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    Superjumbo is the real deal!

    I purchased three high-quality racquets that are no longer in production from Superjumbo. If anything, they are in even better condition than advertised. Immediate shipping. And a great price. Arrived three days from purchase. Superjumbo does what he says he will. Highly recommended!
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    The skinny on Jack Bleiman...

    Bought a stick from Jack Bleiman. Excellent trade! Jack is courtesous, provides accurate info and pics. Racquet in excellent condition. Prompt shipping. Straight shooter. No games. Jack Bleiman is highly recommended! Gasquetrules:):)
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    Gamma G325

    Looking for Gamma G325 frames. Will buy one, two or perhaps three. Prefer 4-3/8 grips, but will accept 4-1/2. Frames need not be strung; racquet covers not required. Contact at:
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    Lendl forehand very much like Federer forehand...

    I was watching the '84 French final last night and was struck by the technical similarities between the Lendl "bolo" forehand and the ultra-modern attacking whip forehand that Federer has used to dominate tennis. Also, one also sees similar technique on the forehand from Djokovic and Verdasco...
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    Gasquet-Wawrinka doubles

    I noticed that Gasquet and Wawrinka teamed up to win a straight-set victory over the best doubles team in the world, Nestor and Zimonjic, in first-round doubles action in Indian Wells. Pretty impressive! I like both their games and hope I get a chance to watch them play some doubles as...
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    Who will win Davis Cup 2009?

    Certainly not the USA. Maybe Russia, Spain or Argentina... depends on who is healthy and in form. If Tsonga is healthy, France has an excellent chance. Austria could do well if Wawrinka and Federer are both in top form. Should have added Serbia and Croatia to the list. Consider a vote for...
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    My take on Roddick vs. Gasquet

    Roddick should be favored based upon his experience and confidence and form right now, but Gasquet is certainly capable of beating Roddickon grass, and if he does it couldn't be called a huge upset... a mild one, perhaps. Like Mauresmo, Gasquet was tauted as a future French Open champ because...
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    Richard Gasquet will beat Andy Roddick in the fourth round

    Richard Gasquet was the first man into the fourth round. Prediction: Gasquet beats Roddick, and probably in straights, and with so many of the big guns losing in the first round, Gasquet plays in the final. Richard Gasquet: THE NEXT BIG THING IN MEN'S TENNIS!