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    Predict final slam totals of top 10 (replacing Ferrer/Berdych with Murray/Del Potro

    The open era in tennis began in 1968--46 years ago. If you're only 45, then you didn't see the pre-open players play except on film or maybe at the very end of their careers when you were a very small child. I'm considerably older and I did see Laver, Rosewall and Newcombe, among others, play...
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    Opponent says I "bounce the ball too much"

    I'm old. I don't have that much life to waste, so I wouldn't play socially with someone who bounced the ball that many times. Most the people I play with don't even bother to bounce it at all, just hit the ball and play.
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    Do you have a default pattern of play?

    Serve wide, then hit the ball to the backhand until I miss, get an error, or get a short ball. If the short ball bounces high enough, then try to put it away cross court on the short angle. If the short ball isn't weak enough to put away, then slice the ball deep to the backhand corner and...
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    Estimating serve speed using height of ball on fence

    There are previous threads on this topic--I know I started one before understanding just how hard it would be. My math skills are pretty poor, but I finally calculated that on a tennis court with a typical 20' between the baseline and the fence that a flat serve hit from 8' above the ground...
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    what are your swing thoughts?

    This. Or all sorts of other stuff and then I miss it.
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    REALLY slanted courts.....

    I went to high school at a small town in a resort area in northern Michigan, and the only public courts had only about two feet of cement behind the baseline, followed by another two feet of gravel and then the fence. A friend and I played there all the time and learned to stand on the...
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    Thoughts on height over the net

    I read an article on the math of the flight of the ball, and what I remember is that a ball hit at a height of one meter from the baseline at 67 miles per hour needs to clear the net by 1.8 meters if hit flat and 2.2 meters with topspin to land on the opposite baseline. Of course you want to...
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    The Premature Celebration Hindrance Call

    My regular hitting partner often says something like "Aw [crap]" when he hits a ball he thinks is going out--and sometimes it goes in. We've played often enough so that I ignore it now, but to begin with sometimes I'd get a late start for a ball because I assumed he was right about it being...
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    Just played a weird set

    If you play enough, almost every scoring possibility will occur. Last Sunday I lost a 7-5 set where I was 3-3 on my serve and he was 4-2. I had at least one break point on all of his serves, and in his last two service games he came back from 0-40 and 5-40. He played absolutely great on every...
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    Got beat by a guy hitting slice forehands

    If I had a choice between only hitting forehand slices or being afraid to come to the net, I'd choose hitting the slice.
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    If Wimbledon was played on blue grass...

    Federer would win every set and every set would be a Golden Set.
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    Question (need answer)

    Tennis has changed so much since I started playing back in the 1960s that this question is rather tricky. In the 1970s when I was in my early 20s, I was a class A player and played in Open Tournaments getting as far as the semi-finals once. But the game was entirely different. Almost everyone...
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    On Which Side Do You Err?

    Like some others here, I think there is a lot of self-deception going on in this thread and all the similar ones--or else many of you have a very different world view than I do. I'm pretty confident that the sun will rise in the East tomorrow morning, but I'm not 100% sure even of that. Maybe...
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    My Encounter With a Pusher

    That's still the right way to play. But I have such trouble getting my whites white enough! I'd allow wearing colored clothing, but only on public courts of course.
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    Return Grip Backhand vs Forehand

    I hold the racket in an Eastern Forehand grip so I can take a swing at the serve, if it goes to the right place. If the serve goes to backhand, I either slice it from the Eastern Forehand grip or hit two-handed with the right (dominant) hand in the same position.
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    Floating backhand slice

    Dang! I thought someone wanted instruction on how to hit a floating backhand slice. That's one of the only areas of tennis I'm an expert on and qualified to give advice.
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    Help with partner falling apart in USTA matches

    I'm not thin skinned. I am not going to get upset even if my partner gets the point across awkardly. But then, I've practiced law for 25 years so I doubt there is any insult left that I haven't heard.
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    Help with partner falling apart in USTA matches

    I don't know the level of 3.5 women's tennis (I played open tournaments many, many years ago, but only have played with friends for a couple of decades now), but I regard getting the first serve in as a tactical question. I can hit a difficult serve to return (hard and flat or a spin on the...
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    Hybrid Backhand??

    It isn't necessarily pretty, but like quite a few recreational I use both a one- and two-handed backhand. I return first serves and rally balls that are very hard hit with two hands--they could otherwise overpower my backhand. Then I hit everything else one-handed, except sometime I'll change...
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    Backhand volley one or two hands?

    Like JRstriker12, I sometimes volley with two hands on the backhand side if I get jammed--but I just keep the left hand on the throat to add stability. This usually happens when my opponent and I are exchanging volleys at close range and I don't have time to do much beyond get the racket in...
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    optimal hours/week

    My weekly range is from 4 to 9 hours at age 59. I try to play at least twice (2 hours each) per week, three times if I can. On a good week, I'll also go and practice up to 3 times for about an hour each. I'm still playing singles, almost no doubles, and I need at least a day in between...
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    Open stance handling of low short balls = nightmare for me

    This may be a case where the recreational player would find the shot much easier with classical rather than modern technique. I use an Eastern Forehand and Backhand grip and I just slice short low balls away on the angle. Usually a winner, but at worst a good approach shot that leaves me in...
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    Me hitting, what is my NTRP

    More than anything, I like these clips because you looked like you were having fun. It is real tennis, a wide variety of shots and nice consistency, and well thought out points. If everyone could play tennis like you do, the sport would be many times as popular as it is.
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    how to get past a thrashing

    Get divorced. Get fired. Have some people you love die. Maybe go bankrupt; have your business fail; get disbarred; go to jail; get cancer--in general put up with all the crap life will give to you sooner or later. After experiencing a few of those things, getting thrashed in a tennis match...
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    Taking the winter off...

    Here in Texas, the weather is usually better for playing in winter than summer. In the summer I do pretty well to play once or twice per week, early in the morning. In winter it's more like two or three times per week, because I can play in the afternoons. (I usually only play outdoors).
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    Switching to 2HBH-Middle aged Rec Player

    I've gone back and forth between one- and two-handed backhands for years. Neither is good; neither is terrible. I've finally settled down to a system of sorts where I use both. I return serve (unless its very wide) with two hands. When I need to hit a passing shot and have time to set up...
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    Who is the man who can smash the domination of Fedalovic?

    Jack Sock Because of the name, if for no other reason.
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    What are your strengths/weaknesses?

    Strengths Volleys, Overheads, Return of Serve, Backhand and Forehand Slices, Half volley, Passing shot, Quickness and Effort Neutral Serve Weaknesses Backhand and forehand, Lobs, Speed, Endurance What can I say? I'm an old guy that learned to play in another era. Let get to the...
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    Recreational Serve Speed

    Don't ask! I started a thread about this question a little while ago (one of many on this issue over the years) and immediately learned that the physics is beyond me. I do, however, have my brother, an engineer who can handle some of the math, working on a sort of answer. But a short answer...
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    Let's be honest, the real way to win matches is to...

    The best way to avoid unforced errors is for the other player to make one first. So it's going to depend on the level of play: 2.5 Just hit the ball somewhere right in the center of the court as soft as you like; 3.0 Hit the ball deeper than the service line; 3.5 Hit the ball deeper...