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  1. J

    Diamond Age has Begun

    I dont know if "Diamond Age" is the proper name for an era with slam winners that coudnt beat Big4 until they used crutches on court...
  2. J

    Ronnie OSullivan says Federer would have 40 Slams if it weren't for Rafole

    Do you know how many slams Fedal has stopped Djokovic from (likely) winning?
  3. J

    Ronnie OSullivan says Federer would have 40 Slams if it weren't for Rafole

    Maybe, but never lost to Stan on HC though:). But anyway, 7-8 slams to Rafa, and how many to Djokovic?? I think Federer was stopped more by Rafole than the other way around, or am i wrong??
  4. J

    Ronnie OSullivan says Federer would have 40 Slams if it weren't for Rafole

    2012 probably tough, but very good chance at AO14 though.
  5. J

    Ronnie OSullivan says Federer would have 40 Slams if it weren't for Rafole

    ...and if there were slams played on snow, Norway would have a multi slam winner. It is what it is. Rafa knew about the slam distribution when he developed as a player. He & Uncle T chose to develop Rafas game for clay, thats on them. If you go down that road you could also argue clay has...
  6. J

    Ronnie OSullivan says Federer would have 40 Slams if it weren't for Rafole

    All Big3 would of course win more without the others around. I dont have the time to check, but i think Federer was stopped more by Big3 than the other way around. So it makes sense that Fed would be "the winner", Nadal alone has cost him nearly 10 slams.
  7. J

    Lets talk "Age"

    Well they did. Big4 all played their best tennis in their 20s. Federer 2004-2010. Nadal 2008-2013. Djokovic 2011-2016. Murray has barely played post 30. Nadals 3 best seasons he was 22, 24 and 27. Federer 2004-2007 he was 23-26y. Djokovic was 24 in 2011 and 27/28 2015/2016.
  8. J

    Lets talk "Age"

    Well isnt this as expected? The younger ATG beats the older ones...
  9. J

    Lets talk "Age"

    This is more because players have longer careers, not because they peak later.
  10. J

    Lets talk "Age"

    Return better and competition stronger in 2011, but i agree its hard to say.
  11. J

    Lets talk "Age"

    I think its easy to get blinded by the age of the last slam winners, which of course is irrelevant to when players peak. Big4 peaked and won most of their slams in their 20s. Because they are ATGs and the LostGen suck, they still win slams. But it doesnt change the fact that they peaked in...
  12. J

    2019 Indian Wells F - [4] Federer vs [7] Thiem

    Poor Fed, if he wins the final it will be yet another not-valid title for him. No Big4 win No top7 win No top20 player before the final
  13. J

    When did Nadal leave his prime?

    "Statistically" Nadal is still in his prime:-D
  14. J

    Who's more likely to win another slam: Roger Federer or Serena Williams ?

    Dont think any of them will but id go with Fed. If Djoker should slip he is still at least 50/50 vs anyone at 3/4 surfaces.
  15. J

    Djokovic is going for history

    Funny how an explanation in the eyes of one fanbase is an excuse for the other... ;)
  16. J

    When did the Weak Era Begin?

    Just a few years, but it feels like a lifetime:cry:
  17. J

    When did the Weak Era Begin?

    Why is it more than one option in the poll? The last option should be more than enough.
  18. J

    Miami 2011- Genesis of Ultron

    I dont know exactly when Ultron emerged, and i dont think it was one particular match that did it. But you are touching a very important point; how important confidence is among the ATGs. This is partly why i dont like these "highest level ever" threads. A lot of the changes in winning streaks...
  19. J

    Ivo Karlovic: ''Djokovic is the best''

    As i have stated several times, i think its weird to speak of this subject without taking surface into consideration. Especially when none of the 10+ slam winners have an even distribution.
  20. J

    Federer/Tsitsipas career trajectory update!

    Looking forward to the 2008/2025 update:D
  21. J

    Should Fed Play More 250s to pass Connors?

    Eventually yes. But as long has he goes deep in major tournaments, i think he wont do major changes in his scheduling. I can see him playing more minor tournaments when he cant go deep in Majors/Minors anymore. He will keep playing slams though, but he might cut down on Masters and play more...
  22. J

    The Ruud Awakening!

    So rude...
  23. J

    The Ruud Awakening!

    Rude start from Ruud. 4-0.
  24. J

    Dubai 2019, SF: R.Federer(2) vs B.Coric(6)

    And Peakerer wins 6-2, 6,2. Nice to see Meles "transition" is happening:p
  25. J

    The Ruud Awakening!

    And he wins:). I guess thats top100 for the first time??
  26. J

    The Ruud Awakening!

    Yeah i guess the only is up:laughing:
  27. J

    The Ruud Awakening!

    Casperer and Federer playing at the same time...
  28. J

    Is the Guru finally taking the step...

    Well Roger needs to play him... soon... maybe twice:D