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    Pure Drive Plus (2015) compared to Pure Drive Team Plus (2001)

    I think I've got the dates right on the Pure Drive Team Plus but, if not, here's a Wayback link to the one I mean: Just looking for some thoughts on how the two match up. Is the 2015 a notable...
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    Question for Michelle and/or Mark - Prince Tour Backpack Duffelpack

    Hi Michelle/Mark, As Michelle reviewed the Prince Dufflepack and I gather Mark owns two of them, I thought you might be able to answer a couple of questions. The first is about the second zippered section at the back of the bag. In the review Michelle said it was designed to hold a laptop...
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    How does the Prince Precision Response 710 compare to the 660 model

    Hi all, I fully appreciate that there are natural differences between an MP and an OS. However, as a point of reference for this question, I always found that the TT Warrior MP and OS were both equally good at the same things (volleys, slice, balance of power and control) and lent themselves...
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    TW: question about the POG OS currently being sold

    Hi, Can you tell me if the POG OS you're currently selling is a new, updated version using the old Tour name and cosmetic or is it some new old stock of that Tour version? Hope that makes sense. I did use the Tour version (the one Chris did a review of in 2012) up until late 2013 when I...
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    TW: question about sizing of Prince T22 lite

    Hi, I've been wearing the Prince Viper II Mid (NFS fitting) in size 11.5 and was wondering if the T22 Lite will be a similar fit or if I should go up to a 12. Other brands I'm at least a 12 or 12.5 but with the NFS fitting I did need to drop down half a size as I found them quite roomy. Any...
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    TW: grommet replacement for Yonex RDS-001 MP

    Hi guys, I need some replacement grommets for my RDS001 MP. The specific one is no-longer available and I was hoping you could say which would be suitable to use as a substitute. Thanks, Andrew
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    TW: question regarding future Yonex mids

    Just wondering if you know whether or not Yonex will be releasing an update to the Tour F 93 or are they not doing another mid? Cheers, Andrew
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    Question for Chris and other TW staff: status of mids

    Hi all, I was wondering what you think the ongoing status of mid-size (93sq and under) frames will be. Do you anticipate any new releases (not one-off or tribute frames) and from who? I realise they're a dying breed but figured you'd be best placed to say how much life is left and who might...
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    Question for Granville and Chris re: equipment post injury

    I recall that both of you have had to come back from injury with at least one of you suffering from a shoulder complaint. As I'm struggling with shoulder trouble of my own I was wondering what changes you made to your strings and racquets to help alleviate the problem or during rehab from the...
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    Prince Graphite Comp: trying to work out the different versions

    Hi all, I have a Prince Graphite Comp Series 110 that I've been trying to replace. I thought I'd solved the problem recently when I bought one from the big auction site. It was a Graphite Comp, graphics were the same and there was no bumper guard so I assumed it would be a match for mine...
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    Prince Graphite Comp - Series 110: how available is it still

    I've gone back to playing exclusively with my Prince Graphite Comp Series 110 (the original early 80s model, with green pinstripe) and need to add a few backups. They're not available here in Australia but i was wondering how regularly they pop up in the States at second hands shops and on the...
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    TW: a question about the fit of your own brand polos

    Hi TW, Just wondered if you can tell me what the fit is on the TW men's polo? Not sure whether to order an XL or XXL. I don't like a tight fit around the chest and torso or very short sleeves but don't want something that will hang down like a night shirt. Also interested in the fit of the TW...
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    Question for TW regarding Prince Textreme Tour 100P

    Hi all, I was wondering if you could comment on the amount of flex in the Tour 100P. Im primarily interested to see if there is some noticeable flex in the throat or if it's just a uniformly firm/solid feel. If it doesn't have any flex or the flex is minimal I can look at an old EX03 or Tour...
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    Shoes with ankle support (high-cut)

    Hi all, Just wanted to see if you have any solutions for those of us who need their tennis shoe to have more ankle support than standard. I've been using the Prince Viper II Mid for the last 6 years. While not the greatest shoe it did offer reliable support for my ankle and allowed me to ditch...
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    Question for Chris: Pro Staff 6.0 85

    Chris, I was wondering how difficult you found it to switch between a Wilson 90sq (any version) and the PS 6.0 85? Now that the 90sq is no-longer available I've been looking at moving back a step to the PS 85.I know you've logged a lot of time on both frames so thought you might have a few...
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    Question for Chris: Volkl Super G 10 Mid (330)

    Chris, I've been bouncing between the Wilson BLX Tour 90 and the Volkl T10 MP Gen II for a long time. The Gen II is easy to use but lacks plow and stability, and loses it best characteristics when weighted up. The BLX Tour 90 is solid and stable with the plow through I like but after a set or...
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    TW: help required identifying string used in a pre-strung Prince Premier 115ESP

    Hi all, I'm hoping you can help identify the string the Premier 115ESP came pre-strung with. It was a natural/clear string, appears to be 16G, had no identifying marking/writing on it anywhere and does not look to be PSG (it is visually very different). I'm asking as the person we bought the...
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    Question for Tennis Only staff: Volkl C10

    Hi guys, I'm just wondering if the Volkl C10 you're currently stocking is the new model with matte finish or the older one with a gloss finish? Cheers, Andrew
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    At what point did racquet handles change to the modern 'longer' style?

    I have a few POG OS frames and can see that the early models all have shorter handles while the more current ones (purchased in last 10 years) all have longer handles (or handle pallets - whatever you want to call it). I assumed that the change occurred when the double-handed backhand went from...
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    TW: recommendations for racquets with shorter handles

    I'm wondering if you can recommend any currently available racquets (full sized) that have noticably shorter handles. As an example, the Dunlop 300 range of frames (not sure about the current version) and the Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Stretch OS all have shorter length handles (it was commented on...
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    TW Australia: a question about sizing - Le Coq clothing

    Hi all, I can see that XL is the largest size you're carrying with all of the Le Coq gear and wondered what the fit is like. I'm a pretty big bloke and don't usually wear anything below an XL, but if the item is very fitted in the arms or chest I'll need to go up a size. Can you also give me...
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    A clothing question for any/all TW staff

    Hi all, Just looking for a recommendation from TW staff for a clothing issue. We have a family member (male) with very sensitive skin. They need polo shirts to play in (with collar) but they need to be looser-fitting and cannot be either permanent press, wrinkle resistant, color-fast...
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    TW: thanks very much for the excellent service

    Hi all, I posted this in the Australian forum but wanted to make sure TW head office saw it as well. I just wanted to let you know how outstanding the service was with your Australian 'outlet' (not sure what to call it), Tennis Only. Siobhan was excellent to deal with (no surprise to you...
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    Big thanks for the service

    TW Australia, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Tennis Only for the excellent service I received and the lightning fast delivery time. I placed my order (a POG OS and some string) on Friday (with Siobhan - a surprise to hear the voice of a TW celeb on the phone) and expected it to...
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    TW: a question about Prince shoe sizes

    Hi all, I've been wearing size 11.5 in a Prince NFS Viper II and was wondering if the size would stay consistent (remain the same) with the Prince T22 or would I be advised to go up/down a half size to ensure I get a similar fit in the T22 that I get with the Viper II? Cheers, Andrew
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    A question for Chris and Andy

    Just wondering which of the Vcore xi 98, Ezone ai 98 and Ezone xi 98 you think would be the closest to the Yonex RDS 001 MP? Looking at the specs I can see that the Ezone frames are both 16x19 (as was the RDS) but the Vcore is a lot closer in flex (the RDS has a flex of 68 vs the Vcore's 69)...
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    A string question for Tiffany

    Tiffany, In a recent video you spoke about how spin-friendly the YTex Quadro Twist 16L is, even for someone like yourself who hits a predominantly flat ball. As someone who doesn't hit with much/enough spin, I was wondering what other strings you've found similar to the YTex and added...
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    A question for Chris or Troy re: Wilson blx 6.1 Tour 90

    Troy and/or Chris (or any other playtester who wants to chime in), I need to replace the BLX 6.1 Tour 90 (my absolute favourite version of the 90) but wasn't sure which of the Pro Staff 90 or BLX Pro Staff 6.1 90 would be the closest match. You've both playtested all three models so I was...
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    Replacing BLX 6.1 Tour: which of these two recent versions is the closest match?

    Need to replace my BLX 6.1 90 with either the BLX Pro Staff Six.One 90 or Pro Staff 90.I don't have the opportunity to test both together so looking for a bit of input from people who've played all three. If it's of any use, I loved the BLX 6.1 90 (obviously) but hated the KSix-One 90 (which...
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    Question for Michelle re: Volkl Organix V1 Pro

    Michelle, In another thread you said that you found the V1 Pro to lack a bit of mass and I was wondering where you thought extra weight was needed. Also, curious to know which of the polys you tried in the V1 Pro you preferred and if anyone in the playtest team hit it with a multi what...