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    Is it possible to go from a utr 5 to a utr 10.5 in 4 years

    As a matter of fact, there's only one Spieth and one Koepka. It would have been a huge mistake to replace golf clubs with tennis racquets for Spieth or Koepka when they were 12 y.o.
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    One way to make a highly-ranked, Div. 1 tennis team

    Hilarious posts! Ever look in the mirror?
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    One way to make a highly-ranked, Div. 1 tennis team

    I bet @mikej is petrified of getting fired from tt forum message board...
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    Tampa 6 yr old private coach ideas?

    Probably not a daily option for you but Steve Smith in Orlando is excellent in developing fundamentals. Very old school but I think would be very helpful to develop or to get advice on strong fundamentals so kids don't have to unlearn bad habits/techniques when they...
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    Thoughts on big-name academies?

    It seems like it's been awhile since a top player came out of the entire US hasn't it ? Just stirring the pot...;)
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    A story behind the headlines regarding cuts to college tennis

    Care to elaborate on what you mean by not really true?
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    A story behind the headlines regarding cuts to college tennis
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    Compared to other sports, how much does tennis receive?

    Stanford (Pac 12 conference). My daughter was on their rowing team and yes the special training tables and dining were open to all athletes no matter the team (not club players though lol). Lot's of privileges for athletes but dining was definitely one of the top highlights!
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    OK, I also want a 100mph serve! Suggestions please

    Unless my eyes deceive me, does not look like you have continental grip? If so, this would be the first item to change.
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    why so many 18s quit tennis before college

    Big congrats to your son! Sounds like he has a bright future ahead. I've enjoyed your posts through the years regarding junior tennis. It's bittersweet for sure. I still recall the last competitive junior matches my 2 girls played with mixed emotions. Both had chances to play college (D3)...
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    Stefan Edberg's forehand - what can we learn?

    Let's have a little perspective here. 99.99% of tennis players would take Grigor's forehand, career high #3 ATP, >18M$ prize money ;)
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    why so many 18s quit tennis before college

    This post contains almost all wrong info as usual: 1. No high school in the US has over 50% Ivy acceptance rate. Does not exist. 2. Legacies make up 14% of Harvard's undergrad population. That's not a small percentage but let's not make it sound like the majority of students are legacies...
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    why so many 18s quit tennis before college

    As I said to each their own... I wonder if the odds of playing D1 tennis then going to medical school is a bit higher than winning the Powerball then what are the odds of becoming the next John Mayer.
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    why so many 18s quit tennis before college

    Well lots of work and a couple of donations to the college guy Singer goes a long ways ;)
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    why so many 18s quit tennis before college

    I am paying full price for my 2 kids to attend the HYPS schools. I can afford to do this and think it's worthwhile. My daughter knows better than ask me for $800 concert ticket though. But to each their own...
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    Tennis does not change. 100% of Vic Braden's Tennis for the Future (1977) applies in 2020

    @JohnYandell above considered the "low" toss to be not optimal. Would you care to enlighten us on 1 or 2 Braden teachings that you would consider misleading? Thanks
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    why so many 18s quit tennis before college

    To each his own...congrats!
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    Tennis @Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)

    This must be the recruit to whom you are referring? Sounds like he had to overcome a number of challenges to get to where he is!
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    why so many 18s quit tennis before college

    I completely agree: 1. it's difficult to get into medical school 2. it's difficult to play D1 tennis in a high powered program 3. it's very difficult to do both 1 & 2 I have no insight into why Hsu dropped tennis after sophomore year either. There are too many possible reasons to speculate...
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    why so many 18s quit tennis before college

    I am a physician who played tennis back in the day (not nearly good enough for college) and have kids that are highly ranked juniors so have some interest in this subject. Without wasting time searching the internet, a couple of names I've previously come across below. Hsu is at UPenn and...
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    Durable string suggestion

    My 15 y.o. son UTR 10+ heading towards 11 (hopefully) does the same with his strings. Currently using Diadem Solstice Power - 16L (1.25mm) in Head Speed MP racquets. He tried thicker 16 (1.30mm) which lasted much longer but lost feel/control. Tried Solinco Hyper G didn't like string and didn't...
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    Re: the ‘junior and college tennis a waste of time and money’ thread

    The irony of painting with a wide brush and assigning college tennis players majors as useless and not serious while one's own offspring is a SAT/ACT genius but has zero interest in doing school work? While I have 2 college kids majoring in STEM at the HYPS schools, I would not be as...
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    UTR Admits Change In Algorithm—Severely Hampers Ability To Raise Rating

    Just curious how do you propose UTR or any rating system take that into consideration?
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    Anyone know anything about the American kid who made the finals of the French ?

    Fall 2020
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    A Rant About Junior Tennis...

    Obviously I wasn't there but here are different points to consider. 1. Going through one's regular service motion and acing an overmatched opponent is not running up the score. It's called playing tennis. 2. I teach my son that no matter who the opponent is to give your all on every point...
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    High Level Baseline Game Style Upgrade Tips

    More info would guide the advice. Have you asked him why he is reluctant or do you have insight into why he is reluctant? Off the top of my head, if there is not a technical flaw on forehand, I would set up match/point play where he only gets credit for the point (or get bonus points) if he...
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    How to enter junior ITF tournaments?

    Thanks so much for the info!
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    How to enter junior ITF tournaments?

    Hi not sure if this is the correct forum but seems like there are some knowledgeable junior/college parents on here. My soon to be 15 y.o. USTA junior would like to start playing junior ITF tournaments that are within reasonable travel distance for us. I can't seem to figure out what the entry...
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    DIII Academic/Tennis Balance?

    My kids are on "parental" full rides so I'd consider $30K a year a bargain! Sounds like U of A is a great fit with physics/astronomy but I would be wary of the set in stone plans of an 18 y.o. My oldest was set on ChemE going in, then considered CS, then EE. Now is settled on a different...