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    Opening a Pattern

    Would it be possible to string a racquet with a more open pattern than it's designed to be? For example, could I skip some mains and/or crosses to turn my 18x20 into, say, a 16x18? Or would that destroy the frame?
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    Manufacturing and Marketing

    Why do you suppose companies keep releasing new frames every few years? It's a very poorly kept secret that many pros use paintjobs, so why don't companies conserve advertising dollars as well as R&D dollars used in acquiring new technology and instead continue to manufacture a popular frame...
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    Advice on Fingertip Weaving

    I've noticed in many videos that when doing the crosses, good stringers use only their fingertips and can do a weave in no time at all. I started to get the hang of it last night when stringing with a multifiliment, but my fingers kept slipping off the end around halfway through the bed. I'm...
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    FS: Wilson H6, 95, 4 1/2

    Wilson H6 Midplus HEAD SIZE: 95 GRIP SIZE: 4 1/2 STRING PATTERN: 16x18 CONDITION: 8/10 WEIGHT: 9.2 oz LENGTH: 27.25 in. BALANCE: 3.8 pts. head heavy I played with this racquet for about two years. I will put a new black overgrip on the racquet before shipping. The racquet is...
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    Who would transition the best?

    If some accident were to befall a professional tennis player where they lost use of their legs, who do you think would be able to transition most easily to wheelchair tennis?
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    Finally, an upper echelon?

    I had a weird thought watching Baghdatis yesterday- has the ATP tour finally found a solid Top 10 of superstar players? From one era, there was Borg, McEnroe, Lendl, Wilander, etc. Then comes Sampras, Agassi, Chang, Courier, etc. Now we have Federer, Nadal, Blake, Baghdatis, etc. I just had the...
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    Euros vs. Dollars

    I am currently enjoying a European vacation, and I am wondering why the Euro system seems so much better than the Dollar system? They're pretty similar, and I just cannot understand why I like the Euro system more. Any ideas?
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    Spanish Food

    I'm going to go to Barcelona this winter, and as a budding young foodie, I want to know what's good to eat in Spain! If you know of any good dishes, or restaurants in the area, please let me know!
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    Crash movie

    Has anyone seen this movie? It's the stories of anumber of people, and how they intertwine in 36 hours. It's really a good movie. Some parts are really messed up, but it makes you think.
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    Halo 3 is Announced (for real)

    Now Bungie has announced that they are indeed working on Halo 3. Check it out over on bungie*.net (no asterix). There's pics and a trailer. Due out in 2007 for the 360.
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    Big point line calls

    How do you handle close calls on game/set/match points? I had a close high school match yesterday (7-5, 6-3) and on a match point he hit his first serve just a bit long. It was really close, but I called it out. He stopped, and asked me if I was sure. I said, "Yes, it was out." But in my...
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    Anyone like to cook?

    Anyone? I love cooking, especially grilling. Desserts are fun too.
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    Kicked in the...

    Nuts. Check it out:
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    Inside out or not?

    Do you put your overgrips on inside-out, or normally? I realize that for some grips, there is not a real difference...but I accidently put a Prince Microtac grip on my ProStaff inside out, because I wasn't paying attention, and I love it inside-out! Normally it feels nice, but inside out, it is...
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    Golovin Tries Her Best

    What a comeback in the second set, then she absolutely shreds her ankle. Too bad, she had Sharapova on the ropes. At least she didn't give up, and tried to play it out. I just became a Golovin fan.
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    Season Premier of THIEF (maybe spoilers)

    Anyone catch this? I thought it was pretty good, but why kill off so many people so quickly? Andre Braugher does an awesome job, from the opening heist to the closing hook. I think I'll be watching this series as well. I'm such an FX junkie...
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    Federer & Moya

    Is it just me, or does Federer look a little bit like Carlos Moya? Weird...
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    Isaac Hayes - South Park

    Thoughts on this? I caught the Season Premiere tonight, they rip on Chef pretty hard.
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    Steroids in Baseball

    What exactly is the point? Guys are getting busted in baseball for steroids all the time, and I don't see why. It's baseball! Some people have told me it's so they can hit the ball further. They take steroids on the off chance that they might have to use their muscles for 1/10000000 of a...
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    V For Vendetta

    It came out today, and I've gotta say, it was probably the best movie I've seen in a long time. Thoughts?
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    Adam Sandler Tennis movie?

    Wouldn't that be awesome? Adam Sandler has had tennis scenes or at least alked about tennis in a few movies... I envision it sort of like Happy Gilmore, but with tennis!
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    How to string!?

    I'm interested in buying a stringer, but I have no idea how to use one. I don't want anything too complex, or expensive, but I would like to be able to string my own racquets. I tried searching for a topic like this, and I couldn't find what I needed. Please help!
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    What do you do?

    Where do you work? I'm a "Student".
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    Help from those who used PS Tour 95

    I have a ProStaff Tour 95, but I'm not sure I really like it. I want something stiffer, and maybe a little more pop. I really like to control with the Tour 95 though. I've demo'ed a bunch of racquets, and I really liked the AeroPro Drive + and the Pure Drive +. So my question is: for...
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    Blister on the palm!

    Howdy. I was on the court today for about three hours, and now I have a blister on my palm, right were the end of my racquet handle rests. It doesn't hurt a whole lot to play tennis, but just enough so that I'm aware of it. Do I drain it, use tape, what? Help! High school tryouts are in...
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    New haircut

    Just went from shoulder-length hair to bald, and feeling good! Discussion: Does hair grant you tennis powers: i.e., long-hair : Federer, Bald : Agassi?
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    Lurker: A truce

    Lurker, you've been spamming the boards for the past few days annoying everyone. We'd have no problem with you, except you keep talking about NOTHING AT ALL, and making pages of threads in the process. You have the privilege to be on these forums, so please make it enjoyable for everyone and...
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    Jammed on OHBH, how to move?

    I'm switching to a one-handed backhand, but I'm worried about getting jammed. I don't want to back away, because then I feel like I'm falling away from the shot. And sometimes you just don't run around it. How do I handle this sort of situation?
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    Natural or Trained?

    I'm having a hard time deciding if I want to develop a one-handed backhand, or stick with two hands. I've played with a two-handed backhand since I've started playing tennis (about 6 years ago) but I've recently tried a one-handed. Not only does the one-handed backhand feel a billion times...
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    Soda, Beer, other tasty drinks

    Do beverages other than water, juice, and an occasional sports drink hurt your game? Becuase I'm enjoying the heck out of a SONIC cherry-limeade. Thanks for your help!