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    Most compartmental bag?

    Which bag (less than 15 capacity) out there has the most compartments (closed or otherwise)?
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    Is there a shaped multi?

    I'm trying to identify a string in a racquet I've acquired. I don't have a picture of it right now but may post one later on when I have access to it again. The string is very "sharp" (i.e., it has edges or maybe twisted), It's quite thin too. The colour is graphite or a darkish grey. I'm...
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    2017/2018 Your favorite shirt

    I've been sort of disappointed with some recent shirt material (pilling/wear/roughness after some washing) from various brands (New Balance, Lacoste, Lotto, Puma, Head). Adidas and Sergio T are OK and seems to be the most reliable. My favorite shirt was the checkerboard pattern one from Nike a...
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    Most polarized current racquets?

    There's a thread from 2015 saying Graphene racquets are particular polarized. Is this still the case? I don't particularly like the traditional Head grip shape (prefer Wilson) and was wondering which racquets are particularly polarized stock, before applying lead.
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    You can trust Arlihawk

    Perfect transaction--excellent communication, accurate description, and extremely prompt shipping. Cheers!
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    Tecnifibre vs Pacific bag

    If you're familiar with these two bags: Pacific BX2 Black Thermal XL Bag Tecnifibre Team ATP 9-Pack Bag which one would you pick?
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    Cloning a racquet

    I have a racquet (relatively rare and customized) that I want to make a copy of (same length (XL), weight, balance, head size, etc.) starting with a racquet that is easier to find. Is there such a service (how much?) or a guide if I want to do this myself? iprestige mp xl
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    Shoes with zig zag string hole patterns?

    I have narrow feet and these types of shoe string hole pattern seem to fit me best. However, I only see the straight line pattern on present-day shoes. Was the alternating width a passing fad? What are some shoes with wider hole distances?
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    Calling Ektelon Model H experts

    Hi, I just got an Ektelon Model H and was trying to calibrate it. Although my tension head looks like the one in the manual, there is no adjustment screw/hole in the back of the catch assembly as drawn in the manual--it's just solid metal. So I'm wondering if this is an earlier model tension...
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    WTB: Wilson KFactor Pro Staff 88 4 5/8

    Looking for a good condition KPS88 in a 4 5/8 grip. Thanks!
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    Kblade Tour 93 | 4 5/8 | < $100

    Looking for a K Blade Tour with a 4 5/8 grip that's under $100. Cheers,
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    Alpha String Pal experience

    I've just finished my first racquet (ever) with my new String Pal. I thought I'd dive right in with a hybrid job Cyberflash poly 1.20mm main/Pro Supex Spiral Flex syn 1.25mm for a T-fight 320 (16x20). I'd watched Yulitle's and almerickso's videos before starting. Things went generally well, but...
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    Questions for EAG 300 owners

    I need a machine that can be stored in a closet. I like the glide clamps and crank of the 300, so I was wondering how difficult is it to remove/reinstall the arm holding the tensioner; and just how heavy is the thing overall? Thanks.
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    Positive reference for Mark Rodgers

    I recommend doing business with Mark Rodgers (mark.rodgers). His racket was just as described. He packaged the racket securely, communicated clearly, and was very prompt in shipping it out--just the perfect transaction. I would not hesitate to do business with him in the future.