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    Pensacola/Destin, Fla. (4.0/4.5) Ready/Willing to Play!!

    I live in Pensacola along Fla's Emerald Coast. Have access to private clay or hardcourt. Single, no kids, no job.....can play pretty much anytime! Ambrose
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    Sharp, Tingling, Numb, Burning PAIN in Left Thigh ?? HELP!

    For several weeks I've been experiencing pretty significant pain that comes and goes on the side and front (above the knee) of my right thigh. It feels likes it's nerves. It's not muscular or bone. The pain feels as though it's on the "top" or very close to the outside edge of the skin...
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    How can they not be Sweating!?

    I see it all the time. But right now I'm re-watching the 2005 US Open Final between Agassi & Federer. They are deep in the second set and NEITHER OF THEM ARE SWEATING. Agassi does'nt even have beads of sweat forming on his bald head!?? I sweat like crazy. I just don't see how it's possible...
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    Programmable (portable/battery) Tennis Ball Machines

    The only portable (battery) operated models/brands of tennis ball machines that I'm aware of are: Lobster Grand Slam IV Lobster Grand Slam V Lobster Grand Slam V L.E. (limited edition) Silent Partner Quest How easy/hard is it to program various shots/drills on these machines? Is it...