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    4x Babolat pure strike 100 with matching bag (white ones)

    Hey up for sale I have 4 pure strike 100s Quantity: 4 Head size: 100 Weight: they have all been customized...since each racket has a different starting weight there were different amounts of lead added to each racket to match them. They are about 12 grams. Of course the lead can be removed...
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    Pictures of balsa extending. I am on your thread but the pictures won't load. Any chance you...

    Pictures of balsa extending. I am on your thread but the pictures won't load. Any chance you would send them to me?
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    Wanted dr 98 blue

    looking for a few of these. 3/8 or 1/4. Let me know
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    Extended length rackets

    let me know what extended length rackets you have
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    Serve help

    I serve right hand and play left handed so why not learn a lefty serve? I shouldn't say it's the non dominant hand because I don't really know what I am naturally. My rand handed serve has been a struggle recently so I want to switch to lefty.
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    Serve help

    Hey guys what would be your advice for someone learning to serve with the weak hand? How should they strengthen the arm? Should they throw a ball against a wall and get a lot of reps? Or just serve and strengthen the arm that way? Or throw a football? Lift weights? I'm learning to serve with...
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    Best ATP event to attend in North America?

    Atlanta was cool. Unique tournament but not a ton of huge names.
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    Del potro an ATG

    He needs to switch to a one handed backhand. He's huge and has great hands/talent. There's no way he can't learn it. I'm sure it would be better than his current 2 hander. And he wouldn't have to worry about the wrist.
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    Steve Johnson slice backhand

    I didn't know his 2 hander was that bad. Has he ever tried a one hander? It does surprise me that players don't come to the net more on it...
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    Steve Johnson slice backhand

    I'm watching the Murray/Johnson match in rio right now and Steve Johnson has not come over a single backhand all match. He has been slicing every single one. It's a good slice, but why doesn't he come over backhands? Or is it just this match? I haven't watched a whole lot of Stevie J... But I...
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    Knee injury please help

    So I haven't hit in 4 days, but 3 days ago my knee just randomly started hurting my while I was walking. It's the area behind the knee (possibly the pcl?). When I walked down stairs the pain was very sharp, and hurts way more han walking up stairs. The knee feels like it keeps popping/cracking...
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    Re-starting Arizona State men's tennis

    Anyone know if they have any recruits yet? What's the latest?
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    Any point to playing ITA Circuit tourneys?

    This is the same kalim! He has been playing some money tournaments around the *******. He's still a good player. My son played him last year in a money tournament and had a right match. It will be interesting to see how he does.
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    Ideal UTR for d1 tennis

    He was about as low as 400. Never got to 500 though
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    Ideal UTR for d1 tennis

    While I see what your saying about it being tough and all, I don't know of any 13.06s that are winning futures matches. Most 5 star recruits are above a 13.06 and they don't have atp points. It will be a challenge to get to 13 but I think it can be done.
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    Height-Weight/Size for tennis players?

    I think height is a huge advantage, you just need to be able to move really well. Taller people have better served generally which is a huge advantage. I would say there is not idea size as long as they can move. The bigger the better
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    Something new to prevent Muscle Cramps

    Look up "bana" sports drink. It is like an IV in a bottle. So much sodium. It tastes like A** but I have never cranked since I started using it. It is only $2.00 for a 16oz bottle of it. Much cheaper than other alternatives such as pedialyte
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    Something new to prevent Muscle Cramps

    If you want to go to the bathroom every changeover
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    How I solved my shoulder pain

    This. If anything that just stretched out the underarms
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    Solinco Hyper G 1.15?

    This string would pop in about 5 mins...
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    Shorts for tall/slim guys?

    I've always been a Nike guy but recently discovered adidas makes good shorts.
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    Wilson Shoe designed for Hard Court sliding. Any word on this?

    I've heard the same. They pretty much look like a worn down hard court shoe. I can slide just as good if not better in regular shoes.
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    Ideal UTR for d1 tennis

    He moved to an academy and trained about 3x the amount he was before. Even though his utr has went up a ton, his tr has not went up as much as I would expect. He has not been emailing any coaches. I will tell him to get on that for sure. He played one ITA this summer and was seeded, but had to...
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    Ideal UTR for d1 tennis

    My son is a 12.2. He was a 10.4 in December so he is climbing the ranks quite nicely. Rising senior probably will do a late signing.
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    Ideal UTR for d1 tennis

    What is the ideal utr (senior year of high school) for a junior wanting to play d1 tennis. Say for a top 30 school, top 75, and those who aren't ranked. I know juniors are somewhat higher ranked on utr than college players So it is confusing. Just wanted to get some input and what you guys think.
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    Alabama men's tennis

    Also Goldin is leaving. Going to South Florida.
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    Alabama men's tennis

    Kerznerman, Lovett and I believe Edwards. And O'shaunessy graduated.
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    Alabama men's tennis

    I know for sure at least 3 of the players are leaving Albama.. Maybe more. Plus they had a senior that graduated. Anyone know what is going on there? Isn't the coach fairly new?
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    Want to buy babolat pure drives

    want to buy a ton of pure drives. 3/8 of 1/2 grip size. Let me know what you have.