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    FS: Head Youtek Speed Pro 3/8

    The new Novak model. This racket is in great condition. 9 of 10. Basically, I didn't want to wait for the demo to come into my local shop, so I bought and hit with it once for about half an hour. I can just tell it's not gonna top the AG100 for me, so it's gotta go. It does feel super nice...
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    FS/FT: Head Microgel Prestige MP, 4 1/2, 9 of 10

    Just like the title says. The notables on this racket are: -Frame is in VERY good condition. Hit with maybe three times. CAPs don't even have a scuff on them I don't think. -I bought this from another TWer who switched the pallets on it to the current 4 1/2. I think he used an older...
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    WTB: Dunlop Thermal 10 Pack Bag (M-Fil or Aerogel)

    Hi, Just like the title says. Looking for a good deal on a Dunlop 10 pack (I think these came in red and blue M-Fil and the current Aerogel, black maybe) in good condition. Let me know what you got. Pics help too. Thanks! jhvoss AT mac dottttt com
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    WTB: Dunlop Aerogel 100 4 3/8

    4 3/8 only. Let me know if you have one (or two) you're looking to unload. jhvoss AT mac dot com
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    Demo advice for a lady...

    Just wanted to post my GF's racket history and see if anyone had any suggestions for demos. 1. She began with some Prince I got here. Huge head, light, felt like a trampoline (yes I tried it). 2. She eventually picked up my PD+ one day, loved it. She used it for a long while...
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    Hybriding Vs Gut with ALU, tension ???

    Same setup as Fed. I'm not trying doing it just cause he does, I bought a PC600 used once with this setup already in it and really enjoyed it. I'm not a string breaker, so I think it should last long enough to justify the cost. I'm going to put it in my PT280. Gut in the Mains, Alu in the...
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    Fed will win.

    I called it mid way through the 4th. If he took the 4th he'd win the whole enchilada.
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    sruckauf is an excellent seller

    Sold me a racket in the exact condition he described, if not better. I honestly couldn't even tell it had been hit with. He also included, as a bonus, the exact strings it was strung with, enough for another 3 stringings. We had never discussed strings, so this was a pleasant surprise. Shipping...
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    WTB: Head Pro Tour 630/280, PT630, PT280

    In a 4 3/8 grip if possible, but will consider other sizes. In decent to excellent condition. Thanks. jhvoss AT mac dot commmmmmm
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    Swappable Head Pallets on new MG rackets?

    I just tried to get my local shop, which seem to know less about rackets than I do, to order me some head grip pallets. I need one for a MG Prestige Mid, and a couple for other older rackets. They swear up and down that you cannot take the pallet off the new MG rackets? Did Head stop using...
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    Wanted: Old style Head Stencil

    You know, the one that looks like this: NOT this (new one): Thanks, jhvoss AT mac dotttt commmmmm
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    FS:Dunlop Revelation 200G Pro Midplus (pics)

    I have a super classic and rare Dunlop Revelation 200G Pro Mid Plus! Check out the official TW review here. Condition 8/10 with minor paint chips and scratches. The one pic shows the worst of it. No cracks. Grip 4 1/4 (although...
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    WTB: Head Pro Tour 630, PT 630, 4 3/8

    Title says it all. I already have a couple PT 280s. I want to add the 630 to the collection. Thanks. jhvoss AT mac Dot commmmm
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    WTT (or WTB) 4 3/8 Head Pallet for 4 5/8

    I have a Head grip pallet off a Pro Tour 280 in a 4 5/8. I'd like to trade it for a 4 3/8 , or just buy a 4 3/8 from someone who has one. I don't know what the deal is with the Head Pallets changing shape over the years, but I want whatever shape was current when the PT280 and PC600 were...
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    Wanted: Babolat Pure Drive +, 4 1/2, non-cortex, non-roddick

    Looking for a Babolat Pure Drive + in 4 1/2 grip. The older, non-cortex and non-roddick version. A friend is looking for this exact racket so he has two. The one he has does have the Woofer technology, so that's okay. Thanks. Email to jhvoss AT mac dot com
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    Head_Rocketman is a great seller

    He even downgraded his price after noticing a mark he didn't see while initially listing the racket. He did this on his own, before shipping it out. It arrived in what I considered better condition than he estimated. Thanks CJ!
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    Another great transaction with steveq81

    While I've never had a bad experience buying on TW, I have to say steveq81 is an exceptional seller. Very fast shipping, clear communication and clear and accurate descriptions. Thanks Steve.
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    Wanted: Head Prestige's or Pro Tour 630/280, POGs

    Basically in the market for any classic head frames. Prestige Classic (and all it's variations except Liquidmetal and Flexpoint) and also a Pro Tour 630/280. Prefer 4 1/2 but will buy anything I can change the pallet on. Thanks. Also, looking for a cheap POG OS for a friend. 4 3/8.
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    FT: Head PC600 5/8 Grip Pallet for 1/2

    Hi, I have a 4 5/8 grip pallet and buttcap off a head TXP Pro (same as Prestige Pro and Prestige Pro 600 and PC600, etc). It's in really good condition and the buttcap is pretty sweet saying Head AMF. Anyway, I would like to trade it for a 4 1/2 Head PC600 pallet (or a 4 1/2 of the...
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    Wanted: POG OS, PT280/630

    Looking for a POG OS in a 3/8. The cheaper the better, I don't care what version. Beat up is fine, just no cracks. Also looking for a Head Pro Tour 280/630 in a 4 1/2. Thanks!!!! Have a mFil 300 4 1/2, and a Head Graphite Edge 4 3/8 to trade.
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    Actual Agassi Racket: Sticker on inside

    I saw someone selling an "authentic" AA used racket. It was a LM Radical and had signature on the grip and inside the throat. They said they got it from a charity auction. Looked legit to me, but I had a question about a sticker that was inside the throat. It was a sticker like from a label...
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    Wanted: Head PC600 pallet, buttcap, and/or head calfskin

    Got a used PC600 and someone replace the original pallet, buttcap, and calfskin grip. Beyond me why, but nonetheless. Need the pallet in a 4 1/2, and I want the short PC600, Prestige Pro, TXP, etc pallet. It has the plastic collar still in place. Also would like a new or good condition...
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    PC600 Grommets

    So, shortly after PC600 grommets (brownish ones) disappear from TW, now LM Prestige Mid grommets are gone. The only other ones I know of that are the same as the PC600 ones, aside from color. I'm not excited to replace my grommets with FXP Prestige Mid grommets, as they have the little notch cut...
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    What are these strings???

    On the top racket, the black and white twisted ones? I like them. Came in a used PC600 I got.
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    Donnay Pro One Internat'l Pics

    Couldn't help myself getting this one. For the price, I had to give it a shot. I have not hit with it yet, but I thought I'd throw up some shots next to a PC600. PC600 vs. DPOINT I've got an overgrip all the way up the PC600 grip and over the plastic collar. However, the Donnay still has a...
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    How to put on a Head Calfskin Leather Grip???

    So I managed to dig up some Head Calfskin grips, new, for my Prestige Pro's I bought gripless. They came with no sort of backing. I'm used to seeing a sticky strip on the underside of the grip when I've unwrapped them in the past. Do I need to apply some kind of double sided tape under these...
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    Five Frames: PD+, RD-7, M-Speed Pro, PK Type C, RDS 002

    -BABOLAT PURE DRIVE PLUS (4 1/2, 6 of 10) This is an older Pure Drive. Not sure the vintage, but you'll be able to tell by the photos. I got this from a college player, it's been well used, but it still hits fine. There is definite scuffing from 11 to 1 on the hoop. The undergrip is pretty...
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    WTT: Wilson Asian K90 for Head PC600

    I want to trade my Asian K90, 4 1/2, 9 of 10 condition for a similar condition, same grip, recent version of the TW PC600. I'll also sell outright for $165 shipped. Thanks. jhvossATmacDOTTTcom *******AK90 has been sold****** Still interested in purchasing PC600s. Thanks.
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    Tape at the top of an overgrip?

    So, I unwrapped and rewrapped a leather grip tonight on a used racket I got to rid the pallet of some modification lead. The black tape that holds the leather grip up has lost it's ability to hold for the most part. What kind of tape is best to use at the top of the grip? I've been wondering...
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    wanted: Head PC600, 4 1/2

    In near new condition. jhvoss AT macdotcom Thanks!