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    First UTR tournament - totally called it

    Played my first UTR tournament, also my first tourny in 4 years. When I signed up I said I'd probably get whooped by a 12 year old kid. Some times I hate it when I'm right lol. It was fun. Didn't play as well as I wanted but about as expected given that I haven't been able to practice much at...
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    Will a single half hitch hold?

    When I tied off the cross string of ashway monogut zx (black) the string broke, leaving a single half hitch. What should I do?
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    Twist vs Kick serve

    I thought I had a good understanding, but then I watched this video and now I have doubts: I thought the twist was basically half way between a kick and a slice. What's the proper definition?
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    Yonex Carbonex 7

    I got a Yonex Carbonex 7 at the thrift store. Seems to be in good shape. Can anyone tell me about it? Kinda funny that the racket says "Carbonex," but the racket cover says "Carbnex."
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    MEP-type match video

    Just imagine GSG vs this blue shirt guy. How long would that take? Main lesson for me is don't go the net against a moonballer.
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    Trying the Yonex Ezone 98+, any tuning suggestions?

    My current racket is the Ai98 and I love it, but I need another and decided to test the new Ezones 98s, with particular interest in the 98+. 1st time I hit with it I mostly liked it, but it felt a lot slower than my modded Ai. So for the 2nd hit I found a package of tack putty and added 50...
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    Stiff Neck/pain after playing

    Anyone else deal with a stiff neck after playing? For me it hits the day after I play, and often lasts 2-3 days. When I play often my neck stays sore. I'm 40 btw, but have had this issue several years. I fear it's arthritis and there isn't much to do about it.
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    topspin "drop" shot

    My regular backspin drop shot stinks so I rarely try it. Too many shots into the net or easy sitters to bother with. However, I regularly surprise people with a super-short and soft topspin shot. It's a much higher percentage shot for me and one huge advantage is that it's naturally disguised...
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    First UTR tournament this weekend!

    Not sure what to expect. I don't have a rating yet and 80% of those registered don't either. It was going to be inside but with the new restrictions it's been moved outdoors. Highs forecasted to be low 50s. I haven't competed in over 3 years and just started playing again so I don't expect to...
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    4.0-4.5 play in Livingston, MT, 7/4 - 7/11?

    I'm visiting family in Montana and am looking to hit a little while there. Strong 4.0/borderline 4.5. Playing a tournament when I get back so I'm trying to stay in practice.
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    got a foam roller and it whooped me

    Heard how a foam roller can be great. I usually get sore muscles so I thought I'd give it a try. Honestly, I've been at least somewhat sore 80% of the time for the past year since I started playing again. Anyways, played thursday, friday, and sunday. Legs weren't bad, just felt some tension...
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    Dunlop MW 200g vs Bio 200

    So I played with a head YT prestige MP for a bit and liked it, but never got used to the grip shape. And it seemed a little stiff. Saw the Bio 200 on sale at TW and thought I'd give it a shot. I like it quite a bit, but only have one and don't see them available. Seen some interesting reviews...
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    Borg forehand video

    If seen it on here but can't find it now that I'm looking. Slow motion vid of Borg's forehand with a windshield wiper finish. Anyone know where it is? Thanks.
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    Take two?

    Played a doubles tournament type thing today (round robin, first to 5 games no-add matches). My first time competing at all as an adult. Stopped playing for 15 years, just took it back up 7 months ago. Had a couple of times where I thought I maybe should have been given another 1st serve, but...
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    Serve return tips for one had backhand?

    Any advice from the 1hbh experts? My main issue is changing the grip quickly enough. Unless it's a slow serve I'm basically stuck with the grip I start with. So for a given service I can choose a) topspin forehand, slice or block backhand b) topspin backhand, slice or block forehand When I...