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  1. AndI

    Work up the ladder to become professional stringer.

    Thank you so much for sharing your impressions! It was super interesting to read. The most valuable of all (for me) were your thoughts (impressions) on what distinguishes a pro tournament level stringer from just a stinger. Apparently, it is not just speed. It is stress resistance, time...
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    Thinking of purchasing machine - opinion on particular brand

    It is, basically, a free machine, compared to pricing of new machines with similar capabilities. If you do not have to pay for shipping, and it works, why not take it?
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    What is the status of 3-d printed grommets

    If you like your racquet or have multiple racquets of the same make and model, you can always stock on replacement grommets when they are available. They are typically between $4 and $12 or so for a set for a racquet. They become a problem only when a racquet has been out of production for a few...
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    mark balls...quickest, most permanent way

    I guess ball preferences depend on one's skills level. I, personally, fit best into what is called "general population who are somewhat familiar with tennis" as I started a little too late in my life path. I can tell a difference between a dead Penn ball and a new Penn ball, but I doubt I would...
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    mark balls...quickest, most permanent way

    I buy cheap Penns at Costco for my ball machine and never have an issue because if someone picks a couple of my balls, who cares, they are cheap and disposable. And if they cannot tell their ball from my balls, if they do not buy good balls which are different, or do not bother to search for...
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    Wilson Clash 100

    You've been given a frame but have not seen it yet? :) Wilson Clash 100 Tension 47-57 Pattern 16×19 Start M's T Mains Skip 7T,9T & 7H,9H Len 2pc 20x19 Tie off M's 8T Start 2pc 7H Last 2pc 7T Tie 2pc 8H, 6T
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    Gamma X-ELS Review With Pictures and Details

    macguyvur, you are welcome! Just the other day, I had a conversation with my 12 year old son. He has been stringing his racquets on X-ELS at home, and occasionally has been volunteering to string demo racquets at our local tennis shop (with the owner's permission). He likes the fanciness of...
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    Ball machine etiquette?

    tomato123, another idea for you: if you can find a partner who wants to practice together with you with the ball machine, one person may hit while the other would collect the balls and stop stray balls in their tracks. I did it with my son. This way, we pretty much could eliminate all...
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    Ball machine etiquette?

    By the way, the second part of the question is HOW to use the ball machine and for HOW LONG. I learned a lot from video lessons from Ian Westermann. He has a significant presence on Youtube ("Essential Tennis") but his best video lessons are sold through his web site, either as a part of the...
  10. AndI

    Ball machine etiquette?

    I think the question is about public courts, as indoor facilities usually have curtains. I try to use my ball machine on those outdoor courts or during those hours when it is not likely that other people will be there. We are lucky to have many choices of outdoor courts in our area. When I am...
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    Gamma X-ELS Review With Pictures and Details

    For one thing, if you find a used one, ask if they still have the original packaging - although I agree that this is not likely. For what it is worth, I kept mine, had to build a special shelf in the garage to store the box, just in case if I ever decide to upgrade it to a Baiardo :). It has...
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    Gamma Progression II ELS or Gamma X-Stringer XLT

    A very detailed video on youtube, with a review of this new machine. Quite interesting (it turned out, my German is not quite as rusty as I thought - I could understand pretty much everything :)). I kept on wondering, is it noisy or is it just location of the camera/microphone that makes it...
  13. AndI

    What string brands actually produce IN HOUSE?

    A commodity is a basic good used in commerce that is interchangeable with other commodities of the same type. I bet, 95%+ of strings are purchased by consumers who indeed do not care about the manufacturer. They would take whatever synthetic gut or whatever poly is recommended to them by the...
  14. AndI

    Stringing business

    I wish you luck. I also have a 12 year old, and he had a similar idea. He is pretty good at stringing. I tried to solicit him some work, but the result was zero. These days, there is so much effort to sell something to you through internet or elsewhere, that people prefer to go to a store which...
  15. AndI

    I want to buy a stringing machine which one is the best and why?

    It also depends on what kind of business you want to pursue.
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    Why not stretch strings while stringing with my drop weight?

    From what I learned about Sergetti, as well as other proportional stringing methods, the objective is to maximize the sweet spot by introducing controlled differences between tensions of different strings. Stretching of the strings is taken into account by grouping strings into specific groups...
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    Why not stretch strings while stringing with my drop weight?

    gazz1, this is the reason why some people prefer continuous pull tensioners (drop weight and electronic tensioners with load cells belong to this category) and use a slower pulling speed. Pro stringers, as far as I can judge not being one of them, strive to be consistent with whatever...
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    verdict on wise tension head?

    Please excuse my ignorance, but what is The Mighty Sensor? Nothing meaningful comes up in Google.
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    Work up the ladder to become professional stringer.

    cluckcluck, well said! Could you please comment if stringing at tournament is just validation of your skills, kind of a bullet item on a resume, way to prove to yourself that you can do it, or is there a learning component as well? If so, then what did you learn, how did you improve your skills...
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    Any US residents ordered from TW Europe?

    Where did the $500 number come from? According to Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015 which went into effect on March 10, 2016, the value of a shipment of merchandise imported by one person on one day that generally may be imported free of duties and taxes had increased from...
  21. AndI

    Work up the ladder to become professional stringer.

    Stringing at major tournaments is a full time gig for a couple of weeks at a time, a few times a year. This does not seem to be enough to earn for a living. One still has to have a primary job, it seems. However, extended trips to tournaments probably can not be combined with a primary full time...
  22. AndI

    Stringing gut with drop weight ?

    Thanks for sharing! I guess it is a viable way of doing it, although one could argue that you trade friction for elevated risks of creating kinks, since you need to pull all the string through 3 times instead of 1 time. I usually weave crosses one ahead, this also reduces friction quite...
  23. AndI

    Cross/hybrid stringing 101 ?

    I may be wrong, but my understanding of the "rule of thumb" is that behavior of a hybrid sting bed comes 70% from mains and 30% from crosses. If you use gut on the mains, it will be gut-like with a little added poly-like behavior. If you use poly on the mains, it will be poly-like with a little...
  24. AndI

    Stringing gut with drop weight ?

    Gut does not like kinks. If you kink it, it might create a weak spot, and you will definitely see the area where the kink happened as a white spot on the string. Gut is a little harder to push through tight spots in grommet holes because it is rather soft and deforms easier. You need to be...
  25. AndI

    Client String Recommendations - Poly for weaker players?

    Tue. But many pros play with hybrids, too. Hybrids are softer and more arm-friendly. But many hybrids include natural gut. In our metro area, the "largest game in town", a tennis store with several locations where most people go, does not offer natural gut or natural gut hybrid options at all. I...
  26. AndI

    Client String Recommendations - Poly for weaker players?

    I bet, poly is popular because many racquet shops actively promote it, along with synthetic gut. It has nothing to do with their desire to recommend best product to the customers or match product to customer needs. It is cheap in reels, especially at wholesale price. They make more profit with...
  27. AndI

    Best Practice for string charges?

    It all boils down to simple questions: 1. How many hours of instruction does it take to become able to string a racquet, and how many hours of instruction and practice would it take to become a hairdresser? 2. What fraction of stringers that you met at tennis shops look like educated, trained...
  28. AndI

    Natural Gut: Dynamic Tension measurement

    My ERT-300 notes related to natural gut: Racquet: Wilson ProStaff RF97 or RF97A, 16x19. Natural gut (VS Touch 16), 55 Lbs (Sergetti) DT = 41.5 to 42 Natural gut (VS Touch 16), 52 Lbs (Sergetti) DT = 39 to 40 Natural gut (mains)(VS Touch 16) + Alu Power Rough (crosses) 16L, 55 Lbs (Sergetti) DT...
  29. AndI

    Racquet Tune 7.0

    norcal, for the price difference between a new iPhone and an Android phone, with the same features, you can buy two ERT-300 tennis computers!
  30. AndI

    Playmate Volley tennis ball machine: Extended Review

    I think it is time to give a 4.5 years update. Hard to believe, but it has been over 4 years since I got that machine. I use it seasonally, only during dry and warm summer months, usage varies depending on availability of free time and desire to work on technique. Overall, I feel I under-use it...