. After different string trials, I've also settled on a full-bed soft, dead 17g polly @40/37--comfortable, lots of pocketing, and adequate spin on demand. I may...
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    2017/2018 Your favorite shirt

    I've been sort of disappointed with some recent shirt material (pilling/wear/roughness after some washing) from various brands (New Balance, Lacoste, Lotto, Puma, Head). Adidas and Sergio T are OK and seems to be the most reliable. My favorite shirt was the checkerboard pattern one from Nike a...
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    The Prince Phantom 93P is a gift to us from TW - My Review/AMA

    I've been testing out thin (18/19) polys in this racquet (@~45/40lbs), and although it's great for bashing from the baseline, my touch game, lobs, and reaction volleys feel too vague. Any suggestions on what to try next (besides gut)?
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    How do you determine when you want a new racket?

    When my amygdala says 'yes', but my elbow says 'no'.
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    Poly/poly hybrids for spin production

    Was thinking of trying a Tour bite 18/Cyclone 19, 45/40 hybrid in an 18x20. Any thoughts or predictions about this combo?
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    The Prince Phantom 93P is a gift to us from TW - My Review/AMA

    Had a few hours with this racquet. Reminds me a lot of the ps 88--just a tad more flexy.
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    Prince Phantom Pro and Phantom Pro100P

    Anybody rocking the Japanese PP100XR? It's got an 825 Power rating so it must feel somewhat different from its American cousin?
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    Barricade Boost 2016 vs 2017
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    Most polarized current racquets?

    There's a thread from 2015 saying Graphene racquets are particular polarized. Is this still the case? I don't particularly like the traditional Head grip shape (prefer Wilson) and was wondering which racquets are particularly polarized stock, before applying lead.
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    RF Autograph (2017)

    Yeah, that's my justification as well: gut @58 to tame the power; max power @48 to tame its stiffness.
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    RF Autograph (2017)

    Do you think a Tonic Longevity/Max Power 18 combo (58 /48 lb) is worth a try?
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    adidas adizero Defiant Bounce

    Guess I'll give this and the Barricade a Boost.
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    adidas adizero Defiant Bounce

    Would these have long lasting heel cushion? I'm looking for a good heel-cushioned narrow shoe, that doesn't collapse quickly with age.
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    Are Rackets really where the $$ is?

    The racquet is the razor and the strings, shoes, overgrips are the blades.