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    Ashaway Kevlar vs Kevlar Plus

    Are there any long time users of these and can compare them? Thanks
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    Tennis Tutor non spin machine at 85mph how does it stay in the court

    I have a friend that is looking for a machine, it can't be the bigger plus as that doesn't fit in their trunk so we were thinking of the tennis tutor machine with remote and oscil. but I'm left wondering if you crank it to 85mph how does the ball stay in with no spin?
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    Lithium Battery in your tennis ball machine to lighten it

    Has anyone rigged up a few 18650 lithium batteries and run them to 12v. If you own a ball machine the main thing I or my wife hates is putting it in and out of the car then to the courts then in and out of the car when home. Trying to find ways to lighten the ball machine and lithium batteries...
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    Wilson Blade SW104 lead tape and string setup

    For the people playing this racket what is your lead tape setup and string setup? thx
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    Does anyone pull 2 strings at time?

    Did it one time because I was in a hurry, been doing it out of laziness but started liking the lower tensions and stayed with it.
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    Wanted Vortex Pro 116

    Wanted to buy a Vortex Pro 116. Thanks
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    String meter tension vs racquetune on ipad

    Which is better for getting an idea of the tension. I'm using racquetune on my ipad pro 2nd gen and it's telling me 38lbs (strung on a gamma progression 2 electric at 54lbs). Seems low unless that's the usual baseline measurement everyone else is getting , ~ negative 10lbs ?
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    WTB K Six One X 28"

    Looking for a K 6.1x 28 inch racket. Thanks
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    Best training devices

    I've got a $500 amz giftcard from work, so I'm interested in some good training devices or fitness devices.
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    Adizero Club 2

    Anyone use these, besides running a 1/2 size small are they any good?
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    Arlington Tennis Center Nationals

    Does anyone have any tips on good sites to see around there, court conditions, does the ball fly further like in Vegas, or recommeded hotels near there.
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    NRC Sports do not order from them

    Just a heads up for those who are thinking about ordering from them. Ordered from them many weeks ago, no confirmation of shipping, website is down, nobody is answering their phones so I would avoid doing any business with them. At least I can charge it back on my CC it's just a hassle but...
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    Prince Portable Tennis ball machine model 1 charger, how many Volts/amps?

    Hi I pulled this out of the garage and I can't find the charger for it. I have a universal how many volts and amps do I need to set it at? Thanks
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    Wilson Ultra Countervail 105s vs Steam 105s

    Anyone played both and have opinions. I have the steam 105s and was wondering what your thoughts were.
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    Is anyone still using the Wilson 105s, any good weight or string setups, how is the countervail 105?

    I went from an 18x20 95Sq racket to this and I wow, it's more powerful, more spin, almost the same control, easy on the arm, easy depth. Should I even try the countervail, it's a bit too light but that can be fixed and of course the strings only last about a set and change.
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    Wilson Steam 105s, what string setup for lasting strings

    This is lasting me exactly, a small warmup and 1 set with poly mains.
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    Tennis ball machine batteries

    Has anyone made their own out of 18650 batteries. Like good japanese ones. I could make my ball machine lighter and last longer. Possible even make my own external battery pack. Thanks
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    Effect of more mains vs more cross, vs open pattern in the middle vs dense

    Same racket, what is the effect of have an 16 x 20 vs 16 x 18, or an 18 x 18, 18 x 16. Dense pattern in the middle strings vs open in the middle strings but dense towards the outside patterns and vice versa. In regards to launch angle, control, spin, etc. Holding the racket constant. I have...
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    Best non slippery socks

    It's not thorlos as they are just too thick and slippery for me.
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    18x20 on a 95 sq inch racket, what tension and strings to use?

    It's a prince exo3 rebel 95 spider graphics. What tension and strings would you be suggested?
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    Best electric table top stringer in the $1k range, Gamma Progression?

    I'm looking to experiment with strings and tensions again. I dislike stringing on a crank machine that I have so I'm looking at electric in the $1200 or less range. There aren't a ton of choices in the electric, cheap/mid range, also avoid Eagnas?
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    Tennis Ball Machine which one is fastest mph/spin. Can it be hacked for faster speed.

    They are advertised as 80mph but to me it doesn't seem nearly that speed. Have had a few and they are substantially slower. Has anyone modded one?
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    Prince EXO3 Rebel 95 do you prefer the string or port grommets

    Any input? Does it have a trap door butt cap to add silicone? It doesn't seem to slide off like my other prince racket. Thanks
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    Old Prince EXO3 Rebel 95 where can find the O port grommets? Where can I find the O port grommets for the rebel 95. Probably just need the top O port . Thanks
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    dead strings with no pop with the longest dwell time

    What are my options?
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    Split step which way your toes and foot be pointing?

    Should they point straight ahead, or should they point slightly outwards. It seems you could get a better push if they point slightly outwards?
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    Court level POV tennis match recordings. Like this during Federer vs Nishikori. Are there more?

    Are there any pro matches or high level matches filmed from this angle.
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    Prince tour 98 for $49 any good?

    never mind I found the review and no one seems to like it.
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    Babolat Pure Control 95 Plus vs Babolat Pure Control 95 tour Plus

    Is the only difference 18x20 for the plus and 16x20 for the tour plus? I prefer a lower ball flight and volleying as I play doubles. Basically which one is better for serve n volley, lower returns and overheads. Also looking the Technifibre Tflight 320XL did they make a 27.75 and 27.5 I'm...
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    27.5 to 28" Extended racket with good stability?

    Is there one out there with good stability? The extended ones seem to twist a lot more on me. I'm sure it's physics at work but wondering if anyone has played with one with these characteristics.