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    2018 US Open F - JM Del Potro (3) vs Novak Djokovic (6)

    when was the last time someone won two in a row? was it djokovic himself??
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    2018 US Open F - JM Del Potro (3) vs Novak Djokovic (6)

    match itself was anti-climactic. would have been nice for delpo to at least push novak more to his limits. novak played steady and solid...about as straightforward a GS final as it could be... Djokovic making a solid run now..he is easily the favorite going into AUSOPEN...WoW..if he wins...
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    2018 US Open Quarter-final - Rafael Nadal (1) vs Dominic Thiem (9)

    thiem showed great heart and fought till the end. his decision making however makes him too much of a wildcard...he goes for crazy shots and has to redline his game.
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    2018 US Open SF - Rafael Nadal (1) vs JM Del Potro (3)

    we are heading towards a del potro - djokovic final
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    USO 2018 R4: [2] Federer vs Millman

    Federer sounds like he in a bit of denail by chalking this up to "this happens sometimes". it seems to happen to roger much more frequently than other players. But i think federer knows he going to do something about it? No. He's only got a few years (max) left.
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    USO 2018 R4: [2] Federer vs Millman

    i dont think djokovic had anything to do with this. if fed thinks he cannot beat djoker, then don't play... im pretty sure that is NOT his mentality..he knows if he plays well he has chances against everyone.
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    USO 2018 R4: [2] Federer vs Millman

    Federer up 40-15 to go up 2-0 in sets. then loses the match. seems like another choke job. unsurprising though. Federer has been in poor form really most of the year.
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    Safin: Federer and Nadal are still on top cause young players are terrible

    i'm not sure it has anything to do with respect or deference to the great players. it has everything to do with GAME. The younger guys just aren't physically, and technically good enough to challenge the previous generation. it's not as if the mental part of the game is what's holding these...
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    Federer will beat Novak this time

    novak has looked good. kyrgios made fed look good, but once they got into a few rallies fed couldnt hit two bhs in a row. Fed's game isn't solid/sharp/stable enough to beat djokovic. Novak is the heavy favorite - i will be pleasantly surprised if fed takes this.
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    USO 2018 R2 :- Roger Federer [2] v/s Benoit Paire

    crap match. Fed looks worse than even last yr.
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    Federer practice session - not good.

    fed has a reputation for being a poor practice player... a better indication is his own attitude and body language. Federer is not exuding confidence at all. Fed cannot just turn the switch off/on from long breaks...he needs reps, and needs to play more matches. He is not sharp at all...that...
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    Disgusting play by Federer

    the vitriol should be directed to the guys who lost to this fed..not to fed himself...
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    2018 Cincinnati Masters final - Federer vs Djokovic

    its officially an upset for Federer to win against novak anywhere now. Always thought it was foolhardy for Federer to play only one tournament before the USOPEN. Now his confidence will not be high, and I doubt Federer can beat nole at the usopen a potential showdown. Novak - you have...
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    Dimitrov: "Talent Doesn't Win Matches"

    Grigor is much more similar to tommy haas in calibre than Federer. Grigor is well rounded, but doesnt have point ending strokes. Fed can end pts with his serve, forehand, backhand, slice etc
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    Roger Federer dodging more tournaments

    Fed risks losing clarity and sharpness on the big pts by not playing much. He was ousted early at W, and is now on the shelf for a long time..unless there is injury, difficult to see the logic.
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    Which loss is more crushing for Rafa - AO 17 or Wimb 18 ?

    setting aside injuries, this isn't the end of the road for anyone of three guys in question. Djokovic and Nadal are playing at a level higher than any of the other players on tour. So unless their form dips, hard to see anybody challenging in the next year at least. Only a federer summoning...
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    As of now, who is the greater AO player between Federer and Djokovic?

    Fed is "greater" due to record but i do think that djokovic is "better". Djokovic is a more dominant AO player. Roger has longevity, consistency and versatility (rebound ace, plexicushion) on his side. in a final, the favorite is djokovic for a few reasons. But against the field over the...
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    What is better federer 8-11 in wimbledon finals or sampras 7-0?

    such a disingenuous thread...comparing 7-0 with 8-11... your credibility has been shot, troll.
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    Next Gen players and Novak

    tennis is about matchups. novak doesnt seem to match up that well agains the next gen...but federer does... lets see if it was just a matter of poor form / slump from djoko and not something more.
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    Is THIS...finally... the beginning of the end for Fed?

    the moment we are born, we start dying... fed still got game...
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    Ryan Harrison - The Angriest Player the Game has ever seen

    this type of anger conveys entitlement...his expectations are divorced from reality...
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    Where does Djokovic rank all time on grass?

    lots of bias against novak because he plays mostly from the baseline... people rating becker and edberg above him? really? i can understand mcenroe but its still a tough sell. lets not forget he has 5 finals (lost to murray). djokovic beat a decent fed twice in finals! Nadal once! these are...
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    Final Slam count of Novak?

    anything less than 16 would be a disappointment considering the calibre of player that he is...
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    Would Federer have beaten Djokovic today?

    No. but it would have been a better final for sure.
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    More epic win - AO 2017 or Wimbledon 2018?

    physically tougher maybe (tho it was over two days)...but novak was always ahead in the score..that has to be taken into consideration...whereas fed was down a break heading for another defeat in the final match.
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    More epic win - AO 2017 or Wimbledon 2018?

    people forget tho that nadal was injured during the IW/Miami Swing. couldnt even play acapulco... if you read his latest interview, nadal considers this wimbledon as a result "coming back from injury." the match was undoubtedly epic, but nadal is not the same nemesis for novak as for...
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    Rank the Wimbledon Champions since 2010

    people forget that in 2012, federer had back issues going into the matches with djoker and murray. he was wearing a black shirt underneath to ensure it didn't stiffen up.
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    Can we all finally agree that there's only a big three

    more like this. Federer Nadal/Djok Murray/Stan Delpo/Cilic the rest...
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    How do you lot feel about Djokovic's resurgence?

    about ^^^^ing time. we need murray, stan to come back strong too!